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  1. Brilliant, battered them second half, created so many chances. Can't believe thet kept 11 on the pitch. Sadlier and Sheehan later added that final bit of quality we needed.
  2. @RUREADY2ROLL you ok?
  3. Yeesssssssssss fucking yessssss
  4. What the fuck is johnson trying to do there, piss poor
  5. Fucking hell, someone get a foot on it
  6. Fucks sake, Charles missed the goal from 10 yards, then misses the ball altogether
  7. Redemption for Stokes after 2016
  8. So am I. Yeah not much on the market square itself, but a few ok places about but generally lacking for great pubs. Minster is a nice building but like a weatherspoons, Draymans Son, just down from market Sq sell real ale straight out of barrel but usually has something good and interesting on. 3 at 3 is a nice little beer cafe place, tiny inside but nice little patio if weather OK and can take food from market there. Prince Albert usually has a great selection of ales on. Few pubs on the river, but location over good pub quality really.
  9. Is there? I have lived here for 8 years and not found them 😀
  10. I HATE losing, it really gets me down, but can still see the journey we are on and appreciate the style he wants to play, at times it doesn't work and he does need to settle on a team and stick with it for a bit. When it clicks though, and I have no doubt it will, we will rip some teams apart, we do have it in our locker just stubbornly hidden at the moment. However two things really, really piss me off at the moment, our corners in both defence and attack are woeful (had seemed to improve defensively but regressed massively) and our throw ins. We call other teams for wasting time, but every throw in we have takes a fucking age, and looks like a team of strangers without a clue, never any urgency.
  11. Shite defending again from a corner
  12. Get in, great move,
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