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  1. Dissapointing, we need to hear from Sharon and Evatt to explain this signing
  2. So is the American justice system now fair and trustworthy, or only in Delaware?
  3. 4 shots 0 on target is fucking pathetic. I dont want him gone but he has got this very wrong
  4. I dont think they have been sent, I don't have mine and I bought on Thursday
  5. I thought I heard that too
  6. Went with 220 row 15 and one in front on row 14 for my 4. Could have my pick but was waiting/hoping 208 would open up so nearly missed out on level 2
  7. I was having thst issue for a bit in chrome, switched browsers and worked fine
  8. Do we think we are getting blocks 205-213? Not released and when you zoom in they are blank (no dots)? We were in 208 for the Papa John's and wanted to get tickets there again
  9. Now seat map down so possibly opening more blocks
  10. Top tier not open, middle tier only south tickets available at the moment
  11. I dont think his head going after making a mistake is due to fitness, we have seen it before. However hopefully a fully fit, raring to go Santos will be less prone to mistakes
  12. We didn't crumble after conceding the first last night, but I agree that the 10-15 minutes period after they drew level was very shaky. But the changes steadied the ship to get us over the line. I think Peterboro was just a reflection of the Derby score, but we have seen it in other games. Santos head goes if he makes a mistake and that impacts the whole defence, saw it for the first and then after his gift for the 2nd.
  13. Fucking yeeesssss. We don't make it easy but fucking get in
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