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  1. Looks like you are missing quite a bit
  2. I just don't buy that a team goes on the sort of run we are on carrying a player. Certainly not without it causing issues in the team which would start to become obvious. When he scored Saturday he got a great response from the players. He is limited but I just think he is giving more to the team than people give credit for. As much as I like Bod I just don't think starting him will work as well as people think, but happy to be proven wrong.
  3. Yeah, I was worried with him carrying that yellow, given the Ref. But a fantastic performance second half, very mature and didn't give the ref a chance
  4. Bod is a better player than Vic however he isn't doing all the running, pressuring and tracking back that Vic does. So if he starts with Charles we are asking him to do that more which nulifies his game. Like it or not IE sets up to have one striker deeper, and tracking back and just don't think Dion and Bod fits that plan. Alao last night he had 5 minutes of quality, then quite anonymous once Paris went off, also looked to have missed what looked like a simple chance at the back post, but didn't see a replay.
  5. First half they edged it, second half we dominated. Should have taken all 3 points, but 1 is ok. Still unbeaten and another clean sheet
  6. Sheehan has been superb last 20,
  7. Not much between us, they have probably had the better attempts, but some good defending from them to cut out dangerous balls, a finely poised contest. Unfortunately got a feeling the ref will decide this one way or another
  8. This Ref is so wank! What a save
  9. Edwards looks a decent player. George dilly given this ref, but still a piss poor yellow
  10. Oxford look quite tidy and passing it round well, but defensively sound at the moment
  11. Ref is abysmal, giving them every soft decision. DC fouled, nothing and lead to a break
  12. Don't be daft, he would have voted for an Oxford win!
  13. I was thinking the same re Nolan, hopefully he can become as Important and Influential as he was. Will need to up his pointing game though. I enjoyed his shot 2nd half which floored their defender. Hit with real venom
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