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  1. Yeah there was contact but outside the box, speed of the move caught the ref out. Especially sickening for Newport given the Morecambe keeper tried to punch their forwards head off in the first half
  2. But we have seen he is able to cope in a higher division than league 2. Agree that if he wasn't from Bolton we wouldn't have a thread on him, but he still had something about him when he was with us. Getting sold when he didn't really want to leave obviously effected him, and it hasn't worked out since. But with the right environment and making him happy could see a return to the form that we saw when he broke into the team. But it is IE and FV decision and I fully trust their decision on who we need to sign, and I don't think sentiment will come into it.
  3. This is where i was at, but still happy with the signing. Hopefully with a full preseason, a 3 year deal and a settled squad and dressing room he will be able to sharpen up that final ball and decision making. Sounds like he was a little frustrated with himself as well from last season, and knows he can bring more, which is great to hear. At his age, he still has time and when it does come together we will have some player, and on a 3 year deal will be a valuable asset. Great business by FV though so far, securing the first team squad, then focus on new additions and hop
  4. Not missing anything, that is right Still a shit record for manager turnover though
  5. Which league are we in?
  6. Same But if he had said "not as good with a dead Ball" ...
  7. Beautiful strike to take the lead
  8. Yeah that is a great walk and certainly plenty of watering holes along the route.
  9. If you are walking the prom in Morecambe, why would you walk towards Heysham looking at the power station, when if you walked in the opposite direction you could have one of the finer views this country has to offer over the bay towards the lakes? Just don't look in land!! Few good pubs around the area, the crossing micropub at Hest Bank is worth a visit, and the Hest Bank itself has a nice beer garden on the canal and used to be good for food, but not been that way in a few years
  10. Dapo can be so frustrating, he clearly has ability on the ball but his end product is almost non existent. He always seems to make the wrong decision, shooting when he should pass or trying to continue a run when he could shoot. The concern for me with that as we have seen no real improvement over his time with us this season. Overall, at the right price, I would have him next season, but I won't lose too much sleep if he decides to move on again
  11. Brilliant article and Brilliant player
  12. I did wonder what happened to Whitesince63, been banging on about not converting chances then when we finally do he is not to be seen. Strange Either that or still recovering from his celebrations At least hughmongo gave it a go
  13. Think Jones is fine at RB, has been improving through the season and was brilliant yesterday going forwards, his work for Dapo's goal created that. He is only 25 so think he will do, certainly not an urgent position to fill for me.
  14. Not as bad as Morecambe who are clutching at straws hoping we get a point deduction for last weekend if United do for their game against Liverpool, and discussing our finances. We really got under their skin.
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