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  1. Shite, wasted chances in the first half and no plan B in the second half when they tightened up at the back. Ref was shite and didn't help, but no urgency even when 7 minutes added at the end. We need to stop these family/cheap ticket days, we never deliver
  2. This ref obviously encourages time wasting, booking players who try to get on with things
  3. Look devoid of any ideas for the last 15/20 minutes
  4. Certainly not created the chances we did in the first half, despite having even more possession
  5. Fucking bellend of a ref booking sheehan for that quick freekick, especially after letting a couple of late tackles off
  6. FFS nearly 3 again completely against the run of play
  7. Bizarre half that, we could and possibly should be out of site, yet we are 2-0 down. Wiles caused us lots of problems up front, but our defending was rank for both goals. Wood has kept them in it, along with some shit decisions in and around the box.
  8. We should have had at least two as well
  9. FFS hits the post!! There are goals in this for us
  10. 0-1 been fairly open, had a few chances but left one of theirs open edge of box Fuck 0-2 We can't defend crosses
  11. Pretty confident he has was watching someone else other than us
  12. Think I would want quite a lot more than £10m given some of the amounts thrown around on shite these days. But this is BWFC so it probably won't top £4m
  13. Fucking incredible, we were unplayable first 15 minutes of that second half. Decent turn out and in great voice. Get in
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