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  1. With temperatures rising and people taking more holidays in the UK we do need some lucky lucky men
  2. But none of the debris looked obviously like pieces of an aeroplane, easy to miss if you arent specifically looking for it. The places didn't look very developed so no tourists and locals only looking for anything of value/use so likely to ignore them. It was also 1.5 years later, most people will have forgotten if they even knew in the first place. The camera is convenient, but he looks the type to record everything and possibly staged for the first piece
  3. First bit washing up In Reunion shows that it was finally coming to land, he goes to the two next logical places and finds debris. People hadn't found it before as it was still at sea. Don't see any mystery here, other than the producers trying there hardest to add in some extra drama/tension.
  4. And that is crazy, especially when the average pension pot size in the UK is a small fraction of those numbers. One article suggested for 64 year olds it is only 107k, 30k for 35 year olds. 1m is a big pot though, that is 33.3k per year, for 30 years, assuming no investment growth. Including state pension a comfortable retirement pot. But not many will get even close to that
  5. We were abysmal for 15 minutes and the game could have got away from us, confidence looked shot, couldn't hold onto the ball and feared it was going to be a long night. But we started to get a grip slowly, scored the equaliser and then bar for a few moments in the 2nd half controlled the game. Trafford made some good saves early and caught everything coming into the box, also his delivery out was improved over recent games, unlucky with the deflection for their goal which took it over him. Santos was a mountain, although not sure why Vic was left marking someone on corners, and for their goal. Lee was sublime, he is such a clever and composed footballer. Sheehan was fantastic, in the deeper role he has more time and space to pick his pass. He doesn't have the strength to play further up where it is more congested. But showed his ability last night. Vic and Charles still haven't worked each other out, thought Vic for most looked the brighter of the two. Good cameo from Jerome and nearly scored an absolute stunner. Jones has to play on the right. Dempsey probably most dissapointing of the starting 11. Shoretire also more dissapointing sub, gave the ball away and was lazy, had a great run but picked the wrong pass or played it too late. Kacha was fine when he came on, plays back to goal and was picking some good passes to link play, he also wasn't falling on his backside every 5 seconds. Penalty not sure, real time 100%, replay no chance, but evatts comments suggest they agreed it was. Overall a good night, confidence boosting performance and showed what we can do. Although still created to little for me, but hopefully that will come and Wednesday do have a mean defence.
  6. Really? Is it that easy!? It is a positive move but let's not try and pretend it can and will benefit everyone, it is targeted to higher earners, in particular those in the NHS who were leaving due to previous constraints
  7. Not read most replies but given results it is status quo after today, presume some heads fell off. Lucky, maybe, but that is football. It wasn't great but we have avoided defeat, and a point is a point.
  8. But that assumes that everything goes down at the same rate. Generally smaller, starter properties will hold their value than larger properties. I am in a similar position and would like to move up the ladder, I can afford to but not without stretching my mortgage to something beyond what I was comfortable with. I can absorb additional interest payments a little, but reducing value make the amount needed to borrow a bit more palatable.
  9. The potential issue is that whilst interest rates were low, people took out large and long mortgages, often at high LTV rates. This absolutely caused rapid inflation in the market but now puts a lot of people at risk of negative equity. Couple that with help to buy schemes coming off their interest free period and rising interest rates and lots of people are likely to be finding things unmanageable. It could turn ugly very quickly. But it was a problem staring us in the face and lots of people have over stretched, ignoring warnings or the possibility of prices/interest rates rising. Yes lenders are partly to blame but there is shared responsibility.
  10. Fallen apart this second half
  11. 9 in 208, not cat 1 showing when I got in. If not showing when let in clock on all matches and then it appeared. Had trouble assigning a kids ST to a child ticket, but seemed to work for young adult
  12. What more can you ask of him? His statistics for us are phenomenal and our progress under his management has been outstanding. We won't get better anytime soon and our progress will falter
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