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  1. What is our record with Dapo in the 10 role? Think overall as a team we have done well, certainly no worse than with him out wide. Yes as an individual he may look less effective but that ability to roam about and occupy defenders across the back line creates more space for others and as a team we can benefit. He will adapt and get better in that position I am sure.
  2. He must have been seething last May with Dapo scoring and Santos not giving them a sniff
  3. Soft goal to concede
  4. The pass was sublime, but that finish is something else.
  5. How did that stay out
  6. Great save, but he had to make that as a problem of his own making
  7. Dadi has been superb today
  8. They are targeting our left side and getting a lot of Joy but so far Santos has been immense in the middle. Dempsey looking good and always trying to offer himself up for the pass. A decent game so far.
  9. These look like one of the better sides we have played, could be a good game.
  10. Aimson just gives it away far far too often, he is massively exposed in this system and the position he is being asked to play and it is frustrating, especially when we were struggling in that first half. Defensively I think he is alright, but his lack of ability on the ball doesn't help our cause.
  11. He was aiming for the back stick
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