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  1. What's going on at t'Rovers? Top of the league, poor ST sales and only took 400 to Swansea for their first away game. Just over half what Wigan managed to take to Norwich for a lunchtime kick off. Shockingly poor.
  2. A newly promoted side still finding its feet is a good opportunity for us to pick up an away win but I'm not reading to much into their defeat at Exeter. They've a decent manager, strong at home and now got something to bounce back from. I'll take a scrawpy 1-0 win or a 0-0. Just don't lose.
  3. John, surely? Not all Welsh look the same.
  4. Agreed. Some fantastic performances out there today and it's almost expected of Dapo, but he was different gravy today. Awesome.
  5. Well this has surprised me. Is it ok now, not to approach black lads at the match and say "Are you Rudy?" Asking for a friend.
  6. Ronaldo's abusive tweets were just a tiny fraction of the total tweets he gets. Imagine being sad enough to tweet him with "Good job pal. I think you're a really good footballer" - surely the whole point of Twitter is to send abuse and take the piss? Anyway, old figures. I reckon Rebekah Vardy will outdo all of em by now.
  7. The home teams keep all the attendance revenue for league games. Should iFollow revenue be split equally, all given to the home team or given out proportionately based on who's watching? (I cant remember but am I registered as a Wanderers fan when I watch iFollow?). I can see an argument for all 3 options but tend to lean towards the home team keeping it all, less iFollows cut.
  8. England didn't particularly get the best out of any em but out of international and club football, Rooney clearly had the better career.
  9. ITVs coverage since taking over from Quest left a bit to be desired. We were on last in L1. Just after Wednesday v Pompey. Too busy showing us a goal less draw at Morecambe v Shrewsbury.
  10. Roger? Is that you?
  11. Much older than the pilot by the looks! How long will/did it take? I guessed around an hour an a bit?
  12. I recognise Nat, Finney, Shankly and Billy Wright(?). Any others?
  13. Safe travels pal. Enjoy! 🛩
  14. Enjoy everyone. Gutted to be missing it.
  15. I didn't say we were lucky...
  16. They were unlucky that day I felt. Dominated possession but were undone by Dapo. Again. Tough day tomorrow and I'd be delighted with a point.
  17. Best ever. I've often wondered what soccer Saturday was like that day as those of us there couldn't believe it,I imagine Jeff couldn't either!
  18. No. Whatmore scored our consolation that day in a 1-2 defeat. Possibly the following year that he left? We lost at Chelsea on the opening day then. 0-2 in front of 16,000.
  19. Glad it's not just me. I thought he was an ex player at first then realised I was mixing him up with Brandon Comley.
  20. Just found the highlights. My memory's holding up!
  21. The first game at Swindon I went on the travel club. The journey took forever via an endless A road and a succession of roundabouts. We'd knocked out Watford the round before and were hoping for a plum tie and got Swindon away. Main memories of the game; a rare start and goal for Gary Henshaw to open the scoring. Tony Philliskirk with a wonder strike for the 2nd and then the linesman flagging for a penalty when Paul Comstive was pulled down, only for the referee to wave it away. They then scored 2 quick goals and we were heading out. The final minute and Came was pushed up top, I'm sure he didnt start the game there, and we were throwing everything at them. It was a really good following of travelling Wanderers, for a midweek, long distance game. This was the first season in 10 years where we weren't going to finish lower than the previous one and that long decline made games like this so welcome. A bit of a scramble at the edge of their box, in front of our bank of fans and Browny miscued a shot, towards Came stood on the 6 yard box with his back to goal. A simple flick with the inside of his foot and it wrong footed the keeper and rolled into the net. Cue absolute bedlam on the terrace. Limbs before the phrase was invented!
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