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  1. McGovern pic is Bournemouth? Whatmore - Fulham? Rudge and Moores - Barnsley? McElhinney - Leicester?
  2. Chung Yung Lee Lane Jeff Winter Hey Lane
  3. Driving me mad the Chandler one. I seem to remember the pic in the programme. York?
  4. Any relation to Mike Bastard Riley?
  5. No? Looks like red tops and black socks so if not Forest I'm guessing Orient or Blackburn in their change strip
  6. Looks full on my phone! Nottingham Forest?
  7. Duck Egg

    Play Offs

    I missed that match. Bristol Rovers were the best I've seen or we were that bad I dunno. Either way they looked like Real Madrid in that 2nd half!
  8. Neil Berry at Rotherham? The TSB shirt was 82-83. 2nd division so if not Wolves, Derby or Cambridge?
  9. Top one looks like Jeff Chandler v Tranmere FAC 1R? Neil Whatmore v Wolves? Neil Berry at Blackburn?
  10. That wasn't the reason I was thinking of!
  11. Top player and always come across as a gentle bloke. No age at all that. RIP big fella
  12. Wanderers Worldwide. That were it. It used to get mentioned in When Saturday Comes on occasion as one of the earliest club fanzines
  13. If I remember it rightly. The fanzine was called The Wanderer. It certainly promoted Trotters Revival and probably had some of the same folk in both groups but I think they were separate entities. There was even a brief breakaway group called Trotters Revenge that suggested boycotting matches but that soon disappeared
  14. That was a couple of years later. TR85. After the supporters club had been closed and replaced with the executive club, there was no formal supporters association. As a young lad then I was chuffed to see there were adults around who cared about the club as much, & more than I did
  15. Fairly sure it was 0-2 away. A night match iirc. Henry went to Oldham for a pittance in the end I think. £30k?
  16. Loved that on the Sheffield Forum - "another set piece" - like they don't count! Reminds me of West Ham a few years ago
  17. Was nicer 1st time around. 1 nil win at Wigan on boxing day, followed by 1-0 win at home to Oxford the day after. Chandler with both goals. Season went a bit awry after that!
  18. I keep seeing us just a point clear come Saturday tea time
  19. Who's going to play left wing back? Will he stick with Moxey, who looked terrified for large parts yesterday?
  20. I was too young to fully appreciate the awfulness of 79/80 but saw a lifetime's worth of garbage throughout the 80s. Last year was the worst ever though. Players and management falling out,a disconnect between fans and players and a financial situation that meant our very existence was at threat
  21. I watched it again the other week for the first time in years. Surprised myself at how choked up I got seeing Nat celebrating like that
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