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  1. Its always 6 minutes too🤨
  2. They call us the charity boys.
  3. Oh well season over before its even got to coat weather. Just the relegation battle to go.
  4. I'm 58, overweight and have a heart condition. Do you think I'd get a game center mid as a player that could hold onto the ball longer than half a second or maybe even pick a forward pass to one of my own players??. Might give IE a ring as he obviously isn't that bothered what sort of dross turns out for his team.
  5. Remember Gerald well, very professional. Always called Barry Sidall, Barry Siddle.
  6. Just seen Gary Madine playing for Blackpool, i bet sweaty Ken still laughing at the day he trousered 6M for that Blackpool donkey. I sometimes have to smirk a little bit too.
  7. Straight swap anyone?
  8. Ah well, the South Stevenson Way Whites are back and are drinking heavily.
  9. Newcastle had money before, in the 90s they were probably one of the wealthiest clubs in Europe but never got them any silverware. Their deluded fans think they have had it hard? Phhttt!. TBH if you get chatting to the real honest ones, they're just happy to be in the top flight and would take a lower mid table finish all day long. They always struggle to hang on to any decent players due to the location being in the north east and has zero glamour club potential.
  10. Dunno about that as i was only about 5 but the FA cup game v Newcastle a couple of years later, you could deffo hear the roar on Haslem Park and that was further from Burnden than Queens park I'd reckon.
  11. Was that the night Stuart Lee burst onto the scene and was destined to go on to great things? Whatever happened to him?
  12. It was Gary Newbon.
  13. It was around this time that Bruce Rioch had just left Arsenal and i can remember (just to see if id get on) ringing into a football chat show (can't remember his name but he is a Leicester fan, glasses, old now) and suggesting that Bruce come back to join Toddy. We played away at Leicester that day and got a 0-0.
  14. Wasn't Big Fat Ron the caretaker manager? And. They had probably given up but weren't we the better team in the 2nd half?
  15. Sunderland were dogshit today and a decent striker would have filled his boots, there was SO much opportunity .
  16. Only asked if i could pop in to urinate and was asked if i would like a sandwich.
  17. Parked a few streets away, breeze away after. Even got to see inside of a Sunderland hoose , alreeet.
  18. Walked back to the motor with a Sunderland fan (let me have a piss in his mother in laws house) he said that they should have lost about 5-1 u do only we had a striker. Also said Doyle was shi to but Santos was a worldie.
  19. Great support today, and some obscure faces. Nice to see Wellerman in da house.
  20. Sunderland fans turn quicker than a Thai bride on her 40th, go ahead before halftime and we won't lose.
  21. Get some petrol before you set off if you're driving, just had to buy some super posh petrol at £148.9 in the North East as it seems they are running out in that area. But on a brighter note you can convince yourself that your car feels faster.
  22. Get some interesting going, get a decent crowd in and then do a Bolton Wanderers. Same old same old.
  23. Not Stamford Bridge is it?
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