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  1. Gibson is skint apparently, think his Mrs took him to the cleaners in a messy divorce, will always struggle to keep hold of any decent players as like you say the place is awful.
  2. Stab in the dark. Huddersfield?
  3. My mother had never set foot in the Reebok in her nelly, but she would always refer to that area as the Reebok. Eg, " I've been to the Reebok Asda" "Or i got the buzz up the Reebok for a mooch round shops".
  4. The Stephenson way whites are back and are drinking heavily 👍
  5. Whitestar


    Im 58 years of old and it wasn't too until around the time Zach Clough put the pen in at Gigg lane that i even if realised that Bury didn't like to us. I'd even been to Gigg Lane a couple of times to Bury Games and i would probably have put a bit of change in the buckets had i been there. You live & learn, see they are nothing to us. Probably what we are to Manchester clubs. F**k em.
  6. Went on a glass bottom boat trip in one of the Ballierics one time, not really anything interesting to see, however a BWFC baseball cap went floating past.
  7. Blundell park Grimsby?
  8. Belle view at Doncaster was up there with one of the worst.
  9. Lifes an illusion, love is a dream
  10. Quite a few promotion seasons have started with a draw. COYWM
  11. If irc, Trevor Francis City debut was away at Norwich however he had a lengthy injury lay off and on his 1st game back he was sent off. Dunno why i even know that. He also scored both in a 2-2 at Burnden in his last Brum season. Right last guess,. Portman Rd???
  12. Ok, his last season at Birmingham was was our 1st season back at the top so going off that I'm thinking who else was up there with small front terrace. Ashton Gate?
  13. Remember they had a Duncan Shearer who was apparently Supa Johns best mate from school.?
  14. Oh!, So they are Birmingham City fans but not at St Andrews??? Is the player Trevor Francis and the ground is Highfield Rd Cov,?
  15. That looks like paul power, possibly scored the winner in the cup semi circa 81 so I'll go for Hillsborough??
  16. The Dell at Southampton?
  17. Omg, used to hate that at school. Kid. Can i lend a pen? Teacher, its ok i fine for pens thanks. Me. Wanker!
  18. Brownie said he could lend his sunbed
  19. Should have retired the No7 shirt. That was Stelios.
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