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  1. As Conservative party donor Dave Whelan said "Jewish people chase money more than everybody else" Left wing types prefer people to have other priorities than how much money they've got
  2. It's no wonder some of Bolton's players looked miles too good for the 4th Division on 8 grand a week
  3. Bolton fucking up a 4 point lead with 2 games left in the 4th Division is unthinkable right? Crawley 1 Bolton 3
  4. Perhaps surprising that 6th place Liverpool are the bookies favourites to win at 2nd place Man Utd this afternoon. I suppose the thinking is that underachieving Liverpool have better forwards and need the points more
  5. England's two oil clubs reaching the Final will be good to prevent international travel.When City won the Cup Winners Cup under 8,000 attended the Final in Vienna and Chelsea's following in Moscow was wank
  6. Uefa will be thrilled to have England's 2 oil clubs in their final
  7. The Man Utd womens team was only founded in 2018 but already has more followers on instagram than 7 of the Premier League men's teams including Leeds United
  8. I was convinced during that successful season, well until early March, thar Bolton were a one man team (Holden) and because Holden was injured expected to lose and didn't make the trip.I swiched the radio on about ten minutes in and it was 0-2.Just another lost cup tie sat home for me.
  9. 3 defeats in a row for Sunderland ending their hopes of top 2. I reckon they've appointed another bad manager
  10. Awful half time scores. Bolton losing, Morecambe winning, Wigan winning, none of their rivals winning
  11. The early Grimsby goal gives good betting opportunitues, i've just got 3-1 on Bolton to beat bottom of the 4th Division with 75 mins left
  12. Bolton sold 20,000 season tickets for the 2003/04 season. Half that number won't be buying 3rd tier season tickets so let's not get carried away that the vast majority of fans are back onboard
  13. Before they won the lottery they got 3,007 v Mansfield in the Freight Rover. Put them on sale to those people
  14. I was out and about round West and North Manchester yesterday Bob inn on Bolton Market - ten sat outside boozing at 9.30 am Station Bar Eccles - a handy 20 lads sat outside at dinnertime fullest beer gardens - Royal Sovereign, Eccles (family crowd would lose a row with the station bar) and The Ostrich near Heaton Park. Surprisngly that big pub near Heaton Park the Woodthorpe was closed Biggest queue of the day- a good 30 waiting on Bradshawgate to get in the already full Swan in Bolton circa 6pm
  15. The loan players signed in January are higher quality than other clubs in Div 4 could afford but being loan players probably don't care as much as permanent signings
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