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  1. I was disappointed with Foden, I'd read on here he was a better player than Paul Gascoigne
  2. Bobby Moore was wearing the Bolton top in a celebs match on Wembley before the Sherpa Van Trophy Final
  3. They were given 5,800 and sent 800 back.Their support in Moscow was also shit.They are a medium sized club who had loads of oil money thrown at them and still don't have big club support.The oil baron is wasted on them.I want them to lose more than i want City to lose
  4. The Polish mob didn't have anyone to fight with and fair play to them when they realised all they had in front of them was scarfers they just turned a few tables over and went home.I hear the United fans were in high spirits today before the match because Liverpool lost the latest Hillsborough trail
  5. He scores a lot of goals for Tottenham but is 28 in July and hasn't won a major trophy.He is more Clive Allen than Ronaldo
  6. I'm happy Sunderland missed out, with them and Sheff Weds in tier 3 it gives Bolton a couple of 4,500 away followings potentially. I think Sunderland have appointed another bad manager, it will be good if another Sunderland manager is replaced after a bad result at home to Bolton following on from Keane and Grayson
  7. It won't quieten them, Kane isn't that good or that expensive.If paying £100 million for Kane they'd have to buy another one of that standard in the same window to please the anti Glazer people.If only buying one player it would need to be Mbappe. London's 4th best supported club, Chelsea spent 100 million euros more than Man Utd last summer to purchase one of the places in this season's oil barons CL Final.Chelsea already had a better squad than MU before last summer and as you would expect spending 100 million Euros more increases the gap.Surprisingly the under rated OGS finished higher
  8. Throwing a lot more money at it than anyone else as City's oil baron has done must make the trophies less thrilling It's not like they've had an exciting youth team come through, its just been ready made internationals bought in bulk.We got a taste of out spending others at Bolton in the season just gone.Those matches on Sky at Crawley and Forest Green were dull as ditchwater because Bolton had far better players than the home side.Declan John on 8k a week, bet Crawleys aren't far off £800 a week, Kane is the sort of signing i'd expect the Glazers to make.Paying £200 million for Mbappe wo
  9. I can see the funny side of Chelsea's oil money being wasted on that shit little German striker but am jealous Leicester and not Bolton are the medium sized club winning stuff.I wanted Chelsea to win
  10. As Conservative party donor Dave Whelan said "Jewish people chase money more than everybody else" Left wing types prefer people to have other priorities than how much money they've got
  11. It's no wonder some of Bolton's players looked miles too good for the 4th Division on 8 grand a week
  12. Bolton fucking up a 4 point lead with 2 games left in the 4th Division is unthinkable right? Crawley 1 Bolton 3
  13. Perhaps surprising that 6th place Liverpool are the bookies favourites to win at 2nd place Man Utd this afternoon. I suppose the thinking is that underachieving Liverpool have better forwards and need the points more
  14. England's two oil clubs reaching the Final will be good to prevent international travel.When City won the Cup Winners Cup under 8,000 attended the Final in Vienna and Chelsea's following in Moscow was wank
  15. Uefa will be thrilled to have England's 2 oil clubs in their final
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