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  1. Can you go hang yourself or just ignore me?
  2. Wigan's success over the last 25 years has only come from Dave Whelan gifting them a lot of money,It's as artificial as the UAE state fund buying Manchester's 2nd club the most expensive squad in world football and a lot of League Cups.
  3. I think Sharon has taken the view that the half empty stadium will be filled with family types not vile druggy thug types.I think Sharon's view is that the VDT's having their fun throwing bottles and invading the pitch keeps families away which affects the clubs revenue.The likes of Brighton and Norwich which are not bigger clubs in my view attract much larger family type crowds.The VDT's want Bolton to be Greater Manchester's Millwall ie small and rowdy crowds while Sharon wants a more Norwich style club
  4. I see all the aggro has not reduced away allocations yet, Sheffield Wednesday have been given 5,147 tickets.
  5. Bolton never seem to be far from financial problems.Crewe also beat Bolton in the league during the financial problems of the 1980s and late 1990s
  6. Scored a last minute winner against Liverpool to put Bolton top of the Premier League - thanks for the memories Deano
  7. The Bishops Blaize had sussed Chelsea 15 years ago "Hollow hollow hollow, Chelsea's success is fucking hollow.All that money they took, off the bent Russian crook and they'll never win 3 in a row" And they didn't either
  8. The executions were spoken about in Parliament today "The Uk Ambassador has raised strong concerns with the Saudis, no aspect of our relationship with Saudi Arabia prevents us speaking frankly about human rights"
  9. It was after the Lord Mayor's show for the Newcastle owners.They had a better day yesterday executing 81 people back home
  10. You don't think it is a football manager's job to organise his team to defend set pieces competently?
  11. Lost points through bad defending of set pieces again.That's on the manager again
  12. Chelsea v Newcastle on Sunday Not ok to bomb civilians in Ukraine v ok to bomb civilians in Yemen
  13. Interesting that neither Qatar nor the UAE have been able to buy a Champions League.Maybe Saudi Arabia will be better at it.
  14. Newcastle haven't won any of the domestic trophies since 1955 but will no doubt be stockpiling them in the next few years due to the Saudi Arabian state fund.Expect dodgy sponsorship deals to bypass the PL's laughable financial fair play rules As Arsene Wenger said about Man City in a roundabout way "How can a small northern club that was in the 3rd Division not long ago attract a larger sponsorship deal than Arsenal?"
  15. There are certainly 3 worse squads than Everton's but the good thing is they have appointed a crap manager who was sacked for having Chelsea's oil money in mid table.
  16. Might be a result of covid weakening people's bodies
  17. I would like foreign ownership of football clubs banned.I hate to see dirty money from Russia and Arab human rights abusers being sportswashed through the EPL and buying its trophies.The Germans have that view and make it difficult for foreigners to buy their football clubs.Look what foreign company Red Bull had to do to get a German club up the leagues if interested.
  18. Good link. He bought Chelsea 2 CLs, 5 EPLs and 10 successive league wins at Bolton and none of it counts, it was all cheating
  19. The Premier League says "The Premier League and our clubs wholeheartedly reject Russia's actions and will be showing support for the people of Ukraine at all matches this weekend. but no mention of the people of Yemen being bombed by the states that own Newcastle and Man City ...
  20. Abramovic once sued a journalist (and won) who said he had been ordered to buy Chelsea by Putin for sportswashing reasons
  21. Thanks to an Arab state with a dodgy human rights record using Manchester City to sportswash money through and one of Putin's mates funding Chelsea
  22. I think Abramovic is hoping to carry on funding them and has handed "control" of the club to other people hoping to stop the govt taking the club off him.I hope he is kicked out and Chelsea return to their natural level as the London equivalent of Sheffield Wednesday
  23. I'd hazard a guess the top 4 were due more than 25p in the pound, so it would be the club's new partner the state!
  24. No, tell me who was owed the highest amount at 25p in the pound
  25. I think any club, and there have been several, that use administration to pay their creditors 25p in the pound and then go on to use the saved money to spend on more expensive players than they could afford if they had paid their debts in full are going to attract unwanted accusations. If Wigan and Bolton are promoted this season that would be 2 of the 3 promotion places gone to clubs doing just that
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