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  1. Yes.There is no time limit on when it has to be repaid but FV cannot sell the club without it being repaid either by them or the next owners when they buy the club
  2. Not 100% but I think Tony Caldwell at Rochdale in the FRT 1985 was last minute.
  3. If you have seen dozens could you list just 2 dozen of the 89th minute or later away winners you have seen.I saw the mentioned goal at Shrewsbury and Worthington's at Old Trafford in 1979, Caldwell's at Wigan in the Freight Rover but i've only just woke up and can't think of many more..
  4. The manager who won the FA Cup 3 times in 7 seasons must have a strong case even though Bolton paid the same wages as Man Utd and Liverpool in those days.He still had to organise a team to go out and win high pressure matches. Bolton had a smaller budget than Middlesbrough in 2004 but were garbage when it mattered in the opening minutes.Some of it would be on certain players bottling it but also on Sam not preparing them correctly
  5. Bergsson was a typical lightweight Tottenham player who was relegated twice with Bolton and only became a legend in his latter years thanks to Allardyce's managerial genius
  6. They are the Manchester City of the 3rd division.Less support and history than an underachieving neighbour but best team in the league because of an Arab owners spending power
  7. Who was the biggest legend in City's midfield, Gary Megson or Paul Pond 🤡
  8. They had different qualities but |I would say Robson was a more important player for Manchester United and he was the ultimate Scousebuster.
  9. If it was either Sarcevic or Evatt I thought at the time they sacked the wrong one.A half decent attacking midfielder was of more use than a manager who can't organise a team defensively
  10. They haven't had a decent midfield since Paul Scholes retired
  11. When he scored Bolton's first goal in the 4th Division he might have been
  12. Read a lot of positive things about Arsenal recently, first time i've watched them for any length of time.They look as far behind their Invincibles as ever.Lack of fighting spirit and surprisingly a lack of technical ability in some of their players
  13. Not me either.3 points above the relegation zone I wouldn't sell the top scorer
  14. Nah It's no coincidence City are a much better team funded by an Arab state than Franny Lee''s bog roll factory
  15. Thanks to the £2 billion funding from Abu Dhabi
  16. Evo is 17th in the 3rd Division and has lost 4 matches in a row to Fleetwood. Accrington, Rotherham and Hartlepool Some think that is good enough for Bolton, others don't
  17. One that can organise a £3 million wage bill to beat Hartlepool reserves
  18. The club needs an upgrade on Evatt but the likes of Greaves, Rioch and Allardyce wouldn't have taken this poor a squad on.I know Rioch dropped down to the 3rd Division but he inherited the best striker in the division and had a Premier League standard youth centre half coming through.There is no such talent in the current squad and doesn't appear to be the cash to buy it.
  19. Bang on.After all the knee taking it's surprising that so many Bolton fans don't have a problem with a footballer mocking pakis and gays on his twitter.
  20. I've said on here before in previous seasons that Wolves have a better midfield than Man Utd.I still have that opinion.
  21. Chelsea and their billion quid of oil money don't.The laughter about that Champions League final was at how shite the Chelsea following was.Anyone would have thought a small club with a small fanbase had had a billion quid of oil money thrown at it.
  22. Liverpool have won 1 Premier League title, Chelsea 5 and Manchester United 13 So you tell me which club spent its money the most productively in this era
  23. Deano isn't the most popular lad on here but i think that was another big match he scored the winner in
  24. I am more bitter that after beng able to beat Chelsea at home in the 1990s, Bolton suffered 10 straight home league defeats by Chelsea because an oil baron gave them a lot of oil money.That isn't sport to me.Having said that Liverpool would easily be the best team in the country right now if oil money was banned.So it's not all bad
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