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  1. Although Phillips admittedly didn't do much wrong, I don't think he's a part of us keeping the ball better against the best teams. Virtually always plays the way he faces, no risk passes, even if space behind him. We need someone who passes much better, can create angles in tight spaces. He's a great athlete and aggressive but that isn't enough for me. Rice actually grew on me as the tournament progressed.  One article I read was saying build the team around Bellingham for the WC, tough ask of an 18 yo.

    Interesting to see if Grealish goes to City, will Southgate trust him more. 

  2. 12 hours ago, Tonge moor green jacket said:

    I reckon it's testament to how well the management have done, that folk are wanting more. Evatt being one of them!

    I doubt any team has ever sailed through a whole competition whilst wiping the floor with every opponent.

    Brazil in 2002WC won every game, in normal time. But yeah pretty sure that's unusual.

  3. 5 hours ago, Blondi said:

    Yeah! I still remember when we Signed Scott Green from Derby for about 50K back in the eighties, the Teletext heading said " Bolton go Green " Can't remember what my Mrs said to me about 5 minutes ago though.

    I remember a Green for Go for Wanderers. Must have been a slow news day! 

  4. 30 minutes ago, Mantra said:

    Can't switch pages without manually typing in the page number in the website address bar.

    Everyone's profile picture has disappeared. Been like this for a good few days now.

    Yeah I do that too. Convinced myself I'm dead clever in doing it 

  5. 6 hours ago, Tonge moor green jacket said:

    What's the vaccination set up like down there?

    Plenty getting it, or some hesitancy?

    Think most of the genuinely vulnerable are covered, but after that very hit and miss. In spite of Victoria's current problems, Covid isn't a threat and think it's made people complacent.

    High vaccine rates are key to opening borders, and the govt have failed a little here. Australia needs a roadmap to opening up. Covid is inevitably coming as even vaccinated people can transmit so best to get everyone done. There is talk of a trial allowing vaccinated people a far easier return to Australia than the current 14 days hard hotel quarantine. They probably need to incentivise vaccine participation. 

  6. TA shouldn't have said it, it's clumsy at best but I'm of the opinion a big fuss shouldn't be made either.

    Basically, tell TA to live in the modern world. Chinks ain't appropriate anymore. 

  7. 57 minutes ago, Tonge moor green jacket said:

    As described last night; that is irrelevant. One side chucks rockets, so don't be surprised if a bigger, better armed enemy chucks back far more.

    Perhaps they need a new approach.

    Never a better time now that Biden is in office- they need to grasp the opportunity whilst they have it.

    You missed the point. 

  8. 4 hours ago, Burndens Bogs said:

    Really? I always thought he was a bit of a fat cnut - a character, but still a fat cnut.

    Best bench press of any footballer or summat. He's a strong fat cnut. 


  9. 3 hours ago, boltondiver said:

    Still hoping to be there 

    Can't see it but would love to be proven wrong.

    Vaccine rollout here has been pretty shite. Unlikely they'll have majority of folk fully vaccinated by end of year

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