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  1. It's live on Bein Sports Xtra. Downloaded the app for 2 week free trial. Same goes for @bolty58
  2. Ralph Fiennes has got some CV
  3. Fuck. Doesn't that mean those abroad can't watch now if no Ifollow?
  4. Seeing as Birch Chorley isn't here anymore, I'll say it then... War chest.
  5. Yep Gazza was brilliant in that 4-2 v Czechs. Was awful against Cameroon mind.
  6. Find couscous a bit naff, but pearl couscous is nice
  7. Yep only one win needed now
  8. These fellas are Bolton parodies right?
  9. Winchester white comes across as wanting some decency from those in govt irrespective of party colours. 👍 from me
  10. Fuck me, you lot wanna see what Ifollow was like right at the start
  11. Next England manager
  12. I may have missed something with Sarcevic, and admittedly I haven't seen enough of this season but is this a case of the less he plays the better he gets? Not sure we can rely on a player to immediately start shining after a long lay off either.
  13. Aye, thought he should have anticipated far better there
  14. Hunchback of Notre Dame in the centre of our midfield looks like he could be a cracking player
  15. Doyle should have squared that
  16. I think I had nominated her. In the interests of neutrality think I had a Tory and a Labour as well.
  17. Suspect someone has already made this into a gif. To use on here.
  18. Hope he thought it worth asking the linesman
  19. My 77 year old Dad in Spain chased up a first jab. Not yet guiri, >80 year olds still.
  20. Aye, paused it too and it's an incredibly tight call. Not worth dwelling on.
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