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  1. All those years of being Lane Ends' arch enemy must have taken its toll None of us looking any younger mate..
  2. Burnden, did you use to play Premier Fives Thursdays?
  3. Aye, love to see that disallowed goal again. Not convinced correct at all.
  4. Fookin ell, looks lovely weather in Bolton!
  5. Back in Perth for Easter so have really exciting things like functioning phones and fast internet again. Plus a kick off time that isn't the middle of the night so count me in for IFollow tonight 👍
  6. Kaley Cuoco is Leonard's gf.
  7. The other drawn game in our run we conceded an 83rd minute equaliser. So not that far from a 13 game winning streak
  8. So after half the season we had 28 pts. Say we finish on 80 pts, that's 52 pts 2nd half of the season. We could be the new "where were Reading this time last season?"
  9. There's a great craft brewery in NZ called Panhead, did the same, sold out to Lion. Consolation is when you go in a Lion bar, they usually have Panhead on draught.
  10. Buy a motorhome. Prices gone up here as everyone holidaying in the country.
  11. I've never heard of Ollie Watkins
  12. Cassels Milk Stout is a cracking NZ beer. £1 a bottle fucking hell!
  13. John Helm deserves respect for his description of the Bradford fire.
  14. Yeah what happened to Birch?
  15. My point was he didn't resign.
  16. Not sure the State should be killing kids. Saudi Arabia might I dunno....
  17. My brother's ex missus once tried to explain to me she drank not to get drunk but to taste the drink. it just happened to have alcohol in it. Still can't believe they were a couple.
  18. Thanks for posting that, been searching for that Blake header in the past, as it's probably my favourite Blake goal for Bolton. One of the best crosses and headers you'll ever see.
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