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  1. Aye, paused it too and it's an incredibly tight call. Not worth dwelling on.
  2. Aye, love to see that disallowed goal again. Not convinced correct at all.
  3. Fookin ell, looks lovely weather in Bolton!
  4. Back in Perth for Easter so have really exciting things like functioning phones and fast internet again. Plus a kick off time that isn't the middle of the night so count me in for IFollow tonight 👍
  5. The other drawn game in our run we conceded an 83rd minute equaliser. So not that far from a 13 game winning streak
  6. So after half the season we had 28 pts. Say we finish on 80 pts, that's 52 pts 2nd half of the season. We could be the new "where were Reading this time last season?"
  7. I've never heard of Ollie Watkins
  8. Yeah what happened to Birch?
  9. My point was he didn't resign.
  10. Thanks for posting that, been searching for that Blake header in the past, as it's probably my favourite Blake goal for Bolton. One of the best crosses and headers you'll ever see.
  11. Aye 100 years since Uruguay hosted so they fancy their chances as joint hosts. Argentina was another?
  12. One of the best books I've ever read is that.
  13. Been in a coma Mounts? Hope you're getting better 👍
  14. Bill Ridding was 47 at the time of that interview. Them fellas had hard lives.
  15. Probably mentioned this on here before but I listened to the match report on Radio 5 and it was possibly the worst ever description of a goal. Made it sound like McAteer had tapped into an empty net from 5 yards after we hit the post. Couldnt believe it when I saw the goal, what a finish.
  16. Mourinho works best when has a large core of players who buy into his philosophy completely, soldiers almost who play while injured. At Chelsea it was Terry, Lampard, Drogba, Carvalho, Essien etc. Peak Mourinho at Inter, it was Materazzi, Schneider, Milito, Eto'o. That famous photo of Materazzi and Mourinho hugging and crying as he was leaving Inter for Madrid. Check Benitez's record after the treble year, same side I think.
  17. You're confusing Boycott making is 100th FC 100 in a Test Match, at Headingley. List of 100s in 100th Test https://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/content/records/231596.html
  18. In saying that, just pro-rata'd Newport's points from 7th placr and they get 77. So what the fuck do I know.
  19. That would give us 72 pts, imo that would be enough in such a tight league. We qualified for the playoffs one year on 69. Remember Notts County being miffed even being on the same pitch as us having accrued 87 I think.
  20. Great footage. Commentator sounds like Allan Weeks?
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