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  1. Surprised the jokes haven't been any sooner.
  2. Would you be happy if some Yankee ginger teddy bear wanted to buy your club? O:) I find it particularly amusing that one of the reasons Utd have such financial muscle could eventually see them owned by a foreigner free to do what the fcuk he wants. Am I right in thinking that the Monopolies and Mergers Commission who scuppered the Sky takeover won't be able to do anything?
  3. I live in the town centre so it is my local. Most places on Bradshawgate I avoid. I find The Varsity is the most relaxed/pleasant bar though at closing time its the usual story. Man & Scythe is the only place with a relaxed supping up time. Bolton town centre could also do with a couple of decent restaurants. Pizza Express is probably the best. Still far too many knobheads as well.
  4. Think the play-offs would be fairer if they weighted them better like in Rugby League. One suggestion doing the rounds is that the 3rd place team goes straight to Cardiff whilst 5th place plays 6th at home (one-off fixture). The winners of this game play 4th (who are at home). The winners of that meet the 3rd place team in Cardiff.
  5. Staple your applications together and put a note saying "Seats together required Thanks" in big bold writing. Hand in at the ticket office next week if you prefer. They are encouraging people to post applications so dont be surprised if hardly any windows are open and you have to queue for hours.
  6. Fair enough if you want to queue. I have better things to do with my time and find it ridiculous that some people will queue for hours and worse some will pitch a ragging tent the night before in potentially abysmal weather, gaining absolutely nothing. I queued for 7 hours for tickets that went on open sale for the Liverpool C/C Cup Final game as I had no alternative. I had let my membership lapse after going to University. If you have straightforward requirements and satisfy the teamcard criteria I think it silly to queue for hours on Saturday.
  7. I have a Direct Debit with Bolton Council and never had one problem. Not had a problem with any DD come to think of it. Would never choose another method of paying bills. If your bank start giving you shit if you want to close a direct debit, then threaten them with closing the account.
  8. Based on what???? Information / insinuations from tabloid newspapers and the internet. Rather not bother thanks.
  9. This joke is doing the rounds.... Q: What have the Scottish football team and the kids at Michael Jackson's house got in common? A: They've both been fucked in the Neverlands
  10. I think that honour should bestow Lenny Henry. He robs a living.
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