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  1. Thanks for posting that, been searching for that Blake header in the past, as it's probably my favourite Blake goal for Bolton. One of the best crosses and headers you'll ever see.
  2. Aye 100 years since Uruguay hosted so they fancy their chances as joint hosts. Argentina was another?
  3. One of the best books I've ever read is that.
  4. For the record, he did tell me that the gun being pressed against his forehead in Italy did happen. So that particular "bullshitting" isn't fair.
  5. My Mum, Aunty and Nan went on holiday with my Grandad. My Grandad had Alzheimer's but could be trusted alone. He used to go on massive walks with the dogs etc. Anyway he went for a walk one day, never saw him again. Found a couple of months later in a field somewhere. Cremated against my Nan's wishes, it took over a year to get his ashes returned for a funeral in the UK. Excuse after excuse from the Spanish authorities. Our Govt at high level are shysters but I like to think if the roles reversed we'd have shown far more compassion. I didn't go on this holiday so strictly speak
  6. Been in a coma Mounts? Hope you're getting better 👍
  7. I'd rather bang the 59 year old Alison Moyet than the 24 year old one.
  8. Had a beer with him last week, he's good company and sound. Tried to point me in the direction of some work. Didn't mention or discuss why he's no longer posting.
  9. Bill Ridding was 47 at the time of that interview. Them fellas had hard lives.
  10. Dunno what it was like in the past but Melbourne has a far more liberal attitude to alcohol licensing than West Auckland.
  11. You're average older white Kiwi is very, very intolerant of Maori. Experienced numerous casual racism against them. Getting a drink there can be an issue. A large part of the biggest city Auckland does not allow supermarkets to sell alcohol. You have buy from bottle shops owned by these mysterious, unaccountable Trusts who also decide who has bar licenses. A large part of NZ society is actually very conservative.
  12. Aye, Marvellous well worth a watch. Lou Macari comes across very well.
  13. Thought that when I got dragged to watch Logan. Try that one, proper gritty.
  14. There must be some Feng Shui shit going on where flat roof pubs cause the people below to engage in criminal behaviour.
  15. Similarly I was, "do I have to" when I got the invite. Really enjoyed it, one of the most interesting things I've ever done. Had a death by dangerous driving case on the A6 Blackrod.
  16. Have a word with the nerds at New Scientist, pal. https://www.newscientist.com/article/2144353-why-adding-a-drop-of-water-can-make-whisky-taste-even-better/
  17. I was told, by someone who swung his dick a lot on whisky, that a little water releases more of the aroma.
  18. Probably mentioned this on here before but I listened to the match report on Radio 5 and it was possibly the worst ever description of a goal. Made it sound like McAteer had tapped into an empty net from 5 yards after we hit the post. Couldnt believe it when I saw the goal, what a finish.
  19. Your PMs are full, tried to send you a message yesterday
  20. May be wrong but the vaccine doesn't prevent onward transmission of Covid? So for international travel to occur you'd need most of population of host country to be vaccinated too? And any other visitors to the same place similarly vaccinated?
  21. Bamburgh has one of the finest cricket backdrops in the country
  22. Haven't been in Summer but upto May and from September onwards didn't have an issue.
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