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  1. 1 hour ago, paulhanley said:

    I was otherwise occupied at the weekend. Next one is Hartlepool 0 Bolton 0 from Boxing Day. I have to make up my mind as to whether to skip that one or trawl through it trying to find some highlights to cobble together!

    Went to that, fucking dreadful even by the standards then. Only highlight was some massively pissed bloke stood at the front, trying to banter with the coppers. "Maggie's (Thatcher) said be lenient on the Bolton fans" etc 

    So leathered he whipped his old fella out to have a piss where he stood. Ended up pushing the patience too far and got thrown out. 

  2. 1 hour ago, Biggish Dave said:

    Mike Dean loved giving penalties against us. I think it was him who reffed at the Reebok when he gave Blackburn a last minute penalty to equalise.

    No surprise seeing him as a Tranny fan. Once a wanker....



  3. Been volunteering for BlazeAid over here, and currently staying at Border Walwa Football Club, the acronym (or initialism) I've only just realised after 3 days here.

    Cancelled the current season, due to the bushfires, sounds like we should do the same. 

  4. 8 hours ago, paulhanley said:

    Gudni was remarkable. I've never before seen a player get quicker as he reached his mid 30s

    For his first four years with us I rated him as a solid right back but not quite so much at centre back. Once Sam arrived he became a real leader in the promotion side. I think because Sam just got him to focus on no frills defending it simplified things right down for him.

    But then it all went up a few gears more just as his pace should have been dropping and the twilight of his career hitting. In our first year in the Prem, well in to his 30s, he seemed to become speedier. For six or seven months at the start of 2001/2 he was absolutely immaculate in central defence. I remember him marking Michael Owen out of the game in the 2-1 win when Liverpool's keeper made that horrendous cock up. Very little got past him. Then he picked up a few injuries and became excellent rather than stellar.

    If Gudni had been 26 instead of 36 in 2001 there'd have been major interest and big money offered. He was that good.

    Worth mentioning that Mick Whitlow was committed and solid over the same period. But Gudni was something else.


    Michael Owens career was a bit mixed but bear in mind his next game after the game against us was a certain hat-trick in Munich. 

  5. 30 minutes ago, Alf Hartigan said:

    We've gone from  being very excited excited and talking about how we are going to win the league, to talking about how other teams are decent outfits and it won't be easy. Serious reality check has happened.

    Including myself in that, not in my wildest dreams would I have said we would lose our first 5 competitive games.

    I'm thinking of switching clubs, fancy Everton this year.

    90% are pisstakes aren't they?

  6. 8 hours ago, paulhanley said:


    Back to our previous Div 4 season in 87/88. Following the disappointing 2-1 league defeat at Turf Moor there was a quick chance for a pick-me-up with a Freight Rover Preliminary tie at Edgeley Park, home of Stockport County. 

    Much of the game was played in November downpours, which must have been pretty nasty for those gathered in the open away end behind the goal. Nicky Brookman opened the scoring for Bolton before Stockport equalised. The excellent Brookman set up the second - a goalpoacher's header by John Thomas. And JT netted the third to settle the tie. 

    In the new year Bolton won in the league at Stockport 1-2 in a Friday night game. Sadly that fell in the half dozen or so fixtures of this season that were never filmed due to Easy Video not immediately being replaced by Roadrunner. Others never filmed were Peterborough (a), Wolves (a), Hereford (h), Tranmere (h), Crewe (a)



    Surely Brookman offside for the first?! As it looked like JT touched it before Brookman. 

    Brookman was a talented player but was also a bit of a lad and boozed didn't he? 


  7. 15 hours ago, paulhanley said:

    From memory they finished it with kids. We beat them 6-0 at Burnden very late season. 

    Aye we did. Burnden Paddock was singing "we love you Newport, we do" as it was clear they were fielding a low strength side and struggling. Seem to remember they had a decent centre midfielder with long hair who really gave his all in spite of the circumstances. 

  8. 4 minutes ago, Andy Gee said:

    Would be a great signing just for his corners and free kicks, especially having 3 6 foot 4+ centre backs in the team. Think it was Fergie who said his corners are worth £10 million. 


  9. This discussion of how good a player Silva is and relevance to the statue is missing the point a bit for me.

    Also a question of the relationship between club and player as much as anything. Good example, Nat and Bolton the unbreakable lifelong marriage. Obviously City love him but does Silva really love City? He's just fucked them off for Sociedad. Henry went to Barcelona. 

    Some might say he's returning home, but wasn't he almost joining Lazio at one point. 

  10. 6 minutes ago, meanderson93 said:

    Time to bring it back again for an update... 

    GK: Crellin, Alexander, Gilks

    RCB: Santos, Brockbank

    CB: Delaney, Greenidge

    LCB: Taft, Senior

    RWB: Jones, Hickman

    CM: Comley, New SIgning (Adam) 

    CM: Sarcevic, White

    LWB: Gordon, New Signing

    CAM: Crawford, Darcy

    ST: Doyle, Faal

    ST: Delfouneso, Politic, (Amoateng)

    Did Baptiste ever sign?

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