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  1. Definitely Roy, that. 😀
  2. Steejay


    How many half and half scarves do you have?
  3. Bolton News now confirming that both 1st legs are on the Saturday
  4. Steejay


    Nah, 10k's nothing to folks on here. BUT...you couldn't put a price on the rush that you'd get, being there if the miracle was to happen. 🤪
  5. I don't think that anything will be confirmed until after Saturday, when the semis are confirmed. Sky don't give a fuck about fans wanting to plan journeys, we've known that for years. They'll wait to see who's playing where before deciding ko times. It's not moaning when you need to sort out your weekend, one way or another.
  6. Needs confirmation from the club.
  7. That’s mad. Thought they’d be crying out for Duff
  8. He’s not your mate if he’s telling you that. 😉
  9. Be interesting to hear what Sam thinks about it now. He was one of the advocates of VAR many years ago, him being a great exponent of modern technology and stuff like that.
  10. Wow, you really meant it, then. I just thought that you'd been supping all day and finished off with a couple of tabs of peyote before posting.
  11. Yeah, we need all the support from loyal fans. 😉
  12. If we don’t go up, Collins will be sold for £5m. Best player we’ve had since Afolayan.
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