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  1. Agree with you mate. I think he knows that he’ll be in for a decent pay off when he’s sacked. Probably knows it’s short term.
  2. Aye, who the fuck wants to go to FGR except for @RUREADY2ROLL Although, he would have put a good buffet on. D, I mean, not Vince. 😂
  3. Who is? It’s all short term, earn what you can.
  4. Foden, quality. Megamillions on all these foreigners and their best player is from Stockport.
  5. 🤣 Cheeky fucker, not quite! @RUREADY2ROLL will let you into lane 3 alongside @jules_darbyand him on the next awayday.
  6. Guy obviously can’t cope with the pressure atm. Good luck to him, he needs some peace of mind.
  7. Macclesfield starting in NW Counties Premier division next season.
  8. Battleclit? But I’m not sure that anyone on here would ever find it.
  9. Ha, they keep surpassing themselves. Every new one is their finest to date!
  10. Yep, it's a belter. This, Evil Dead, Hills have Eyes all 8%+ and makes other stuff taste weak as water.
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