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  1. Think he’s still at Blackpool, it was only a week ago that they were talking about signing him. Appleton signed him for Lincoln.
  2. First half was completely different. Germany were the best team by a mile but Traff didn’t have a lot to do. He did have a casual moment as usual, by fannying about with the ball but redeemed himself with a good save.
  3. Yep, sure to be some returns next week when the strike’s confirmed.
  4. Bilic better get a result this weekend or else…
  5. RAOB was the Rams Head, now Barkat (Indian grocery). This is on the corner of High St and Derby St, just a bit lower down.
  6. Tell me about it, I have this argument nearly every weekend with them. A lot of the younger PNE fans seriously think they are a ‘bigger’ club than us because they’ve been in a higher division for the last 8/9 years. I have to learn to stop winding them up so much, which is difficult at 10pm on a Saturday night after a great away day and a head full of alcohol. 😁
  7. Evatt and Rooney share the same hair replacement consultant.
  8. I just emailed my MP telling them to get it sorted. 😂 At the end they said thanks for contacting your MP, then 'DONATE NOW' Fucking 'donate now', cheeky cunts.
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