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  1. Can we get Will Keane in for the playoffs?
  2. Yeah, I’d no idea really, just wanted the later train 😁
  3. ET or straight to pens?
  4. Is it straight to pens if it’s a draw at 90 minutes or is there ET in the final?
  5. Wasn’t really looking forward to this. But, just had my first pint, feeling more positive already. Gonna have a great awayday. 💪🏻
  6. Yep, Magennis was one of the first to drop tools.
  7. Joe Williams Been sold for £1m since.
  8. Do Warriors not own a share of the ground?
  9. Steejay

    Ipswich Home

    And by playing Jones at LWB, the defence was weakened by playing Mbete, who has dropped off dramatically since his first two games. He needs to tighten it up while Johnston is out and play Toal on the left of Santos and Jones on the right. IMO anyway 😁
  10. Steejay

    Ipswich Home

    Ralph Coates with the banner.
  11. Memorable for the wrong reasons.
  12. Apologies, not Sheehan... I meant that Shoretire shouldn't have started. Lee should have been in from the off. Yep, I agree with your assessment of Sheehan.
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