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  1. Very worthy cause, pal. Helping out old codgers like you, getting stuck on Helvellyn. 😉
  2. Dapo 5 mins Patterdale Mountain Rescue
  3. Steejay

    MK Dons (H)

    2-0 Dapo first goal, he's sizzling atm 12,878
  4. @HugeMinges will love this...
  5. Best wishes to HW and hopefully a full recovery.
  6. I think they've appointed another ex Wanderer - Leam Richardson - on a permanent contract.
  7. It was 6'' away from me & I felt like grabbing it...
  8. Lightning was the one, mate. I can still picture the tight pink briefs as I was talking to her... Fuckin ell, I'm off for a private moment...
  9. We need loans out sorted out for Comley, Crawford, Gordon, Greenidge asap. These guys are just not going to be in the squad, so any announcement about their departures would be as good as any new signing.
  10. Aye, she was the only contender to become a Gladiator on the show. She made her money in Hollywood tbf to her.
  11. You're still a pup. As you get older, you'll appreciate some lovely nans about.
  12. Weller should have just smashed him, no matter how old he is, & walked off. The Jam were one of the greatest bands ever, because of him. Style Council were shite though, when, yes, he was up his arse. Stanley Road was ace but nowt good really since then. He'll always be an icon. Please have respect.
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