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  1. You can’t help yourself… sickening.
  2. 7/12/1963, goal scored at the Embankment end.
  3. IIRC, he scored his 200th goal at Burnden. I got his autograph in the Topical Times annual once at Piccadilly station. Autograph nerd, aged 11. 🙄
  4. Aye, used to be called Mike White. That’s before his corporate visits to the Theatre of Shite.
  5. ??? They'll be lower tier, next to WSL.
  6. Don’t want any riff-raff around me, cheapskate JCL’s.
  7. Probably got some promotional bounce, yep.
  8. Probably more away fans. The higher you go, the more away fans usually attend. Blackpool crowd is usually boosted by away fans thinking that it’s a good day out.
  9. Doyle’s suffered from COVID-19 and IE stated that he was really struggling physically. FWIW, I was a bit concerned about Doyle’s capacity to adapt to the higher level but I think that he’s been brilliant this season and Evatt’s ability to manage his game time has been just as good. IMO, Doyle is vastly underrated and is crucial to the way we play. @JimmyRiddle, has he been rattling your Mrs?
  10. Been made all ticket for Rotherham now. They’ve sold about 1200 so far but won’t be given more than the 1800 allocation. Be nice to break the 20k.
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