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  1. Have they sacked their manager ? If so this is fucking ace 😁
  2. Stockport must be proper shit if that shit fucker has scored.
  3. Rachel won't be happy he's out 😏
  4. My Ex was a United fan, she'd seen a couple of reserve games and worked in Manchester City centre for 6 months, i walked in the pub with her on one of our first dates and a lad I know said to me, "what you doing going out with that red slag"... I laughed at him, she was none to pleased and asked me why I hadn't stuck up for her, which I replied "you're from Bolton, you support Man U, your gonna have to put up with it" , took me 13 years to fuck her off and in that time she never attended one game, the lad was correct all along 😁
  5. I'm hoping Slater isn't the same same Slater from OFAH 🙄
  6. He isn't allowed in the AHM, his membership was declined on the basis he has to much testosterone.
  7. I thought about joining the AHM, only for 1 second like, I just chuckled to myself and said "fuck that, proper fossils" 😅
  8. We need to get Lofty in one corner and stick all the kids there, he could entertain them for 90+ minutes 🦁
  9. Trampmere scarf. That landlady was rough and a bully and looking for a fight, plus I was bladdered 😅
  10. Tbh I get more pissed off with the little kids going for a piss every 10 minutes, the last match a 3 or 4 year old girl on the next seat was just pissing about the whole match, I thought that's why we had a family stand. And on the other side we have the loudest clapper in the history of football games, I've developed tinnitus, I wake up in the middle of the night sweating my tits off... fucking nightmare. Moving seats next season, but definitely not near the plastic bottle throwers. Are there areas in the stadium were it's just adults only ?
  11. https://www.bwfc.co.uk/news/2021/october/club-statement-wanderers-take-action/
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