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  1. When is the Stadium up for naming rights and sponsorship, we can't be getting fuck all off the University and its a shit name. The Boohoo Arena as a great ring to it 😁
  2. There were a couple of decent players in L2 who could definitely step up to L1 and beyond. Naseden at Crawley, Worrall at Vale to name a couple. What we do need are good young hungry lads who want to win and progress, hopefully with the football we are playing, we could be an attractive proposition.
  3. I've had a downer on Bojo the last couple of months, the Indian variant being a reason why. He doesn't put india on the red list early enough, then he has the brass neck to pop on TV on Friday and warn us all. Double standards. And yes I would suggest Dick & Dom, Alias Whitty & Valance are running the country at the moment. But I'm still team Bojo over that wet fart Starmer 😁
  4. You are correct, my post is a bit tongue and cheek, but I am bang on when it comes to doctors and scientists, and there will be people including politicians, doctors and scientists who will blame the hospitality sector if cases rise, just like the last time.
  5. If there is a spike amongst the Asians or anti Vax mob with this Indian variant, I've no doubt PM Whitty and Deputy PM Valance will blame it on the pubs & Restaurants opening indoors from today. Listened to a Doctor on the radio coming in to work this morning, he was warning against the easing of lockdowns, let's stop asking Doctors and Scientists questions regarding covid, or else we will never get back to normal, these fuckers want us locked up and down forever!
  6. Formerly Hayward School, Green, Lever and Grammar, and South College Bolton, now the 6th Form.
  7. Mick is fine, he puts a decent argument/debate up, it wouldn't do for all of us to be the same, and there's fuck all wrong with a man and his shed 😃
  8. I take it you're on team "Red Mick is innocent" 😁
  9. I think Leicester are now in the big 6, certainly bigger than Spurs and Everton in winning trophies, although support wise may fall short.
  10. His teeth would need a bit of crooking and browning off, he has the hair, would still look scruffy in an Armani suit 😄
  11. Johnson is always hard, hence him being a top shagger and has spawned a load of sprogs.... apparently 😁
  12. Bojo defo left it to late, he should have placed India on the red list a lot earlier, he fucked up, thats pretty obvious. ...and then he pops on TV last night scaremongering, double standards come to mind.
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