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  1. Mr Grey


    I could eat Vindaloo all day
  2. Mr Grey


    How are them jocks doing up there fella, I imagine they are ready to combust 😁
  3. Mr Grey


    I'm with you on that, although the nerves are kicking in as we approach kick off.
  4. ...and he chose Wiggin, has he no fucking ambition 🤷
  5. Why were they not put under a 2 year transfer embargo, have I missed something 🤷
  6. Surely we all liked Wheats, top pro and lad, had a decent career, but we have moved on, good luck Le Chin 👍
  7. Fucking he'll, if we were all given money for crying at the football, us Bolton fans want back pay, there's millions to be had here, anyone know a good Solicitor 🥲
  8. Get Clarkson Farm on, take no notice of Daz, proper educational and entertaining.... ... just a heads up to those who haven't heard of it 😁
  9. Mr Grey

    Euro 2020

    Keep women out of men's football, pot washers at best! It's coming home.... for now.. Let's enjoy it while it last 😁
  10. They will NOT enjoy parky football, even the Welsh aren't that sadistic.
  11. Clarksons Farm, top watch 😃 Just in case anyone hasn't seen it 😉
  12. Clarksons Farm on Amazon, best thing on TV for yonks... superb stuff, educational & funny as fuck.
  13. Hancock has to go, simple as. I had a bit of sympathy for him due to the fact he is on TV everyday for the last 15 months giving interviews and hasn't had a break. Another way of looking at it is, how the fuck has he found time to fit in a bit of naughty on the side, on that score, fair play, although the bird in question is at least an 8 pinter.
  14. Bojo will be donning a bit of Stone 😁
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