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  1. Mr Grey

    Boo Boys

    C'mon fella, Harry is a quality footballer, but he ain't no bright spark, I'm pretty sure he hasn't a clue what he is doing, have you seen his post-match interviews 😅, and tbf he probably just wants to get on that green grass and do his stuff, at the end of the day that is what he's paid to do.
  2. Mr Grey

    Boo Boys

    ...and Joe Dolce' shattupa ya face, fucking criminals, kept Ultravox' Vienna off the number 1 spot, whoever bought that at the time were complete utter dick scratches, although I doubt anyone will admit it 😏
  3. Mr Grey

    Boo Boys

    All fair points fella, seriously though, read back through my post. For me it's been about football and how England win this tournament, if was the manager, I'd be saying no distractions and that would include any racial or political gestures that may take on negative and divisive views, we are all going to support England, and when I go watching the game next Friday I don't want to hear booing, it's just gonna spoil the whole experience of being back in a football ground. The knee should have been sacked off at the end of last season, it was always going to be like this once the cr
  4. Mr Grey

    Boo Boys

    I like my gammon straight & salty 😡
  5. 😅 ... committed player, he should be alright in L2.
  6. Mr Grey

    Boo Boys

    You mean some people having a view different to yours 😏 I like how you dropped the middle aged bomb in, as though it's assigned to that particular group.
  7. Mr Grey

    Boo Boys

    I would hope that's not the case, but it does make you think. Some are probably feeling a bit tentative in adding to the debate because they won't want to be deemed as racist.
  8. Mr Grey

    Boo Boys

    Let's have a fanny off 🤪
  9. Orient sign Darren Pratley, good signing for them and he's been made club captain.
  10. Mr Grey

    Boo Boys

    Why is it a low point, its a clash of opinions about footballers taking the knee and supporters booing, we live in a democracy don't we, and the last I heard we still had free speech, nobody has been racist as far as I can see. Stop being fannies!
  11. Mr Grey

    Boo Boys

    To me this debate here and now revolves the England football team and this tournament. Q: Do you want England to have the best chance of winning this tournament, and would you say they would have a better chance without any political distractions ? Also what will be the excuses if they don't perform well in this tournament, they certainly will have an excuse if fans carry on booing and I don't want them to have that excuse, I prefer the "not good, overpaid shower of shite" excuse. I take your points on board and they carry some weight, but even you must admit that this is doing
  12. Mr Grey

    Boo Boys

    Ffs! From the bloke who brought it up in the first place, I just added the able bodied and straight bit for good measure 🤷
  13. Mr Grey

    Boo Boys

    Yes it does.
  14. Mr Grey

    Boo Boys

    Holy fuck!! Im sorry I was born white and male....and able bodied! As for the start of you statement, and as someone alluded to earlier, politics isn't allowed in Football, I sort of get what your saying that politics is everywhere and affects everything. But with this there is hypocrisy. There isn't much wrong with our game at the moment and inequality in the English game as far as I can see isn't even there, I would say black footballers are represented in the football pyramid at around 30% even more, they are footballers at the end of the day, and if they sport the shirt of BWFC,
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