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  1. Was once having a bit of banter with one of Walkden’s batsman. He said, ‘If you don’t shut up I will go and get my gun from the car and shoot you in the head.’

    He got even more annoyed when I told him I’d seen him cycling onto the ground before we started. 


  2. 52 minutes ago, cricketingwhite said:

    Couldn’t agree more. Played at Kearsley on Saturday, we had at least 3, if not 4, really bad LBW decisions go against us.

    Not only the standard, but the number of umpires seem to be reducing every year at an alarming rate 

    Having a tail Luis Reece couldn’t trust was Westhoughtons only problem on Saturday. Nowt to do with bad umpires. 

  3. 1 hour ago, superjohnmcginlay said:

    Yip Daisy is a mess, had a long chat regarding the situation,

    we’ve got Faisal Iqbal as pro this year and we were talking about Daisy at weekend because his uncle is Javed Mianded who pro’d there in the 70’s. 

    Its a shame the club I grew up and loved and still do is in the state it’s in. 

    Hoping everyone has a good season in the Bolton league.

    Hope Faisal has a good season, he’s a decent bloke. Don’t expect much from him though. More selfies than runs. 

  4. Tried to back him to be the division leading run scorer yesterday with Sky’s requestabet. They’ve still not given me a price. He’s got a point to prove, playing a division down and won’t get an ashes call up regardless of how many he scores. 

    I hope he scores a boatload. Nice lad and his ability and dedication will come through. 

  5. 15 minutes ago, gonzo said:

    For every Portsmouth there’s a Boston United. 

    For every Leicester there’s a Tranmere or Stockport.

    why the fuck people seem to think admin or insolvency is some magical land where all our troubles will be gone is beyond me.

    Its like wanting to get done for drink driving to stop you drink driving. 


    Or drinking

  6. On 01/03/2019 at 21:25, victor meldrew said:

    was sat next to him at newcastle , the week before he died , great bloke,bwfc legend

    Remember seeing him at Newcastle. Must’ve taken him ages to get up all them steps with his dodgy hip. 

    Great bloke, loved BWFC

  7. Agree with most of that, but allowing teams to merge offers cricket to kids that wouldn’t normally get it. 

    Kearsley and Farnworth have merged the u13s and U11s. This isn’t to win more games or because both clubs are lazy. Both clubs could fill an u13s side but both would be asking kids to make the numbers up and asking a kid that’s not upto it has all sorts of issues. 

    Both clubs are playing U15s and u18s and Kearsley u9s. That’s a lot of cricket to get in, the number of kids that play means quite a bit of cross age group which some can deal with but some could get hurt. I notice Bradshaw and Horwich aren’t competing at u18s. 

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