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  1. A triple of laughing emojis you’ve got the lad excited
  2. It’s just the way I think. Same with our pundits & commentators when we’re in the latter stages. Adds to the drama of it all.
  3. They will be through if they beat Hungary not a bad position to be in
  4. Two sides desperate to win. Excellent stuff
  5. Nah Probably someone off here 😁
  6. It was and will always be on Evatt. Unforgiveable. I'm still just as annoyed at him as I was after the game. Are we now going to compare every England game with our play off final. Yesterday was massively different. England were excellent in the first half for starters. I'm sure we'll improve.
  7. You guys were in great voice throughout👍
  8. Hopefully an end to the trouble now & will probably be seen on the whole as a success if nothing more comes of it. Unless by some miracle Serbia end up playing Albania. The Serbs will have some serious hooligans in their midst & will have been fairly organised. Our fans can barely hold up their beer belly, let alone a set of fists. But like to give it all that when singing. It’s all a bit pathetic really. The vast majority are just there to soak up the atmosphere & get along. As usual, it’s innocent people who end up being caught up in it all. These Albanian fans are the worst of the bunch
  9. Agreed Nobody but himself can take the blame for some of his passing & finishing last night. You can’t pin that on the system or manager. We’ll need him to come good if we’re going to challenge.
  10. Haha I think you’re confusing expressing an opinion on a voters choice with telling them what to do.
  11. The Tory plan all along. Managed decline until people feel there’s no choice but to privatise
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