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  1. Does he fck have a point 😂 Which is why he’s been suspended. Great evidence you’ve provided for his argument though mate. A few protesters in town behaving in an uncivilised manner. That’s it proven then, the Islamists are running the place…. Next time some football lads cause trouble & start abusing folk, then I expect the local MP to release a statement saying they’ve got the mayor in their back pocket.
  2. Looks like they have suspended the prick. Credit where it's due.
  3. We're often poor in these types of games. There has been an improvement on last season in many areas. But ultimately we're still off the pace in the big games and it's just reminscent of the play off performances against Barnsley. Table still looks positive after today, so we're fortunate with that. But if we don't step it up then we won't make the automatics and I wouldn't be too confident in the playoffs either. That's not me being negative, we've put some top performances in this season and we're third in the league. Just looking at what we need to push on from here and can't see it just yet. Plenty time though and some huge games ahead. Need to go for the win against Wigan.
  4. Islamists have taken over London now! Got the mayor in their back pocket….. That’s according to Lee Anderson chatting away to GB news. The ‘London is Lost’ brigade are back out. Christ he’s full of shite. Do people actually believe the crap he comes out with? Imagine the outcry if a Labour MP had said similar things about ultra Zionists running London. They’d be out the job, and rightly so. Read the other day that we’ve seen similar rises in reports of Islamophobia as we have of antisemitism.
  5. It’s Shite according to GB New They now quote all their ‘sources’ from the loons on X. https://www.gbnews.com/celebrity/itv-breathtaking-unrealistic-failed
  6. Need to fckn hoof it when required.
  7. Fckn love this team & manager. So slick 😍
  8. Good. I’m aware he’s not popular and wasn’t before the massacre. I hope they go for a more moderate party. It’s the only way if a meaningful peace process is to happen. 85% people being dissatisfied doesn’t take away what I was saying though. Dissatisfied could mean anything. More radical parties have been on the rise in Israel and this is having a huge impact in the West Bank.
  9. If only if it was that simple https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2023/10/was-hamas-elected-to-govern-gaza-george-w-bush-2006-palestinian-election.html As with Israel, it isn’t.
  10. https://www.aljazeera.com/amp/news/2022/11/3/netanyahu-and-far-right-declared-winners-in-israeli-elections There are more extreme groups than Netanyahu as well who are popular. It’s hardly that hard to grasp. Their policies captured a lot of support amongst voters & still do. It’s clearly a significant proportion of Israeli’s voting for them because you’ve got extremists high up in government. I hope the moderates win next time round.
  11. Oh get a grip for fcks sake 🤣 Antisemitism ?!? Can't even criticise voters now without being labelled a racist. I believe my actual words were "sadly the people of Israel voted them in". Which they did no? A significant proportion voted for them despite knowing their extremist roots. That's not blaming all the Israeli people. Just pointing out that they had a lot of supprot and still do in some camps. As others have pointed out.
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