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  1. Evatt'l sort it. As always. Roll on Saturday.
  2. Best bit of that for me was hearing the stories of Doyle and Santos. Quality stuff. There will be some legends coming out of of this team.
  3. It's like nothing you've tasted. Pretty rank, but hits the spot.
  4. Ah fuck. Nice train down to Newcastle that usually.
  5. Then I can make it big time on your latest thread 💩
  6. @Escobarp this could be one for the rattler and a bottle of Bucky 🍷
  7. Really sad news. Seems like he's got an ace family around him. Let's smash that over £2000.
  8. Quality last ten minutes. Get in.
  9. Get the fuck in! This will be nervy now.
  10. Clubs and footballers support causes and set up schemes that benefit white working class communities. Free School Meals is an example of that. There are many more. Why do you think that by taking the knee footballers are telling you the society you live in is wank? It's a very strange reason to boo them. Maybe I'm missing something - have some players or clubs said the society you live in is fucked? Whilst things have improved, there are still black players experiencing racism. If they're criticised, it should be for their football, not the colour of their skin. Other players and their management team are showing solidarity by taking the knee with them. It really is that simple. People are more likely to raise awareness about something that personally affects them. Doing so isn't a statement that nobody else matters.
  11. Reckon we're in for an exciting season. Evatt turned things around at the back last season so hopefully he'll be able to do the same in L1.
  12. Of course they won't. Who has ever suggested they would? It's not the point. Homophobes also won't change their views if they see a pride flag. The point is that it raises awareness and asks for more to be done. Social media can do more, UEFA can do more. Rather than blanket bans for life, we could educate younger folk who are caught on the issue. All suggestions but the action starts the conversation.
  13. Spot on Youri 😆 I would like to apologise to the IT community.
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