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  1. I deffo think Dapo is good enough for L1 next season.
  2. Looking at some of the posts, they had to be Blackburn or Wigan fans taking the piss.
  3. Have I missed something about this Muslim calling to prayer during Ramadan? What's the issue with it? I don't speak the lingo of course, so happy to be educated if he's preaching something hateful or has links to any extremist groups. Anyone got any evidence of this? The Christian fella should never have been arrested. But he was quoting sections of the bible that can be seen as homophobic by some. Plenty of other sections of the bible that he could have chosen from but instead goes for the most outdated and antagonistic. And we're meant to pity the poor elderly preacher...
  4. 🤣 calm down m'dear It was a simple question as to why you were sharing posts from known bigots and racists. No accusation towards yourself whatsoever in there. You've answered it in your own Miamiesque roundabout way by saying you don't subscribe to his views. So we can leave it at that and be on with our days can't we? x
  5. Thanks for clarifying fella 👍 Strange that you should share his views on here without checking first. But we all make mistakes ☺️ Enjoy ya Sunday
  6. Did I ? When ? What did I say? You can argue there's an race issue in America without being pro BLM. Singing - call to prayer - preaching - whatever you want to call it. Sorry if my lack of education offended you petal. Can't say anything without offending someone these days. I'm not playing any cards - I've never played that card to any poster on here and have called out people who have in the past. Alan Legget is a scumbag - history of domestic violence and harassment of muslim families. Also pictured marching alongside known neo-nazi groups at various demos. Just asking what your
  7. I'm not the one sharing & following BLM sources though am I? Never claimed to be a devotee, you just painted that pretty picture in your head. Whereas you're using far-right sources to back up your points. I've defended you on here against similar accusations before. Didn't have you down as stooping that low. True colours coming out now are they? For someone who's so loyal to British troops & guarding war memorials, it's strange seeing you sharing sources from Active Patriot. We've lost countless soldiers fighting against bigots not to different from that group. Doesn't matt
  8. Active Patriot ?! What you doing following those bunch of tossers. Last I heard you were bleating about how much of a centrist you are 😆 What's wrong with the guy singing this in public? Is it offending anyone? I don't know the guy so you'll have to educate me. How's it the fault of the labour council that the Christian preacher was arrested last week?
  9. Stopped boozing by 9. Feeling fresh enough 😁
  10. What a turnaround from January. Beautiful. I love Sarc me.
  11. Told you I'd be wrong 😁 Hope you're well fella 🍻
  12. You still have to put a cross in a box. Even if they're cunts. Otherwise you're a void cunt whose opinions are worth nothing & you're banned from the politics thread 🚫😉
  13. Feeling the nerves today... Can't believe it has come to this. Have to be honest and say I've got a bad feeling about this. But I'm usually wrong. If we do I think we'll crawl over the line. 1 - 0 (Doyle).
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