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  1. Italy mate haha. Trains there & back. It's his job, fair play, we're all hypocrits. But 5 in a week, then worrying about wildfires. Just made me laugh that he didn't see the correlation.
  2. Fair comments on here re the young lad. To be fair, I can admire the living he's carved out and it's obvious he's a nice lad and is promoting games outside the PL. Made me laugh when he said he was worried about climate change & wildfires whilst flying over Portugal after taking 5 flights in the space of a week. Which is where my comment came from. Some of his Bolton vids are legendary.
  3. Enjoy lads & lasses. 1 - 2 to the Whites
  4. Nothing can be worse than Thogden surely? Heard they had him in the Sky sports studio the other day.
  5. A wokenker ? Never heard that one before. Must have been great to play at the FIFA headquarters mate. Though going by your logic on the women's game it's irrelevant because you'll be back at your normal venue soon enough. You're the third person on this thread to remind me that the memories will soon fade... As if we were all blissfully unaware and expecting it to take over from the men's game 😆 "I'm happy for you girls, but you're all shite compared to the men, well done though, honestly ". I've lived in Edinburgh the past 3 years bud, soon moving to Glasgow for a new job. Rangers club shop or Celtics?
  6. I'm sorry Mick, couldn't resist 💙
  7. How's the walking football going Grandad?
  8. We all knew this anyway... We're Bolton fans ffs. Not going to start tuning into the WSL on a Saturday afternoon. People keep pointing this out as if we were somehow pretending otherwise. Those attendances and television numbers weren't hype, they were outstanding. Regardless of what happens to WSL, it's great to know that the girls can play for those audiences at future tournaments. World Cup next summer.
  9. Enjoying a game of women's football is now virtue signalling 🤣🤣 The Gammons are clutching at straws.
  10. Well said. I guess that sums why some pundits chose to compare the two. It's harmless to be honest & can be positive thing. It's also not done by every pundit, more those who are most passionate about pushing the game. I've seen other sports talk about in a similar way. Tennis for example. Or talking about athletics achievements. Awards & records will be kept separate in football, just like in other sports.
  11. It will improve at grass level... People will be all over making that happen. I'd be keen to support grass roots women's football by getting involved in coaching. The sport doesn't need more men to make a switch and start buying WSL tickets. It needs more funding as you say & to facilitate more girls getting involved. Yes a few blokes on a football forum who enjoyed the game won't be going to WSL games. But that doesn't mean the sport won't continue to grow. Amazing how far it has come in recent years.
  12. This. They wouldn't do it for tennis, snooker, an Olympic event, or even their own kids sporting achievement. Yet they have to come on here stating that it's nowhere near the mens game... As if it's some sort of revelation that we've all been unaware of the past few weeks. Can't get my head round it, other than there are actually some blokes out there who feel it is taking something away from the men's game.
  13. I'll reserve my comments on women's football until Christmas when the dust has been allowed to settle.... Apart from the next six sentences where I'll make my feelings known to everyone 😆🤣 some people will be spending their hard earned cash on the WSL. That will no doubt be obvious next season when attendances rise. It won't be me - I've made that clear. It will all be about Bolton. No idea why that is relevant to last night though? Does it make me a hypocrite for enjoying it the past couple of weeks? Do I now have to go out and buy a season ticket for my local women's team? I'd be an emotional wreck if we won it in Qatar (even if I am struggling to get behind the location of this one). I still wouldn't go out and spend my hard earned cash on watching England play Denmark in the Nations League a couple of months later though. Strange comparisons coming from Gammons these past 24 hours.
  14. 😆👏 It's not a politics thread though mate. To me it just seems very strange to waste time saying how it's nowhere near the men's game when folk are just enjoying the celebrations. @Anisums it all up perfectly. Women who play week in week out to less than a thousand getting their moment in the sunshine to 80,000 plus supporters. Great for women's sport on so many levels - I can't see why folk would highlight the negatives other than being secretly upset that the women are stealing the limelight.
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