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  1. My next dog was always going to be a collie. But having lost 2 of our 3 dogs in the last 4 months we've both come to the conclusion there now won't be a next dog. We'll just make the most of the little fella hopefully for a good few years yet.
  2. shit slogan that. At least it's 3 words though.
  3. only one of them, to be fair.
  4. wakey

    Euro 24

    Lots of bollocks about Southgate's tactics from armchair managers on here. It's pretty simple - we were good for half an hour then went too woke.
  5. wakey

    Euro 24

    so much like watching us that. Look great when opposition let us play, shite when they pressure us. And a manager who can't the make in-game changes to effect it. Massive contrast second half between their press and ours (or lack of).
  6. Or anyone else's money tbf - he's not arsed where it comes from.
  7. wakey

    Euro 24

    Get Farridge in as next manager. Keeps Bolty happy and gets the fucker out of politics. Win-win.
  8. Kevin Campbell. RIP. (and not a celebrity, but another of our dogs yesterday )
  9. that's Pink Floyd for you ...
  10. "Legend" is over used these days, but this mon was a proper Bowton legend on and off the pitch. For any who haven't already, read his book - cracking read.
  11. kinell, you've sussed me. How did you work it out?
  12. must be the most ironic "anti-woke" comment ever
  13. pity he wasn't on your radar a few days ago really
  14. What, you can't even kick your missus in the head these days?!? Country's gone bloody woke!
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