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  1. If Doncaster equalize against the pie-eaters we go second I think. If Accrington somehow manage to beat the Mackems we can go top
  2. Fuck me. that was lucky
  3. I hope you then decked the Stoke bastard
  4. Top half but outside the Play-off places probably.
  5. I won't be blocking him, but if someone really doesn't want to tolerate his posts, then like I say, block him (if it is still possible as asked by Morizo)
  6. The Isle of Man Manx Cup tournaments were always a good piss up.
  7. I first saw it on a FB Group for Camposol or Playa Flamenca. Can't remember which one though.
  8. Quick, go for another one !
  9. GTFI !!. Great build up and great goal
  10. Sonia ? Bubbly Scouser Sonia, or Eastenders Sonia
  11. Mines good, but that's because I've had nothing to drink as I have been in work since 05:15. Have you got rid of your stiffy yet
  12. I was thinking that before. Imagine how many goals we would have bagged with Reeves/Philliskirk equivalence in the team as an example.
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