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  1. The name's Bol. Uni-Bol. I've come to fill your Saturday afternoons.
  2. If your ST price is less than it was last year, for (potentially) a higher standard of football, and your financial situation is unchanged, do the numbers actually matter? I suspect my situation is different to most, but I got the 10% discount so I'm happy. We've all had our moans over the season but I'm still happy as fuck to have a team to support. Not one that's stagnating and bumping about round the bottom of L2, one that is showing signs of a real improvement in fortune thanks to FV, not in spite of them. They continue to do what they say they will and (apart from last week
  3. At £172 for my NSL seat, I am proud to be very much, in.
  4. No, sorry. Don't panic they were only closing for the day. I don't know about the Grapes but the Canary has fallen off it's perch.
  5. Two pubs I frequent have text to say they are not opening / calling it a day today. I wouldn't have troubled them anyway.
  6. That's a sad story, makes you think.
  7. Spider knows. We'll piss it.
  8. I've just noticed she's singing as well.
  9. I'm Spartacus No, I'm Spartacus. No, I'm Spartacus.
  10. I had got tickets off a mate for Liverpool v Newcastle ( I think) on the same day. It's Miss Fogarty's birthday. All the way there I though there's not much traffic. Got there and a teary eyed steward told me the match was off. I felt a right twat all the way home. How could I not have noticed?
  11. He favvers that doyen of stage and screen Sir Luvvie McKellern out of Coronation St.
  12. Look at Toddy's face. Colllymore got off lightly if you ask me. Madine wouldn't have taken Toddy on.
  13. We needed that. They are a sneaky bunch of bastards this lot and are up for a scrap. Hope we are too. We need another early on second half.
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