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  1. Dunno if it's been covered elsewhere but there were bats flying about in NS/WS corner during the Burton match.
  2. We couldn't break them down today. After the first 20 minutes they had their tails up and were stronger than us and never gave us a minute. A bad day at the office It'll be reet.
  3. Good read them comments. A bit of fairness creeping in these days and not a profanity insight as far as I saw. Good stuff Matty.
  4. He was an ordinary squad player in an average squad. They come, they go.
  5. I used to see Darren occasionally at the day centre he went to (pre Covid, don't know if he still goes). He still knew me as a Bolton fan and remembered my nickname and we always had a talk about the match.
  6. Bad news. Thinking of Neil and his family.
  7. Not to labour the point, but we're in good hands with the First Lady.
  8. I am English. BWFC website is too. I didn't understand the Norwegian version.
  9. I opened this thinking it was going to be a firework safety reminder off Wellyphant.
  10. Sarcevic 11 Wipe your tears
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