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  1. Katchungas workrate is second to none, and he's a fucking nuisance to opposition defenders. Sometimes he goes down in instalments and he's always blowing out his arse after an hour, but he had a good game today.
  2. Don't know about that, but he was a heavy comer, with poor directional control. Apparently.
  3. I've sent for one for the Friday night against USA. Depends on all sorts if I actually go.
  4. Either just up, or just down, from the R.A.O.B club as I recall.
  5. Featureless? It wasn’t even that good.
  6. They’re going on about Elmanders goal at Wolves on BBC sport. Sothat United bloke did a 360degree control, or something . How many degrees was Elmanders? And his was in a match.
  7. Our lights are on for 3 o'clock kicks off now.
  8. No difference at the moment, for what it's used for, but we should be getting much more out of it. Which we would if it was landscape. I know my eyes are shit but I can't see fuck all as it is, and I can't hear fuck all because the PA's shit too.
  9. .t's ..ite. In NSL .an't h..r f..k all. I know it's been done to fuck, but why don't we have a screen that shows anything other than adverts? 'Around the grounds 'went out with the scoreboard at the embankment. Come on Sharon, I love you to death, but fuck me, this is basic stuff. Especially if the PA system consists of a bloke shouting down a toilet roll tube.
  10. I managed to half time in a Shit Helens (as Warrington fans call them) v Warrington when I worked in Warrington. We were behind the sticks but everybody but me could tell if a pass was forward. I told my mates to pick me up from the pub up the road but it was Greenhalls so I was fucked either way.
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