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  1. Maybe more money, but it's going to be short term. He will move on in a couple of seasons. Other than that I agree. I think it's a move sideways to be honest. I would hope our ambitions are higher than theirs.
  2. And it's a double whammy for some clubs. The bigger your away following is, the more police you need.
  3. The roof over NSLZ224 still drips when it’s pissing down despite Saint Sharon’s best efforts . Bassini still after buying the club citing shit roof to blame for his latest bankruptcy. He’s still wearing loafers with no socks.
  4. Surely that’s for soccer, not football. Sounds like a Yank idea, playing 3 thirds, and 5 points for a goal and 2 for a corner. Same as they tried when the World Cup was over there.
  5. Gammons will be all over it.
  6. It's not really work standing next to me for 20 minutes, but we said she had been in Crazy Corner for the Wigan match. She got posted in our corner for a bit of R&R I think.
  7. That's right. She told me that after the football has finished she was on rugby, then festivals so I wouldn't be surprised. Wonder if it's free festivals and aways that is the stewards draw, or the free clip on ties.
  8. We had a young female steward (*) in our corner one match who said the company that employs her sends stewards to all our local grounds. She said she came from Macc herself. * - I don't know, she had a big hi-viz jacket on.
  9. “look, we’ve talked about…….”
  10. Sam's got previous for commentating on the ice skating. I b'lieve.
  11. Caught white handed.
  12. NeilCEO came in all guns blazing, pointing fingers and blaming crazy corner and the kids for everything that went wrong. Then comes the 'grass line' and everything else. It looks to me like Sharon is telling him to wind his neck in and ease off without actually bollocking him. He's saying it was all a misunderstanding, saying everyone, including the rozzers understood all along. Problem is, it's too late and nobody believes word he says now. He's pissed on his chips.
  13. Correct. They come, they go.
  14. She’s young, and hardly ever comes on here.
  15. That's slightly better, but £1.5M is still not going to adequately replace him.
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