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  1. Well done Victor. After 30 years supplying boozer you've done your bit. Stand down. It's great, once you get used to it. I struggled at first, but there was nothing to do. Absolutely nothing because of Covid but once things started opening up I was in my glory. We have Fogarty juniors dog two days, I bowl three afternoons, there's the match, and my bus pass ensures I never miss a chance of a session.
  2. The only thing I could find said First Bus are the contracted service. It's not been first bus for 3/4 years.
  3. Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere, but is the club putting buses on this season?
  4. I thought there was another one but couldn't be arsed thinking too much.
  5. Social propaganda I don't know, but is Yarkshire trying to take over the country? Yorkshire Vet, Yorkshire Shepherdess, Yorkshire Auctioneer, Yorkshire Tea (duw it foh Yorkshire), that Plusnet Yorkshire internet. Not to mention the puddings and the bike race.
  6. Apologies . I didn't check my diary. I rushed into print as I was incandescent with rage at such negativity. Even if it was satire and joking.
  7. There's not been a ball kicked in anger yet. Fuck me. Wait until November when there's a Tuesday night match.
  8. What the fuck has that got to do with anything ? FV have never put themselves before the welfare of the club, and the man (or woman) for the job is still just that. Sharon and FV go about their business in top notch fashion. And I don't mean slacks and a nice shirt.
  9. I'll chip in too. Main thing for Neil is his health and welfare though.
  10. Congratulations BB. I wasn't going to bother today, but I'll make the effort and call for a pint to you and yours.
  11. Well I'll go for the hat trick and add Joe Pasquale look alike twat.
  12. My ST arrived today. Lemmee in.
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