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  1. Nobody was creating anything today, they never gave us a minute. The number of free kicks in or around half way just broke the play up and they were on top again.
  2. Harry wasn't helped by Santos though. Seemed like time after time he gave Harry a short ball on the line only for the winger to be on him. Santos only had three options today. Short ball to Harry, back to Dixon or the long diagonal ball to left wing.
  3. We were very poor. Very. It seemed like they had an extra man right from the start.
  4. Exactly. Most fans are having a drink somewhere before the match. If there was a place that wasn't awash with shit ale I'd make the effort to spend it with the club.
  5. Had a couple of hours on ' Last Drop' in Northern Monkey. A bit citrusy but a lovely drop.
  6. Apart from them being shite you mean ? That's not a bite by the way.
  7. Fuck off Geordie bastards. Come back in tears when you've been an hour from going out of existence and we'll talk about suffering gravely. No sarcasm at all.
  8. Agreed. He'd be better off playing here than warming a prem bench, even if the coaching is of a higher quality than ours. There's no substitute for game time for a young player.
  9. Around that time he had a beard/jibs combo that left a gap of an inch or so under his chin. Word was that the gap was to facilitate his snooker cue action.
  10. I would have been 16/17. My first thought was they'll sell him as soon as anybody waves a chequebook.
  11. Plough Lane ? Sorry . Hadn't seen Waffers effort. Someone who's moved fairly recently.
  12. Presume Exeter has had a mention.
  13. Agreed, but it made it so we were hanging on and we should have been home and hosed. Especially with 5 minutes added on.
  14. Lee, Santos and MJ had a blinder, Doyle's contribution was great, although no goal again.
  15. I used to support a young man (not Darren) who could be a bit of a one but he was too honest. He used to grass himself up. He'd come up to me and say 'you need to check that toilet, I've put a full toilet roll down and flushed it'. Or one time 'you better look in the sink I've put that girls phone it the washing up bowl.' Full of hot soapy water and greasy pots.
  16. In other news , every whites favourite tree hugger Dale Vince announced on Sky (so must be true) that his tin pot no-marks will be using electric coaches to 'some' games this season. Let's see how this works. It's also worth mentioning that the other big noises after us going out, Doncaster are swilling around the bottom of L1 like the unflushable turds they are.
  17. Mind you with crowds averaging 10,000 ish Darragh can't afford to be choosy who's money he takes.
  18. It got switched off at 34 seconds. Did I miss anything ? We're in good hands with FV by the way.
  19. Chungy ? He became an Eagle.
  20. This is a different BWFC now Cambridge I don't get the impression the First Lady will take the first bid. And the Home Bargains bloke and the drummer out of Pink Floyd won't be breathing down her neck for a quick return.
  21. Great to see us still going, and going forward in the last five or ten minutes.
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