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  1. Get into ‘um from the off, early goal and it’ll be all over at half time. Dapo, Morley Dempsey. Four or five between them without reply.
  2. Me neither really. I don't watch MOTD either though. Seems the older I get the less interested in listening to the results at a set time. I've all night, and so many opportunities to find out the results.
  3. I agree.We've been asking for a decent FZ, let's give it a chance. I just got in a queue yesterday, so I didn't know what was on the bar. If I'd known they had a Blackedge on I'd have gone there. Good to know though that someone has been listening, and we've not just got the same inside bar ourside. It needs another few weeks of good weather while it sorts itself out, because come October and November there will have to be another change. I didn't get to talk to my ST friend, but I will next time and give her a Chinese burn until she spills any beans there are.
  4. I only saw one no. 5 coming back and it wasn't full. Either they reasigned a spare one as a 5, or an extra hour in Fanzone and/or an extra two quid on the bus made some think twice.
  5. Dempsey sorry. Must read back before I press sed
  6. MJ was superb yesterday. Never stopped running, and with a result at the end of it. Him, Delaney, Morley and Bradley ran the show yesterday and Wycombe never got close to us.
  7. And I was told which queue to get in, off an ST official of my acquaintance. It turned out to be the slow lane, but she did her best. She said there would be more going on next time, tweaks will be made. I've not seen her for ages and didn't know she was ST. Is It like being in the Masons? All top secret ?
  8. Yes, but they've not painted your walls. Seriously PA has been shite for ages. I can't believe that in this day and age we have a bloke shouting the half time scores down a cardboard tube. That 'big screen' wants utiising more than showing adverts.
  9. I called in and had to queue about 20 minutes. Card only was a piece of piss. Madri was ok, all in all not a bad experience. I’ll call again next match. Big screen was good and there seemed to be a lot of choices for eats. I
  10. It’s only a pound extra each way, and if you were paying a fiver anyway it’s not that bad.
  11. Does the club still subsidise the buses ? If not, it's sort of understandable, but if they do the bus company is coining it. From where I live it's miles away from the trains or I would give it a go.
  12. Looks like it would be a decent article for Smileys G,B+U. Add beer and it would be a three dayer.
  13. Very good article. We're still in good hands.
  14. How many fingers has the sun tanned bloke on the left left got ?
  15. "If you HAD to...." As if w're the best of a bad bunch.
  16. More or less what I was getting at, but more sucinctly put.
  17. The internet connection will have to be bob on come matchday (if internet is required for such matters) or there will be some disgruntled would be drinkers in the concourse. Outside too when Fanzone is up and running. Bar staff all over the ground rubbing things with b'loons. "Four pints of ( insert chemic of your choice) please" "Sorry mate, your card's declined" "Okay, forget it" "What am I going to do with these" ? "Not my problem" Or will it be like some games, a cash only turnstile/bar?
  18. No, not yet. As yet it's still a drinking, swearing, smoking, mysoginist, largely caucasian world is the Dancers.
  19. Looks like it's in a valley, so I'll go Charlton.
  20. Don't know, but the Zorb on the right has twatted the Zorb on the left.
  21. It was hoped it would be a pain in the arse when that shit was here fucking us over but he just didn't acknowledge the ST. I don't think it has fully recoved from that. The club has given it a degree of credibility now, but I'm not sure how many teeth it has.
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