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  1. Thanks Micky and Farny. I've discussed this with our Loft and neither of us could pin it down. I'll get him on the case again.
  2. I watched an old episode of Minder, or might have been The Sweeney years ago and saw BWFC graffitiied on a wall. For ages I presumed proudly that it was us. Only much later did I realise that it could have been Boreham Wood. During our non footballing time a few years ago I got to watching Bray Wanderers in Second Division Irish league.
  3. Vale Park ? That's me at the front.
  4. That's what I mean. It doesn't say anything.
  5. That amount doesn't mean anything.
  6. Sharon with her Bolton fan bobble hat (£19.99) putting the players welfare and that of his family first ? Or business woman Sharon saving money ? I'd like to think it's a bit of both. Whether it's anything to do with Sarcegate or not.
  7. Doyle was a good signing in his time and just what the club and fans needed. A goal scoring focus when we weren't in the ground and someone we ( inL2 ) could rely on. Him and Sarcevic gave us real hope for the future. Both have gone now, they both have done what we got them in for.
  8. Shay Ground Halifax. Bloke at the front is me.
  9. Greasy fucker would go up like a chip pan fire. Ken, not Cheese.
  10. We've still got the matches to get in the top 7/8 but I think we've shit out on play offs this season unless we get the signings we all want, and they stay clear of injury etc. and settle in quick.
  11. Wouldn't want her measuring me up for a carpet. Looked like a decent performance all in all. As usual they took their chances and we didn't.
  12. More encouraging than just a new signing though. As mentioned above, we're spending money. Modestly and presumably within our means, and hopefully more to follow. I'd say a straight replacement for Doyle, but a League one version rather than the L2 version we had. If he gets a good start and once our injuries clear up I can see him in scoring double figures with the right service. He'll take the pressure of Dapo so I look forward to improvements there too. Onwards and upwards. In Sharon we trust.
  13. At the time of 'Sarcegate' there was talk of 'another going' I seem to recall. Maybe it's time to go.
  14. That's right Micky. I'd be more worried that it's gone from 10M to 39M in a couple of years.
  15. Rather than all this falling out over who's not got enough covid to get postponed the authorities should have just said reet, the league stops for a nominal 10 days (or whatever the isolation period is).
  16. If a couple of the long range shots or free kicks had gone in he might have lasted longer, but these things don't come up overnight. His problems had been coming on for a while.
  17. If your job makes you think about crashing your car it's time to pack it in. Fortunately he realised that before he did it.
  18. FGR Tranmere and Donny etc. will be wanting us shut down and points deducted.
  19. I can't be arsed working it out, but £1 per match wouldn't keep most fans away. A third of a pint, less than a tenth of a packet of tabs. A pint in my locals has gone up 10pence a go. Prices go up, but in this case it isn't the pound that's the problem, it's that it's a 'fee' for something we already had access to.
  20. We've gained three seasons, not lost half of one. Don't forget without FV there would be no BWFC and are a new team, not just a newly promoted one. Everything about Bolton Wanderers except us, is new.
  21. To Sharon of FV we are a business, same as all her others, but to Sharon the fan of all things Bolton we are much more. She has bought in (literally) to the club, fans, town and people and is one of our own. While we all have gripes over things, memberships and shit ale, results, stewards and the TO, I think in general we all agree we're heading in the right direction. At the risk of repeating myself, I love her me, and we're in good hands with FV.
  22. She also said in not so many words that the aim is to get Bolton Wanderers as far as possible, if that's Championship or (pause) beyond. . . . . Either way we will be in a much better position than we were and more of a catch for a new owner. She also said that this job had been her hardest yet and she wouldn't be doing it again. Which I took to be buying a football club. If and when she does move on part of me hopes it's not to a billionaire arms dealer or someone who is going to change our club again. I like it as it is, only on the back page, not the front. Thanks Sharon. It also cleared up (for me at least) that Nick Mason is still her business partner.
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