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  1. Missus has an apprentice training agency (ATA) in the east mainly for construction apprenticeships and the model is to interview applicants with potential employers and if they like someone the missus employs them (not the construction company) and effectively does a contract with the "host company", does the PAYE, pastoral care, arranges college for day release or block training etc so the employer only has to train them, sign off timesheets and pay a monthly bill based on hours worked. If the contract is for e.g. a year, and the employer wants rid after that time, missus keeps paying them,
  2. One for us snowflake remoaners, but even the most "I'm not really a racist" Brexit conned Cummings defending Tory apologist mugs can appreciate this articulate and amusing piece on why Cummings is a bastard and Boris is a useless puppet Pseudo intellectual wankery at it's finest IMO. Help with the big words here.
  3. There is. Government policy is currently dictated by the billionaires whose donations gave the Tories seven times more electioneering funds than Labour or the Lib Dems received in total. In return they expect to receive tax breaks totalling £100 billion during the course of the Government according to research done by Labour. Even if the actual amount they receive is only half or even a third of that (we can assume the Labour estimates are biased) it's still an eye-watering ROI. But there are bigger rewards to be had. Murdoch alone has already had his broadcasting licence approved and now want
  4. Hearing from different sources that Tory MPs have been given a template email with a centrally prepared response to send out to any of their constituents who write asking their MPs to demand Cummings' resignation. I've heard that at least 3 MPs have sent out the identical statements and suspect there will be many others. Key theme is "let's move on" so I'm guessing Dominic penned it with his own fair hand. Despite this, over 40 Tory MPs want him gone although that probably includes the 20 odd that Cummings had sacked. Pretty much what you'd expect I guess. Along with deflection demonising
  5. Somewhere in the extremes of politics, the totalitarianism of the old USSR joins up with fascist ideology so it's more of an ideological circle than left and right. Both the Nazis and the totalitarian Russian version of Communism controlled the media, eliminated (murdered?) opponents and brutally suppressed objectors - practically the same thing.
  6. This could be the third time that the Tories have sacked Cummings, but in this day and age of public figures being allowed to get away with blatant lies I suspect nothing will come of it and he'll be free to continue pulling Boris's strings. First time he lasted 8 months under Iain Duncan Donuts before he was shipped out. The last time the Tories sacked Cummings it was more personal rather than public. Cameron called him a "career psychopath" who "dripped poison" into Gove's ear and - in Cameron's words - turned Gove from a team player into "a wanker". Unsurprising given that Cumming
  7. You must have been reading different news from me then as all the papers are saying that currently we have no deal and if anything we've gone backwards with "no deal" being odds on favourite now i.e. chaos at the ports, supply chain issues and price increases. As far as I can tell, there's been nothing other a grandiose gesture on Boris's behalf to say that we're definitely leaving (at some time in the future) but absolutely no progress whatsoever in negotiating future trade arrangements - only to be expected if you promise people they'll get what's on their wishlist rather than what's a
  8. Maybe, but it was a foul and should have been disallowed end of. Personally I don't think Boggers was at fault given the angle of JW's shoulder, but that shouldn't even be a discussion if Foy had seen what everyone else on the planet saw.
  9. I'm philosophical about the semi final at Wembley. Me and the kids had a great day out, the atmosphere was buzzing and it was all good until the match began but we were nowhere to be seen and everything that could go wrong did go wrong so I accepted it and moved on. The final match of 2012 at the Britannia was a different story though and it still grates to this day. I was sat no more than a couple of yards behind Bogdan when he was shoved and it was as clear as daylight that Walters shouldered Boggers' arm whilst he was holding the ball. I'm not a spiteful person but I could have happily
  10. Went to see my childhood house a few years back and although the house itself has hardly changed it was a genuine case of "it were all fields round here when I were a lad" - now completely surrounded by a middle class estate and not a field, tree or clough remaining for kids to play in. We moved out of there to a very rural spot on the moors in the mid 60s but sold the house when my parents died and I have such an emotional attachment to it I find it difficult to go back even though my folks ashes are scattered there. As Ernest says, they're just bricks and mortar but houses do evoke
  11. With a grid that size gotta go for 72 and 88
  12. All Governments have the same problem of balancing business as usual v "acceptable deaths". What passes as acceptable - or can be passed off as acceptable by bleating about how difficult a job it is - varies enormously. In liberal western countries like ours, the threshhold is lower and that has economic implications. Governments that accept a high level of deaths e.g. Bolsonaro in Brazil will potentially lose support so that is another factor in Government's decision making. Add to that the race between nations to get back to work first in order to be able to take advantage of the situat
  13. Absolutely! I vented my spleen about Obama every time he did something morally unacceptable or dogshit thick stupid. Every time. Every single time. Can't think of an example off the top of my head but rest assured I was on his case
  14. Also how do you load a Youtube video?
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