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  1. CJ training with Stockport FFS.
  2. On his game, Rico has the attributes to play at a higher level but it's been a while since he's been properly "on his game" and sometimes I think that because he knows he has decent pace and long legs to get in a challenge, he gets over-confident with his positioning - which has never been the best - and he gets caught out. One other thing missing from his game is his goal threat - for a big lad he doesn't do much at corners and set pieces and has scored roughly a goal every 50 games for us - we could improve on that. I love what he's done for our club but we just haven't seen those commanding performances as often recently so I'm not totally against the idea of selling him whilst we can, especially as he's 29 now. That said, if folk listened to FLW the transfer window would be like musical chairs.
  3. With the benefit of selective hindsight we dodged a bullet but we couldn't have predicted his injury. Irony was the quote from the Aussie National Manager suggesting he needed a higher level than L1 and now he's signed for Mansfield - although I suspect his international days are numbered anyway now. Water under the bridge - we have new hopes to get emotionally invested in.
  4. Preferably not. No point in hoping for players who I know would improve us and not getting them. God knows we could have done with Baccus in our powder puff midfield at times last season. He'll be playing against us this year FFS.
  5. Iles quoting Evatt: “We have gone from dealing with free transfers and loans, primarily, to trying to buy people’s best players. And, unsurprisingly, they want to hang on to them. “We have to play the long game. It isn’t what we have been used to because normally we have the squad in place for the start of pre-season, but maybe this is another part of our evolution. I can promise we are working very hard to bring the right ones in. “We know who we are targeting and we’re working all the time to get things done but there are anomalies, like some of the players are involved in European qualification. Teams want to hang on to their better players to try and get them that bit further into the competition they are in.* “It is tough playing the waiting game. If we didn’t have the injuries we do right now then we would still be able to field two very competitive teams and it would all feel a bit easier. *That'll be Armstrong then. Maybe others involved in Europe seeing as he said "some" - or maybe that's just lazy English. #stillclutchingatstraws....
  6. True - I should have fact checked the article.
  7. Danny Armstrong pivotal in KIllie pumping Barrow 5 nil today The interesting thing is that Armstrong was actually playing in this warm up game as Killie are playing tomorrow in the Europa League - the tournament that McInnes said he wanted to keep his best players for. I may be clutching at straws but could it be a sign that Armstrong is moving?
  8. I'm not bothered if our B team and some fringe players lose to Boro. I wouldn't have been overly upset if our first team lost to Boro. I don't see what the problem is, especially in a warm-up game.
  9. It's just one of those anomalies - like the word "gullible" not actually appearing in the dictionary....
  10. Sorry about that. I'd have responded earlier if I hadn't got a life, so I wasted today doing shit and then going out for a meal and then drinking with a bunch of mates round theirs. Yes! For example, I flagged up the Celtic wonderkid before he went on loan Blackpool but did they listen? Well yes - but it took them over a year by which time the price had doubled. I still send in suggestions from my extensive research from time to time but frankly they seem to think they know better. Didn't listen to me for the last two seasons - how did that go? - so I've decided my talents are wasted and I'm no longer prepared to work under such circumstances. Maybe a grovelling letter from Sharon may get me to reconsider but TBH I'm not holding my breath.given the short shrift they've given my previous suggestions. Apart from Bradley who they did take on loan.
  11. Boris and Truss spoke to empty rooms apparently.
  12. Ask Mick - although TBF he did define it in the clip. Plus they'd be paying tax into the system instead of taking money out.
  13. MIck Lynch is bob on. Work not benefits.
  14. Of course you did. Let me guess - you're a Fact Hunt.
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