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  1. O'Donovan apparently impressed in a recent trial with us.
  2. True but Toal was playing in the same league, and this kid's just 18
  3. Another young player we've been linked with is John O'Donovan at Cork City - Doyler's been working overtime and if this kid is anything like Toal he's done a cracking job. Maybe a B team prospect ATM though.
  4. Really unfortunate injuries. Garrupalo and Lance were injured before the start so they started with 3rd choice QB Purdy - who was injured early in the game (elbow) which meant they had to use Johnson - who was also injured in Q2 and had to go off. Purdy came back on with a heavily strapped arm but couldn't do anything. Just real bad luck at the business end of the season.
  5. I love watching Mahomes play but how the hell he got the Chiefs over the line on one leg last night was just incredible. Wasn't even sure he'd play so I thought Bengals were nailed on. Apart from his incredible throwing a huge part of Mahomes game is his scrambling and despite limping around for most of the game - which affected him setting for the longer throws, he still managed to make a couple of runs, the last one to set up the winning kick. Even if he plays in the Superbowl, I can't see the Chiefs winning against the imperious Eagles given that a big part of his game is missing/limited but it's been a helluva an effort to get this far.
  6. That's exactly what I'd expect from a Moneyball approach and which has to be the sensible way forward in our position even though it has it's flaws as the Oakland Athletics eventually found out, but for us fans it gives us the reassurance that the club isn't going to piss away money we haven't got on reputations and bad deals. When someone like Williams comes into the club and doesn't perform great for the first few games it doesn't necessarily mean we've been sold a pup because statistically he should produce the goods sooner or later as he obviously has done in the past and although rigorous analysis doesn't guarantee anything, it at least means the club has done everything it can to minimise the risk. Sure we have to gamble a bit to progress but providing Evatt and Markham don't stretch it beyond their own parameters they are giving us the best opportunity within our budget. We just have to hope that the numbers don't lie
  7. I was thinking about this yesterday - anyone else heading towards a suspension? What are the scores on the door?
  8. I do question some of the decisions but overall Evatt, with the backing of the Board, has exceeded all my (limited) expectations. That said my expectations have gone up a fair bit from where we were back then on the brink of disaster. I mean look at us now - good looking team playing some great football at times and in with a strong chance of staying in the playoff places although we do have to keep an eye on the Posh and Barnsley, who could knock us out of the top 6 if they both win their games in hand - but we've got the points on the board and can use the time off to get the new look squad to gel for a late season push. Exciting times to be a Wanderers fan.
  9. Harry's "popularity ratings" in the UK have sunk since the book came out. But I bet they've risen in the USA.
  10. In the 70s when I was living in Scotland there was an explosion at the Orange Lodge on Glasgow and the papers went apeshit. Turned out a cleaner had found some sweating sticks of dynamite in a cupboard and had put them in the oven to dry out. A small account of this appeared in page 17 of the Record.
  11. I think the last bit was added later - but either way it's a nice thought that such a prospect is a possibility for us. Add him and the next Viera in midfield and we're sorted.
  12. We may well sign one - as promising as this kid looks I'm hoping that's not the "exciting" signing Evatt was alluding to.
  13. I wouldn't get too hung up on that - look at the central positions he takes up in this U18s game v United...(and anyway we have Dan in the middle)
  14. Can play either wing though.
  15. I hope Wiki is right for once.
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