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  1. So they are actually being bought out which means they will probably have some degree of stability and investment after all and will probably avoid further points deductions?
  2. I enjoyed it. Standard wasn't great - L2? I say that as RC had Dhanda who Evatt was after last year. But Partick gave it away and I bet Nixon is gutted.
  3. There was a recent article about a group of non-siloviki Russian "businessmen" and other rich Russians considering taking Putin down but worryingly their preferred replacement is 71 year old Alexander Bortnikov who is siloviki through and through having come through KGB to become head of FSB. Sure it's theoretically possible to assassinate Putin or he may even die through natural causes like the cancer some claim he has, but dismantling the siloviki state isn't going to happen and that begs the question of whether or not Russia will ever give up on it's imperial ambitions regardless of who is the nominal head of state.
  4. The new EFL deal with SKY is a huge uplift in income but equally an even bigger incentive to be in the Championship as the money rift is likely to widen even further. Slightly concerned it will incentivise clubs like ours to overspend now in the hope of jam tomorrow.
  5. Never knew him but remember his posts from years ago and am saddened that he has passed away at such a young age. RIP.
  6. The irony is that United have spent far more money (net) than City on players over the last decade - mainly due to City selling players on for a profit whilst United have consistently lost money on those they signed. It's especially noticeable in the last five years (where Chelsea have spent most): 2) Manchester United: £-540.23m 22/23: £-203.26m (3rd) 21/22: £-99.5m (6th) 20/21: £-56.45m (2nd) 19/20: £-134.87m (3rd) 18/19: £-45.8m (6th) 10) Manchester City: £-224.97m 22/23: £8.3m (Champions) 21/22: £-39.81m (Champions) 20/21: £-96.56m (Champions) 19/20: £-78.13m (2nd) 18/19: £-18.54m (Champions)
  7. Scottish Cup Final should be a stroll for the Hoops but if Caley win it they'll be the only team in history to have been knocked out of the cup and then gone on to win it. Queen's Park beat them 2 nil in an earlier round but were later disqualified for fielding an ineligible player so ICT went through and then made it to the final. Will we see a repeat of the famous newspaper headline?
  8. VAR technology is great - absolutely love it. Unfortunately the laws are wank - and occasionally the dickheads that interpret them. But the actual technology is excellent.
  9. I love watching that cheating, diving wanker Fernandes getting increasingly wound up. That and the expression on Fergie and Goldenballs faces. A few folk are trying to make City the new hate team but even though they've bought their way to the titles, they are fantastic to watch and I'll never stop hating Manure. Casemiro should be off for that tackle IMO.
  10. Not sure he'll be seeing that kind of money again after 2 relegations in a row. Only seems to do OK when he can throw money it IMO.
  11. Experience and dressing room presence aside, it seems unlikely that CJ was an out and out gamble given the data stuff, but when you lose a guy like JDB who can hold the ball up, bring in other players and finish like a good 'un, finding a replacement ain't easy - as Dan, Victor and CJ found out.
  12. I think the thing is that Evatt has a very specific style of play in mind and Markham et al have a very data driven recruitment model so it wouldn't surprise me if we get more players who can run for miles, have strong physical attributes but can't score goals for toffee. Dan for example is a specimen but he has the touch of a rapist. Victor is a decent midfielder who was pushed up front at Burton out of necessity and as he wasn't required to track back and press got all the chances they created - but in our system he doesn't get them. I bet JDB's running stats are pants - but I'd back him more than anyone in the squad to put away a chance in the box. If we want players who have both workrate AND goals we need a bigger chequebook IMO. The system Evatt wants us to play requires better quality players to work efficiently.
  13. Not sure the rule was changed again - wasn't it just the first week that players not interfering with play would not be given offside?
  14. If Santos goes our priorities may shift again. Terrell Agyemang loan from City has been mentioned as an energetic midfielder to complement Dempsey and perhaps push George Thomason out, but at L1 level Rico would be a big miss. However the money could finance both a CB and striker. Whatever happens, I reckon Evatt is looking way past the usual suspects and we may be in for a few surprises - that is providing Evatt himself stays of course.
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