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  1. 2 hours ago, Casino said:

    Much bollocks in there, imo, but on the darcy point

    He is a nailed on starter

    Hill loves him

    I doubt many know the truth, but there are only 2 reasons hes not in the team

    Hes injured


    He wont sign a deal

    I suspect the latter, but maybe im wrong

    Go on then, what bollocks am I talking about then? 

    Isn’t it a bit of contradiction saying “he’s a nailed on starter” then put “there are only 2 reasons he not in the team he’s injured or he won’t sign a new deal” so he’s not nailed on starter then is he. Fair enough if he’s been injured but he would be playing regardless if he signed a new deal or not if that statement was true. 

    Let’s see how we get on till end of the season if we get at least 5-7 points till end of season I’ll be surprised 👍🏻



  2. 12 hours ago, Johnnyrotten said:

    I'm no Hill supporter but your argument doesnt hold up on most counts.  Its arguable whether he's improved the squad, I think he has, but its not black and white.  And if you mean improved it from having Verlinden and Bridcutt, that was taken out of his hands, how could he realistically get better than those?  Erm...embargo, etc.  Its amazing he didnt attract championship players to play for a team 15 or 20 points adrift from safety, paying £2k a week max.  Only my opinion but yes I think his January transfer dealings show promise, the likes of Nsiala, Fleming and Bryan are decent.  Hamilton up and down but easy to see what he could offer and a potential for Div 2 next season.  Have any youth players improved?  Yes - Darcy is now a nailed on first teamer, he could have easily been left in the U23s for another season.  And Politic is getting to be a guaranteed pick whether he plays well or not, which recognises that he's a special player at this level.  

    How has he improved the squad when like four players have signed up for next season? We are currently in no better situation from when he first started if not worse that’s all that matters, you can talk about Bridcutt & Verlinden, but what benefit for the club have them loans been to the club now? Plus he was play fucking Bridcutt as a CB. He’s completely alienated most of young players, Zouma for example criticising him week after week where’s the criticism for Nsiala fucking booted off his on face for a goal the other week. Darcy isn’t it a nailed on first team player he’s dropped him a couple of times recently. Then he signs this Faal & Ryan Delaney then says they aren’t good enough 😂 Don’t get me onto that Tottenham lad he’s signed he’s not even kicked a fucking ball yet & what we in now end of February..

  3. 1 hour ago, Farnywhite said:

    did they ever say how long a contract Hill was given when he took the job ?

    Been asking this question myself, normally they provide how long he's signed up for when he first joined but they haven't noted anything. Guessing he's on a rolling contract like Parkinson was

  4. 6 minutes ago, DomRepWanderer said:

    Might be a bullshit story from the Mail, but there must be a serious threat to the Olympics, and the Euros if this spread carries on without a vaccine being found.

    Definitely I've posted it about the Euro's being in doubt in a previous post.

  5. 35 minutes ago, Moon boy said:

    On the basis he was brought in to try and move us one step at a time from Administration 

    We were days away from not even being in the FL

    To answer your questions, has he improved the squad for next season, yes

    Has he improved the relationship with the fans? In what way? Some like him some dont

    Politic and Darcy have improved since he came

    Trying to improve the squad in January with no money and the prospect of dropping to L2 would never be attractive to better players

    Fans need to get real, Hill and Flitcroft are very experienced at this level and need to be given another 12 months and let’s see where we are at



    Your telling me he's improved this squad throughout this season, it's gradually got worse at time has gone on.  

    We will be near the bottom of league two if he carries on for another 12 months then what? The Plymouth game was a good indicator of where we would be in league two with Hill with Plymouth pretty much controlled the game for 90 minutes

    One of sole purposes of Keith coming into Bolton was his relationship with the fans him being from Bolton etc, Sharon liked the idea of it but not just some don't like him I can pretty much say a lot of the Bolton fans who go to the games despise him. 

  6. On what basis should we keep Keith Hill next season, there's fucking none that he should be here. Has he improved the squad for next season? No, has he improved the relationship with the fans? No. Does his transfer dealings this January look like he could help improve the squad in the summer? No. Has any of youth players improved since Keiths arrived? Could argue no again with how Politic is recently playing & Darcy looked a good prospect before he arrived. 

  7. 10 hours ago, Kane57 said:

    To think that he was just £350k out of the £2.2m it cos to buy him and Johansen. Incredible value.

    How much did we buy Claus Jensen for at the time sure he was another bargain also & was quality for us also. Just compare Frandsen to the midfielders we have now fuck me...😢

  8. Madness we haven't used literally any of the past players in any coaching roles & director roles from our past who had the most success in our club. Apart from Owen Coyle but you can seclude him as he didn't play for us when we was successful in the prem

  9. A name I don't think has been mentioned, Per Frandsen as manager if Hill left? About time we got a foreign manager isn't it. Hes not done to bad either got 2 promotions in Danish 2nd division one being last season. Mind you he did get sacked in 2016 for being bottom of the league of the Danish first division. Would of loved Gudni to have been a manager though reckon he would of been quality 

  10. 24 minutes ago, bwfcfan5 said:

    Are you suggesting that back when they appointed - they should have gone with the candidate who rocked up for the interview without the same preparation as the other? The less experienced man may be the better coach - but no way to tell definitively, but we had three days till the transfer deadline and one man saying he had a lot of players lined up ready the other having nothing prepped - what would you have done?

    Easy in hindsight and when you're taking a decision that is "from afar" but I doubt anyone would have done anything but let Hill have a crack in those circumstances. Like I say now and moving forward its very different. 

    It was always going to be a write off season this season just seemed all short sighted decision to think Hill would of kept us this season. The project should always be what can do for our club next season what plans would you put in place what not, this season for me should of been trying to get the fans together, Hills track of this isn't the best ie Barnsely & Rochdale show this, his outbursts having been nothing but utter embarrassing for the club, the way the results have gone its not been a success as it? With Nolan he wouldn't of spouted that amount of shite Hill has & may have got better as time went a long with the experience. Plus look at the job Flitcroft did at Bury spent at shed load & finished bottom of the league, what benefit he adds to Hill probably need's questioning also.

  11. 1 minute ago, bwfcfan5 said:

    Don't agree. Hill and Nolan were interviewed in August. When theoretically staying up was "possible". Hill came with a list of players he'd already spoken to and said he could bring in a squad quickly. Kev Nolan turned up and hadn't done the same.

    Michael James saw a plus side to Hill and quick squad assembly using his contacts. So they appointed him and spent the weekend signing the squad up. 

    Who knows - had players stayed fit and the initial run been maintained its quite possible we'd be a few points of safety now and giddy at the possibility of hauling ourselves to safety.

    But it didn't and Hill has produced one of the most miserable runs of form in our history. The situation is now all focussed on next season and totally different to when MJ made the initial call. Were they recruiting now its likely they'd make a totally different decision. That's the way it goes. 

    I didn't agree with Hill be appointed in the first place, the main reason they said he got the job was unite the Bolton fans together after the misery of Ken Anderson, due him being from Bolton & Flitcroft being from Bolton also, which in fact he's done the complete opposite. Really he should of looked at previous past what went on at Rochdale which tell's you he done complete same towards his end of his tenure.  Micheal James is all new to it so he is going to be make the wrong decision time to time, hopefully he will learn from the experience. 

  12. 19 minutes ago, 1969 said:

    Don't get the Michael James bit I'd let him throw one up the mrs and shake his hand after.If it wasn't for him there would be no bwfc

    Don't get me wrong that what he's done for our club all fans are grateful for but still doesn't mean hes not prone to some criticism.

  13. I don't get the idea of this, yeah footballers 20-30 years ago got dementia because the ball was like heading concrete back then. Now footballs are light as anything surely it wouldn't affect a young kid now or why din't they put into practice younger kids have to play with a lighter ball to they reach a certain age

  14. 15 minutes ago, Roger_Dubuis said:

    No it won't, people understand the club doesn't have a pot to piss in.When it's offering strikers £600 a week and they are turning it down for a better deal at Plymouth, Bruce Rioch isn't storming up the league with those working conditions

    Do they haha are you actually sure? Some fans was kicking off with each other week due to this argument at MK Dons, yes some fans with take his on-board but the majority of fans at the moment are not buying it. 

  15. 5 minutes ago, Mounts Kipper said:

    Much better second half, we have to use that formation as a template going into the next match, was it a 4-4-1-1? 

    How many time have we said this though after going a goal down, Coventry game & the Doncaster game all the same. Why does it take us to conceded to play better football, then we do score we revert back to type.

  16. 10 minutes ago, desperado said:

    It’s a hard argument to fight, but I still stick with Hill. Like previous bwfc managers before him, the task couldn’t be harder than anywhere else. And like previous managers he’s struggling. I think that says more about the situation than him. And he’s probably got it harder than any of the other previous incumbents. We are the worst team away in the last decade, surely that tells its own story. With restrictions and embargoes there’s no quick fix, not even next year. Yes there’s been glimpses and that’s where the frustrations come in that we haven’t sustained and pushed on from there, but these players are either young, inexperienced, rejects or at best bang average for this level. I think it would be near on impossible for anyone to get a consistent tune out of a bunch like that. The supports been good and I don’t hear too much at the games that’s negative towards Hill, mainly on line. I hope it stays that way as that would only make a hard situation even worse. He’s got a good record of bringing teams up from the 2nd, he’s going to be the one who knows these players the best and can hopefully with time bring out the best of them next season. It’s not good for the sole consistently trying to justify that he’s not good enough every game that we play. I didn’t want to go last night, I did it for my boys, I was expecting something far worse than what I saw, so I take the positives, a good fight in the second half, a great goal celebration and a togetherness that we can come back... slowly but surely. 

    If we are losing at weekend I pretty much guarantee it's going to get toxic it was borderline getting that way at the MK Dons game. Fans are really getting fed up with shite he's saying week in week out, Micheal James has a bit to answer for picking Hill as manager.

  17. Every fucker has been drop from this side apart from Luke Murphy what does he do to warrant to start every game, doing fuck all yet again

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