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  1. At the end of the 2023 season both Morley and Dempsey looked guaranteed starters for us for the foreseeable. Both had their places nabbed by Paris/Sheehan/Thomason. Interestingly both Morley and Dempsey’s partners have had babies in the last 6 months. I wonder if that has affected their form/mentality.
  2. Expiring June 2025: Baxter, Coleman; Santos, Iredale, Jones, Cogley, Randell; Sheehan; Expiring June 2026: Johnston, Forrester; Dempsey, Mendes-Gomes; Charles, Victor, Nlundulu; Expiring June 2027: Toal; Morley, Thomason; Collins; With that in mind, who would you:- 1. Renew 2. Keep 3. Sell 4. Loan out I’d go Renew: Baxter, Cogley, Sheehan Keep at all costs: Toal, Collins Sell: Santos, Morley Loan out: Forrester, Nlundulu Undecided on the rest.
  3. 100% FV have got a great track record with making good decisions for the club. They will put out a statement in due course and we will know more very soon. Plenty of time to make these decisions. Contracts don’t expire for another month and unlike last season, most of our squad is contracted until the end of next season: https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/bolton-wanderers/berateruebersicht/verein/355 Evatt contracted to 2026 Massive decisions to be made: 1. Sack Evatt, keep Evatt, mutually part ways. 2. Renew player contracts or sell now. 3. Who do we sign permanently and on loan. Unlikely we do 2 or 3 until 1 has been sorted. Very interested to see what happens.
  4. Voted go. would not hate it he stayed as long as we change formation. We’ve been living off 3-5-2 because of one good spell from January last season. Since then it’s been very mixed and we’ve got nowhere near that run of form that it initially brought when we beat Sunderland 6-0. And despite being in the playoff places all season we didn’t really have any particular long run where we smashed it. It was always 2 steps forward and one step back.
  5. I hope we cash in on a few this summer. Not got anyone in mind particularly but I’d like to see us generate some profit and use it to refresh the team. We’ve been missing something all season. Baxter, Toal, Thomason, Collins and CMG I hope we keep. The rest I am less bothered about.
  6. Mantra

    The Final

    I’ve waited for the dust to settle before giving my take on here. Bitterly disappointed with the result and performance but I am forcing myself to look at it pragmatically and I have been telling myself: “if it’s not our time to go up, then it’s not our time - we will get there eventually.” That’s my way of coping with it for now rather than anger at any individual(s). I think we came with a gameplan of having Santos and Toal dwell on the ball. The hope being that it would invite Oxford to press us and then try and play through them with our quality of passing. Unfortunately Oxford did not intend to press us in our half. They sat patiently marking our passing options, leaving Santos, Toal and Jones looking clueless for the entire first half. Any time we did get up to the half way line, they aggressively pressed us and succeeded in winning every challenge and second ball. Second half we looked to try and play forward more but the damage had already been done and we played into Oxfords hands as they hit us repeatedly on the counter and we were probably fortunate to not be embarrassed further by losing by 3 or 4 goals. We did not lay a glove on them in truth and the fans had very little to cheer, or use to try and rally the players. The fact we ended up chasing the game with Cogley playing LWB, Jones RWB, and Collins in attacking midfield smacked of Evatt desperately trying to figure something out on the spot and nothing worked. Our final ball was poor all game, our set pieces utterly shite and it seemed like we could’ve played all night and not scored. The fallout since then has been predictable. Fingers pointed and explanations sought but the bottom line is we have not been good enough this season. We have fallen at several hurdles and missed many chances to take our destiny into our own hands and Saturday was a summation of this seasons failings. There can be no excuses we had more than enough budget, quality and stability to go up, injuries or not. The season is a failure. Evatt and the board has to accept that and find a solution. This is not an easy division and it has taken clubs our size and bigger more time to get out of it. But it does not mask the fact that we failed to get the job done when we should have done much better.
  7. What the fuck happened to Calvin Ramsay btw?
  8. Mantra

    The Final

    brilliant promo fuck me this is a huuuuuuumungous game COME ON BOLTON
  9. Mantra

    The Final

    Don’t go posting your tickets on social media with the QR code visible, or have your tickets waving around in your hand in the queue. I know there’s people that will literally photoshop your QR code onto their own fake ticket. Or take a picture of your QR code while you’re not looking. And as long as they get into the venue before you, their ticket will work and yours won’t!
  10. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/articles/cxr33wy45qqo Sharon going in on the Premier League
  11. Mantra

    The Final

    Feel sick even thinking about the final, whoever it is Oxford or Peterborough, we will be classed as favourites. 3-3 and 1-1 v Posh this season. 0-0 and 5-0 vs Oxford. Lets hope it is a Papa Johns 2.0 and not a Stoke FA Cup repeat. I hope it’s just a formality, because I think I might actually die if it goes to pens.
  12. Unreal atmosphere, particularly first half. We went a bit quiet when they scored their two goals second half but then picked up again when the lads needed it most in those final few minutes. Cheering every throw-in and tackle like a goal. Probably best atmosphere I can remember. We drowned out the away support for 90% of the game. Performance and result don’t matter anymore, the good and the bad of our season were summarised very well in that 90 minutes. - Trying to walk it in/not taking our chances (Thomo) - struggling against physicality and directness (Cosgrove) - giving away cheap goals/chances (Santos) - but overall some really nice football and excellent goals Feels so good to have a player like Collins in form. A league one Gareth Bale, can run in behind, can pick it up deep and run, can score out of nothing from distance. He has a real swagger about him and was feeding off the chants of his name. Vital player now. We did what we had to do, albeit in classic Bolton fashion, giving everyone palpitations. Now we just have to finish the job.
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