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  1. Not a great time to play Sunderland given the form they’re in. Need to bounce back however, snap your hand off for a draw. Fixtures don’t get much easier for the rest of September and October with the exception of Shrewsbury and Gillingham. if we can get through our next 8 games with 12-15points that should set us up nicely for November and December where the 9 games we have are considerably “nicer” on paper. Would be looking to pick up 18+ points there, should have a fully fit squad by then too.
  2. Never heard that idea before, would make things interesting for sure.
  3. Mantra


    Derby going through a similar sequence of events to us, just without the decade in the PL and European football.
  4. The inconsistency is the frustrating thing at the minute. The Burton and Ipswich performances were as good as I’ve seen but the Cambridge and Rotherham games were quite poor, aside from possession stats. Plenty of similarities between those two games. If we can get on a good run for 10 games we should solidify our place in the top 6 this season. MJ should have blocked the shot for their first goal I think, and the corner was well-worked from them - heading it into the ground and the bounce going over Sarcevic on the far post was probably the only way he could’ve scored the header from that range. Can’t say they exactly sliced through us many times. Dapo wasn’t at his best but have to credit their right back for keeping him at bay. Doyle should have scored but hit the post and also wasn’t on his toes when the ball flashed across goal in the second half. Bad day at the office and Rotherham fully deserved to win but nothing overly concerning at this stage. Could do with some good recruitment in January to help us kick on second half of the season. Hopefully Baka and Amaechi will be back within the next month. Still only 4 pts off top.
  5. Had a few drinks tonight feeling even better about BWFC than usual fookin love this club 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
  6. Would be more worried if it weren’t for Shazza. I’m sure plenty of clubs have got more financial muscle than us but Evatt said something interesting recently. im paraphrasing but he said ”the board have never told me no, they trust me to do things sustainably”. Im sure if Evatt really wanted someone the cheque book would come out and we’d sign them, within reason. Plus I always look at Brentford’s business of the last 5-10 years. So many players they bought for peanuts and sold for shed loads. Took a while but now they’re reaping the benefits. Would obviously be gutted to see evatt leave, as I would be with Afolayan but I think the important thing is to live in the present, enjoy it while we can. too often do we live in the past or yearn for the future. This is the best I’ve felt about Bolton for a long time and I think we’ve got plenty going for us that would protect us from having our best players and manager pinched.
  7. Got a few more from 2 different ITFC Forums PRE MATCH DURING SECOND HALF POST MATCH
  8. I liked this one "He’s rights about the attack though. It was toothless, they won’t lay a glove on us. We’re going to smash them. 4-0 I think. They lost to Cambridge Utd and drew at home to 10 man Burton in their last two games, failing to score in both. Fancy trying to talk them up as some sort of challenge."
  9. Yep, think Evatt benefitted initially from the lack of crowds. Not easy to bring in a load of new players and hit the ground running, however Wigan and Paul Cook's ex-assistant Leam Richardson seem to have done just that. Paul Cook has a good record as a manager as far as I know, and I'm sure he'll get it right with time, but it's never easy when the fans are turning on you. I think a decent amount of our fans were patient with Evatt to be fair, despite complaints I didn't see too many calling for his head. Maybe I just wasn't looking at social media after losses though.
  10. I think just short of 20k for this. 19,127 (1,089 Rotherham) Missing this one as I'm in Portugal with some friends. Might have to insist on an ifollow subscription that day.
  11. For sure. I thought our game against Burton was the most “pep-like” performance I’ve seen us play during Evatts tenure and they carried it into Ipswich too. Just constantly was saying to myself “brilliant play”, “great composure”, “well done [insert name]”. Just seems like the players know what to do under pressure, on the counter, in possession. It’s really starting to click now, just in time for a big month. Whatever they work on in training is clearly working. I mean Gethin Jones was in the number 10 position to assist Dapo for our third goal. Santos crossing to Johnston for the fifth, just total football. Fluid, brilliant, exciting. As Evatt acknowledges we are expansive and open and maybe concede a few goals but my god we look so dangerous. Recruitment has been spot on since January. Lots of calls for a new striker and full back, myself included and saw a few comments after games we failed to score in that we should’ve brought in a striker but so far it doesn’t look like we’re struggling for goals, with Bakayoko coming back in the next month, all systems go for a title charge. Genuinely think we could get automatic promotion now, maybe getting ahead of myself but if the board are happy with our progress in January I’m sure they’ll back Evatt and sign the players we need to get us over the line.
  12. watched EFL on Quest last night saw this Stockton goal, wowza. When he played against us last year he looked a sack of shit but top scorer this season for Morecambe, he’ll be getting snapped up before long
  13. I believe it’s originally “siiiiiiiiii”, as in “yes” but the way he screams it when he celebrates he pronounces it “Siuuuu”, so now it’s become a bit of a meme
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