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  1. what an impact from Mount and Saka. Love Foden but all he's known his whole career is Guardiola ball. Not very effective on the counter.
  2. We're doing a good job of killing all our expectation that may have been built up over the last 2 tournaments
  3. "There's a method to the madness" seems apt. Bit like a smaller scale Abrahmovic type ownership model, slightly more trigger happy though.
  4. hahaha partly my bad, I posted it in the FGR thread and then remembered this thread existed
  5. The guy that got FGR promoted and then left for Watford sacked after 10 games lol
  6. Makes our loss to them seem even less bad now but also more significant. Can’t let them have 6 points off us again this season. 5 points off top with a game in hand. After 9 games, not too bad that.
  7. Wait I just realised that Beck and John are both starting, aren't they both LWBs?
  8. very young bench Johnston captain, interesting shout
  9. Few twitter examples of posh fans in denial
  10. Agree with all this except I didn't think Peterborough were similar to Charlton or MK. Seemed more physical and direct than the other two. All teams press to an extent now but I thought they were actually quite happy to let us have the ball when building from the back. Johnston had so much time on the ball every time it was rolled out. Not sure if that was a tactical thing from Evatt, as he man-marked Clarke-Harris with Santos. Maybe he thought Johnston would be the better option today to be our ball playing defender while Santos had his hands full. Didn't see Santos ping it once today. Maybe we are just getting better at beating the press but didn't seem like they had any specific trigger. They were trying to force us into 50-50s as a gameplan but ended up chasing shadows mostly, however it was effective in a way, as it made it difficult for us to find a passing rhythm. But we still had some really nice moves and also some really good battling in midfield to win those 50-50s, when last season anytime the game went scrappy, we seemed to fall to pieces.
  11. Already seen a few "bolton are shite" comments from Posh fans on forums/twitter. Not sure what game they were watching.
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