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  1. Brighton absolutely cooking with their transfers Sold Bissmouma to Spurs last year for double what they bought him for Selling MacAllister to Liverpool for a reported 60-70m, signed him for under 10m Selling Caicedo, who again they picked up for peanuts, to Arsenal or Chelsea for 70-80m they’ve also got that teenager enciso scoring for them this year who they’ll probably sell for loads next year Put that alongside PL tv money, European football money. They’re loaded. challenge for them though is to constantly reinvest smartly and stay a PL club. One bad season is all it takes as Leicester have shown but have to applaud their business acumen so far. Their scouts must be getting poached by the big boys sometime soon!
  2. Matt Southall? Think he was similarly backed by a foreign war chest that never materialised and they ended up doing a quick sale
  3. Not to mention, who in their right mind is going to buy a club that's: got a massive wage bill in League 1, and is starting on minus 8 points - possibly worse unless the takeover goes through VERY QUICKLY Maybe I'm just trying to convince myself that they haven't got mega lucky once again but it does seem very odd, the change in tune over the course of a week. Couldn't trust them as far as you could throw them.
  4. It's one of 3 things: 1) A delaying tactic to placate fans/efl/pass the buck - 'sorry players haven't been paid their wages again - the takeover is dragging, the new owners need to look at the books in detail, the efl need to do the Fit and Proper test... etc etc.' 2) a legitimate sale - maybe Whelan or someone like that is willing to step in to bridge the gap for now. 3) A botched sale to another dodgy lot. Seems very strange that they've gone from saying 'we're committed to this club and we're putting in an 8 figure sum', to now 'we're selling' over the course of a week. Strange that they claim they've found a buyer who is willing to 'resolve all outstanding liabilities'. The statement simply says : A statement from the ownership group: A deal has been agreed in principle for the sale of Wigan Athletic Football Club to a prospective new buyer - subject to EFL approval. The prospective new owners have committed to resolving all outstanding liabilities at the earliest opportunity. Further updates on this process will follow in due course. It gives absolutely nothing away, to me it seems like a 'Shut the fuck up and leave us alone for a second while we fix our mess'. We all know from recent memory, there's usually a bidding process, a preferred bidder chosen... Any football takeover takes a long time to sort out, there's loads of lawyers and financial advisors involved. That's not just for admin, that's a standard procedure for takeovers. To me it smells dodgy as fuck that some white knight has suddenly shown up. Unless they've fallen into a barrel of tits again, or Whelan has decided to step in, I really think this is either (1) or (3)
  5. More replies on here about that statement than on latics speyk 😂
  6. Wouldn't be opposed to a billionaire bankrolling us and keeping us in a secure spot in the Premier League, of course not. However, as with Everton, having a lot of money isn't the be-all and end-all. I know Everton's owner isn't quite Arab State level but Everton still have the highest wages/turnover ratio in the Premier League, something ridiculous like 90+% of their turnover goes on wages. And FFP is biting them in the arse. Not sure that even if we had the levels of investment that City/Newcastle have that we'd find it easy to reach the highest levels of football. Financial Fair Play would massively limit us. So in a realistic sense, I'm not sure it would really happen, and even if it did I doubt it would be sustainable. In any event, I much prefer the stories of Luton/Brighton, who have done things shrewdly and sensibly an I hope we are on a similar pathway. We have a ceiling as a club and I don't mind that at all, I think as mentioned on the other thread, celebrating a last minute equaliser/winner in League 1 or League 2 can feel just as good as winning a Premier League or a Champions League final because it's all relative. I can't help but think that it would feel slightly hollow winning everything in the way City are doing this season. It's incredible football and beautiful to watch no doubt, but no one stands a chance when they have the best manager in the world and the best players in the world that have all come from obscene amounts of money and financial trickery. Not sure how I feel about the sanctions that may or may not be placed on them, they've clearly used some smart accountancy to accelerate their growth and allow player transfers in the way that they have, but I doubt that Real Madrid, United, Barca, PSG etc are squeaky clean either. so - in short - no. I like our story and how it's playing out and hope that we can achieve whatever our ceiling allows us to achieve on this current upwards trend. I just hope that whenever the downtrend starts again, it's not as heinous as it was under Ken Anderson (or worse).
  7. So in terms of transfer gossip what we got? OUT Santos to Leicester for £3m Sheehan to Exeter on a free Sadlier to Orient on a permanent Declan John to Wrexham might rear its head again IN Danny Ward to us from Huddersfield Cole Stockton to us (as always) Zach Robinson from Wimbledon Anything else?
  8. Bolton, Blackpool, Barnsley, Portsmouth, P'bro, Derby Would be my predicted top 6 for next season. (in no particular order)
  9. Some good legal action is gonna do 😂
  10. Randell seems to be becoming the new Kachunga on Twitter especially. Because his first couple of games were poor, people have got it into their heads that Declan John is streets ahead of him, which really isn’t the case. They’re both decent without being amazing. John seems to be a bit of a moody bugger though, maybe Randell has got a better attitude
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