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  1. Should've stuck with my gut. 3 points all the same. Thought Declan John was a bit off it but everyone else did alright.
  2. Changed my mind bwfc 4 Cheltenham 0
  3. Ah yes, silly me. Doubt we will be splashing anymore cash on permanent fees then. All in all a good January window.
  4. Do we think we will see any late flurries in the last few hours or reckon that's it? Hoping Devine in myself but we are a bit loaded in midfield with MJ, Sheehan, Morley, Dempsey, Lee, Thomason. So would have to see one of them leave.
  5. Struggled with his fitness. Hoping Randell Williams can turn himself around quicker than that though. I like John when he's on form but hopefully Williams and him can have good competition for that spot.
  6. Just my own predictions - as I say pointless - but I think it's fair to assume the clubs that have been winning more than losing will continue to do so at a similar rate. Obviously football is impossible to predict but it's still fun to try 😂
  7. If we can carry on that level of performance for 13/17 games as @Burndens Bogssays then we have a chance. But one too many performances like Cheltenham or Derby away and it’ll be playoffs that we have to settle for. Nowt wrong with that. Just a lottery, if we can get to Wembley I’ll back us to do the business with our style of play. But 2 legs vs Ipswich fills me with dread I won’t lie.
  8. I like doing these pointless predictions each year on here https://www.worldfootball.net/table_calculator/eng-league-one/ Bit boring as it keeps the current top 6 but just in a different order. Wouldn't be surprised if Pbro or Wycombe snuck in instead of Barnsley but: 1. Sheffield - 9W, 8D, 2L. From their last 19 games 2. Plymouth - 8W, 5D, 5L. From their last 18 games. 3. Derby - 11W, 5D, 3L. From their last 19 games. 4. Ipswich - 9W, 5D, 4L. From their last 18 games. 5. Bolton - 10W, 4D, 3L. From our last 17 games. 6. Barnsley - 9W, 6D, 6L. From their last 21 games. So even if we pretty much outperform most of the rest around us, it's gonna be extremely hard to get into those top 2 spots. Would need a big fall off from someone above us and for us to turn 3 dropped points results into wins. Don't know about you lot but I can't see us only losing 2 and drawing 3 out of 17. I think winning 10 out of 17 is a generous prediction and would give us 2PPG. 34 points from 17.
  9. so we only play the top 6 teams twice more this season, whereas the rest are playing each other 3-5 times.
  10. If we can get that Alfie Devine in on loan, ship out Sheehan or MJ and if possible get someone to cover CB then I think it will have been a massively successful window. Even if we don't do any more business, still a good window. Remains to be seen how bad Johnston's injury is though.. and Shoretire.
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