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  1. Kinhell had started to give up hope. Back in business but still glitchy
  2. Mantra

    Boo Boys

  3. Mantra

    Boo Boys

    Clearly it’s not just that specific demographic who are anti take the knee, it was a joke based off Exhibit A: https://twitter.com/rj_slb/status/1401619532410724357?s=21 how old are you again Mr Grey, though? 😜 Look, I get that you can be not racist and disagree with taking the knee. Even my dad complains about it but I don’t view him as racist. However, I do think it lacks empathy for the reason the players are obviously doing it. Especially the England players who less than a couple of years ago were subjected to unrestrained racist abuse in Bulgaria. Thats probably
  4. Mantra

    Boo Boys

    Middle aged geezers getting their knickers in a twist about taking the knee https://ibb.co/qWnRK1t
  5. Mantra

    Boo Boys

    Stop being a fanny about 5 seconds of your life spent watching footballers promote a message of inclusion. 😃
  6. https://twitter.com/OfficialBWFC/status/1402656817067528195?s=20 "Born to Be a Wanderer" coming soon... Looks interesting. Wonder if this is an independent project or if it's being picked up by a streaming site?
  7. I got Nottingham Forest to the CL final, think I know what I'm talking about mate 😉
  8. https://twitter.com/MarcIles/status/1402217077805654030?s=20 Evatt helping to sell STs :lol:
  9. Aye, didn’t mean it as like for like. Just paired them up visually and as close as possible but I agree with you. All the midfielders offer something slightly different anyway. MJ is clear winner for the physical and defensive attributes but also has a good range of passing. Tutte is composed and calm and keeps the tempo ticking over, works hard and gets tackles in. Lee has a great first touch, passing accuracy. Experience and decision making also key to his game. Classier than the previous two on the ball but less defensively minded. Sheehan, yet to be seen but from
  10. Mantra

    Boo Boys

    I’m about to boo this whole thread. BOOOOOO
  11. Assuming we stick with a Midfield 3 got great competition MJ v Tutte Lee v Sheehan Sarcevic v Thomason Crawford v Comley OK, maybe not the last pair, definitely getting moved on. but 6 players competing for 3 places, plenty of cover and should all push each other but also a good mix of experience and youth.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHRT_LQnf7s&feature=youtu.be Sheehan's goals
  13. Mantra

    Boo Boys

    Anti-Racism isn't politics Just because players of colour have been cheered by non-racist fans doesn't mean racism doesn't exist
  14. Mantra


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjtOGPJ0URM This video is a concise explanation why finding life would actually be a 'bad' thing for our prospects of survival. I have a bad feeling that life is very common in the universe, but just always fails to overcome the 'great filter' of global cooperation. With evolution, it's about survival of the fittest and so competition for resources is something ingrained into our human psyche. There's too many localised problems in the world which causes countries to be selfish and protect their own interests. For this reason, I think it's unlike
  15. Mantra


    Love space/universe/alien shit, super interesting. Went down a bit of a rabbit hole of UFOs when I was younger so I try to be ultra cynical on footage and sightings, especially as people have pointed out, we've had HD cameras on our phones for a good while now and there's been nothing conclusive, just grainy military camera footage and it seems more likely to me that it's some classified US/Chinese/Russian technology. There are many optimistic predictions that we will confirm extra-terrestrial life in the next decade or two but that could literally be microbes on Mars, so not that ex
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