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  1. Bolton Peterborough Ipswich MK Sheff Weds Portsmouth Relegated Bristol, Morecambe, Cheltenham, Exeter
  2. "Manager Moyes welcomed Warburton, who will join Billy McKinlay, Paul Nevin, Kevin Nolan and Xavi Valero on the Scot’s coaching team."
  3. For sure. 43 million is actually a very good deal in todays market for an England international and rumour is they’re about to sell Jesus for 50 million so they are doing bits once again. Funny seeing how behind united are… again
  4. Mantra


    I don't doubt that Clowes will be a shrewd business operator, but I like the fact that FV actually were seeking to acquire a football club as an investment and are making their decisions as such. From the sounds of his statement, it seems he felt more obliged to save them rather than doing it for commercial reasons. Be interesting to see how this one plays out.
  5. Mantra


    Derby fans will probably reckon they can get Evatt
  6. Mantra


    He was close to Kirchner apparently and probably thought he'd be in a cozy situation having his mate as the owner. Now that picture has changed. I can't take anything away from the job he did while he was there though. Yes, they got relegated but he made a very good fist of it considering the obstacles
  7. Big move for him after being injured most of the season. Could be good or bad for England depending on how much game time he gets
  8. Mantra


    He's resigned after talks with the admins today
  9. That is an unfortunate surname lol, up there with Danny Shittu "The Whites’ new B-team project will now give Sithole (pronounced S-itt-ullay) the platform to develop further as he becomes the sixth external recruit to Matt Craddock’s squad ahead of the new campaign."
  10. Mantra


    Happy for them, just hope that they are shite this season and we can take 6 points off them
  11. Rotherham have replaced one big lump in Michael Smith with another big lump in the ex Bolton player Tom Eaves
  12. Wonder if we’re playing the long game on Fossey. Seems like Fulham wanted a bidding war for a 23 yo with a handful of L1 apps and dodgy injury record. Rotherham interest turned out to be a dud. We’ve “moved on”. All gone a bit quiet for him. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him loaned out again. Then we could potentially pick him up on a free next summer or knockdown price in Jan
  13. We missed out on Tucker, so surely central defender is one of them. Not sure on the other.
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