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  1. He is mate that’s where I got him from, was just saying I don’t think many of them on that list will be realistic targets. Huddersfield due to the tech director link possibly and maybe Sheff Wednesday players since were in same league now but I’d back them to go straight back up
  2. Baptiste should be extending his stay according to Iles. Retained list next week... Agree on Dapo - back him to improve.
  3. Wouldn't want Wheelchair Wilshere and Deeney would be way too dear for us. Central defender Schindler from Huddersfield may be good, he's played in the Prem and our new technical director is ex Hudds so might have a contact there, again probably on big wages though. Looking at most names on that list though, especially the under 30s players, I'd imagine they'll get some Championship offers. If we're gonna get anyone to drop a league I'd imagine it would be in the same way we got Lee in - someone who's been out injured and isn't getting game time and probably over 30. If we can r
  4. Mantra


    https://pastebin.com/trxmPjfA If you wanna read the article ^ Got my mate to send it me as he has a subscription
  5. Shrimp on tour 0 Replied: 44 minutes ago Listen matey. Not so long ago Noblot were that 'small club' you refer to above against the so called big boys. Many, me included (you might be surprised to hear) admired your exploits against the hated Man u's etc. Trouble is you have dropped down the leagues and now try to take the piss out of other so called small clubs. Basically you think you can walk all over the likes of us, Accy' and others and do what the fuck y
  6. UPDATE: Just got off the phone with the sales team. Essentially they’re revamping the corporate structure and so they don’t have clarity on prices and other details re: player sponsorship so they’re gonna call me back when they get something more concrete in place. I’ll let you know when that happens. They said it was under £1000 to sponsor a player last season and you get a signed shirt included so not sure how that would really work between 20 odd people! 😂 Could raffle it off and donate the money to running the website or some charity or Bolton fund? Or even just have an i
  7. I'd expect an increase, even a small one at least. Maybe people fearing they won't get their money's worth if Covid interrupts everything again is a factor but I'd be disappointed if we didn't get at least 1,000 more than this season.
  8. 8,500 is good - thought it was less! Agree 10k would be a nice round number to aim for. Anyone know where to find or have the stats for amount of ST's sold for last 10 years?
  9. 1. How many did we sell this season just gone? 2. Can you only purchase a ST right now if you are renewing? 3. What would be a "good" amount to sell this year do we think? Sorry if they've been asked and answered before. Renewed mine and my dad's. Booked the upper tier for the season just gone for Covid reasons (not that it mattered in the end) but changed back to ESL for upcoming season.
  10. Mantra

    Keith Hill

    just listen to this guy ”putting my neck on the line and nobody else’s” pfff
  11. Mantra

    Keith Hill

    The fact that we appointed Hill over someone like Nolan or David Lee will have made him easier to sack too and get in a more long term vision candidate. Not that sacking Nolan or Lee would have alienated any fans but would have been a more questionable decision.
  12. Mantra

    Matt Gilks

    If he had started the season he probably would have flown well under the radar. That contrast between Crellin and Gilks really showed the importance of a competent keeper. Had a couple of blips, one long range strike (can't remember against who) went straight through him and in the Cambridge (H) game he let the ball through his legs. Take out those two moments though and he was unbelievable the rest of the time. Caught pretty much every cross. He made a couple of massive saves. One against Bradford just before or after they equalised. But definitely his biggest success was his overal
  13. Aye https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/mark-noble/profil/spieler/31835 Says that his contract runs till 2022. Very odd tweet though, maybe something to do with Dapo?
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