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  1. Just noticed we’ve got 2 cup games after this. So almost two weeks gap to our next league game after Pompey. If we can get a point or 3 at Portsmouth, then the team has time to iron out some issues before the next League game against Crewe on November 12. A winnable game. Then we have Wycombe which will be a tough one but Doncaster and Cheltenham should be winnable too. Amaechi should be back sometime soon. Turn our form around in November and carry that into a busy December and we could fly up the table.
  2. Funny how everyone says stuff like ”this is Manchester Utd it’s the biggest club in the world, they shouldn’t be doing X, Y, Z” Until they get rid of their owners or get lucky and appoint a Klopp or Guardiola level manager they’re not winning another league title. Fergie carried them for years and they can keep chucking money at it but the other big clubs are better run and managed, until that changes they won’t achieve what they think they ought to. Heading the same way as Arsenal but spaffing a lot more money.
  3. Yep totally agree - Doyle and Baka vs League 1 back fours would cause havoc. Dapo in the pocket. Jones/Isgrove and John putting crosses in. People still opposed to the idea because of how shit it was last year should remember that we had Crellin, Greenidge, Comley etc still in the team. Think this is about the 5th time I've said it though so I'll shut up.
  4. It's part of his whole spiel about having to believe you're the best before you can be the best. Maybe does need to reel it in a bit. Last season was calling for promotion and saying we look like Real Madrid in training made everything seem worse when we were on our bad streak.
  5. Was really pissed off with Kachunga's performance today and rightly so but I think he has potential to turn things around. Very easy to jump to conclusions about players early on when they don't hit the ground running. No one's been great last few games, even Dapo has struggled at times. Sheehan has had some criticism but hasn't got half as bad of what I've seen people say about Kachunga and I think Kach and Sheehan have been equally shite since the Sunderland game. Yes Sheehan's got the benefit of a free kick goal against MK Dons and scoring against Wimbledon but Kachunga also assisted the equaliser against MK Dons, which was massive. Santos was the worst player ever for us at one point and now he's our captain. I know Madine splits opinion but he was similarly hated and then became vital to us winning. What's to say Kachunga can't turn his form around and silence his critics? It always seems unlikely in the moment when they're not performing as you'd like but I'm going to try and not be so quick to judge him in future. He's been at the club for what? 14 games. If he's shite then fair fucks but just don't want to scapegoat him without real reason.
  6. Coyle went hero to zero real quick. Freedman similar. Lennon got us playing some nice stuff but ultimately came in at a bad time and lost his way. Parky had some good achievements with us but the football was dire and his tenure was tainted by off the field issues. Mentally, it's hard not to compare Evatt with the previous lot, and even harder to not have him at the top of the list. Maybe it'll all go tits up like some of the others but I think he's doing a cracking job so far and deserves praise and patience for that. He's not done enough to be heralded as much as previous heroes such as Rioch/BSA but that reputation takes time to build and those comparisons don't need to be made just yet. The timeline to achieve what we want to achieve isn't all that important, more that we're heading in the right direction, after many years of heading in the wrong one. He's not the finished article by any stretch but hopefully he and the team continue to improve and we continue to restore pride in the club.
  7. He probably wants assurances on his playing time before signing the contract and we couldn't give it to him after a long term injury. If he keeps playing well at Vale then maybe Evatt will give him that game time but if Vale get promoted he might want to stay there where he feels more appreciated.
  8. He didn't get the quality on his crosses that we needed but he linked up really well with Baka and Lee I thought. He's not top end of League One level, have to accept that. Wasn't our best performer today but not our worst by any stretch.
  9. Compared to Brockbank he was to be fair. Did waste some crosses but worked extremely hard and was a useful outlet on the right wing
  10. What pissed me off tactically in second half was that we had a right footed Kachunga on the left wing. And left-footed Bakayoko on the right wing. Apart from one long range effort from Kachunga, neither of them used their inside forward role effectively and constantly were trying to put in crosses on their weak foot. Dapo seems our only capable inside forward.
  11. Which positions? Think before the transfer window closed many fans were in agreement that we were light up front and at fullback. 1. Definitely need a new right back to give Jones better competition and cover for injury 2. Kachunga isn't good enough for me, no idea how he was once a PL player. But Amaechi still to come back and Politic potentially. 3. Sarcevic's replacement at attacking midfield needs sorting although I wouldn't complain if we played Dapo there from now on. Maybe Ronan Darcy can fill that spot. 4. Feel like we need cover for MJ Williams too. Tutte is injury prone and not sure yet if Thomason can deputise. Not sure whether our leaky defence needs fixed either. Aimson looked good today but not really tested by Gillingham. Santos and Johnston both seem capable individually but we keep shipping goals. I'll trust Evatt to bring in the right personnel.
  12. Really important comeback that - as someone said above, dampens murmurs of Evatt losing the dressing room. But my god some absolutely suicidal play at times and in truth if Gillingham had more quality they would've put the game to bed. Fans were getting on the players backs at times but I'm not surprised, think the players needed that. It was good that the crowd were still singing in support even at 2-0 down when we were making chances. Gave the team a lift. Kachunga and Sheehan really not impressed by either of late. Isgrove ran himself into the ground and was much better than Brockbank. Dapo thrived playing centrally. Good to have Declan John back. Aimson looked tidy. Think Johnston was injured at end of the first half as he was the only player that didn't jog in.
  13. Not enough movement, heads dropped after 1-0. defending for both goals utterly woeful. sort it out
  14. Bent can mean dodgy/corrupt can't it? that's how I read it anyway
  15. I think today we hit rock bottom and lose 2-0, then the revolution begins. The first casualty of the revolution has already happened. Predicted XI Dixon; Brockbank, Santos, Johnston, John; Sheehan, MJ, Lee; Kachunga, Doyle, Afolayan
  16. He put on his instagram how he was proud to be captain and then something like "the sport is brutal" with the 🤐 emoji - clearly biting his tongue about something. Things can move fast in football, if the bust up was on Wednesday, then sorting out a contract by Friday is certainly possible. Maybe the offer was on the table for a while but something must have been the catalyst.
  17. No doubt a Journo is gonna ask the question, pre match or post match or both. Who reckons we’ll get any further insight into the Sarcevic drama? Think Evatt will question dodge - “the clubs wishes him well on his next challenge” sort of thing.
  18. Time will tell who comes out of this better, if anyone. It’s either Sarce was a bad apple and it’s good to get rid or Evatt is doing some power move because he thought Sarce was getting too influential. In reality there’s gonna be some grey area where both Evatt and Sarce maybe went too far and let their egos cloud their better judgment but just hoping that the rest of the squad isn’t too phased by it. think Evatt has got a good project underway here and something like this has potential to massively undermine that. Hopefully squad kicks on after this and he’s not lost the dressingroom
  19. Gives me even more hope we will see a 5-3-2 Dapo in the hole, remember when Chungy played through the middle under Lennon, he was class, think Dapo deserves a shot there, he drifts there looking for space anyway. MJ and Lee as a midfield two with 3 centrebacks to hopefully solve our leaky defence. Sarce has been alright this season but definitely not top level league one and we need to keep improving. At 29 years old he’s not going to improve much. Sheehan had a bright start but has fallen off in recent weeks. Think Sarce going is bad for us in the short term but long term allows us to upgrade in midfield, which is what we need. At the minute this squad is capable of playoffs max.
  20. Wouldnt want Wheelchair anyway, last thing we need is a crock on big wages
  21. I think he might just be shit
  22. Is this actually based on anything other than the Daily Mail article?
  23. No explanation in the statement - seems odd. Anyone actually got a clue what's going on that's not just Chinese whispers?
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