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  1. In the Cameroon Brazil game the guy who scored the winning goal took his shirt off celebrating and got a second yellow for it 😂
  2. Good performance other than the first minute where Johnston got burned for pace and then Toal, Jones and Trafford failed to block / deal with the cross. Thought the trio of Dapo, Bodvarsson and Kachunga looked like a good combination and we played pretty well all game. Beck and Toal both played well in my opinion. Bristol were slightly shithousey but nowhere near as bad as other teams like Wycombe and Burton. Don’t remember them really creating anything apart from the first minute so they should count themselves lucky to have gotten a point. But as has been mentioned before, we keep conceding first and it’s just not sustainable. And the worst part is I don’t think there’s an obvious reason for it. Maybe we just start too slowly with our possession style.
  3. According to Nixon, Chris Wilder missed out on the Wigan job, with Kolo Toure expected to take it
  4. Standard of international football aside from 5 or 6 teams is shocking Nice to see England are actually at the level of a good club side. Would probably make top 4 in the PL with our squad
  5. So far we're the only top team that have played in WC 2022. I expected much more from the Dutch. They looked hopeless for most of the game, players didn't look arsed or well-drilled at all and thought Senegal played better to be honest. The lack of quality in the USA v Wales game was stark after watching us thrash Iran, so I'm excited to see how some of other top teams play tomorrow, Argentina, France, even Denmark. That will give us a clearer idea of the level we are up against. I reckon Wales will massively up their game against us though to be fair and probably the US too, but having seen that shitshow we *should* be battering them like we did to Iran. Don't usually like Jermaine Jenas' opinions but did think he had a point saying we should stick to 4-2-3-1 for the tournament. Gives us a good balance of 2 'holding midfielders' (even though Bellingham is more progressive), but with better link up play between the defence and attack. Having said that it was 'only Iran', and can't get too carried away. Far too easy letting in the first goal, but the penalty was utter bollocks, especially since Maguire got fouled worse and VAR did nish.
  6. I think Sadlier has played his best for us when coming off the bench to play LWB but not sure you can really start him there as his defensive work rate isn’t going to be up there. Coming on with his technical ability against tired legs when we’re chasing a game so he has less defensive responsibility is where he will thrive. I would like to see him start a game in the 3-5-2 but if I’m ruling him out starting as LWB then I’m not sure. An attacking 3 of Sheehan, Dapo and Sadlier would be interesting to see. Or drop one of them for JDB
  7. Wow, didn’t look like it was going to be our day, had about 4 big chances wasted before 85th minute. Get in!
  8. Mantra


    Charles just isn’t at it
  9. Mantra


    Started playing better as the half went on but still overall quite poor. We do a lot without really doing much. Kachunga bicycle kick the closest we came to scoring
  10. Wouldn't be surprised if those gambling rumours have factored against him
  11. Mantra


    I agree and I think just because we gave up two poor goals isn't a true indicator of how well it could work. Playing that system competitively will require work on the training ground and game experience. We've been conceding sloppy goals with 5 at the back anyway and although we looked more open in transition (to use evatt's words), I'd expect that would lessen the more the players got used to it again. The first goal was a bit of a freak own goal and the second was a mix up between Iredale and Dapo but a stunning finish too. I hope he gives it another crack because I think it gives us more round pegs in round holes but also I'm not opposed to us sticking with the 5-3-2 and hoping we cut out the individual mistakes and become more clinical. But as many have said, I think we need a more consistent starting 11 either way.
  12. Mantra


    What do we reckon on Evatt selection bingo for this one? Added into the mix is the chance of us going 4-3-3 from the off to make it even more difficult to know what to expect...
  13. Is Tarkowski in form I've not seen much of him? He has the best average rating over the last 12 months of all our CB options according to sofascore but not sure how reliable that is. It's actually a really difficult selection for GS this tournament because he probably wants to pick centrebacks that have the most experience playing together so they have some cohesion, which is probably, Walker, Maguire, Stones. But Walker's injured, Maguire has been out of form for a while and Stones also injured. But both City players will probably be fit in time for Qatar. And Maguire has always done well for England to be honest. I've seen lots of calls for Tomori to get picked, not seen any calling for Tarkowski till now. Ben White also been doing well at right back for Arsenal but could he slot into a new-look back 3 with the other non-injured/in form players? Doubt GS would go for White, Dier, Tomori/Tarkowski in a back 3 who have never played together, when he could stick to what he knows in a big tournament. He might change one of his usual selection at most. So Walker, Dier, Stones?
  14. Their full-backs aren't the best but the rest of the squad is filled with quality . Alisson Dani Alves, Silva, Marquinhos, Telles; . Guimares, Casemiro; Antony, Neymar, Vinicius; . Jesus
  15. Couple of interesting videos that I've seen over the last couple of days. First Gary Neville talking about why he doesn't like 5-3-2 as a system (starting at 1 min 23 seconds) And secondly an analysis of Arteta's time at Arsenal Never realised Arteta finished 8th in his first two seasons at Arsenal. I think one of those he took over in November but still. And then they faltered in the race for Champions League football last season right at the end, but look at them now. Both him and Evatt are in long term projects and have had rebuilding jobs to do. I think sometimes we can expect too much too soon. I get patience isn't always going to be the answer but I think Evatt has earned the right to be given patience and I think most fans would afford him that, but god forbid we finished 8th two seasons in a row.😂
  16. If you want Evatt gone at this stage you're wasting your energy. Only benefit is some 'told you so' bragging rights down the line if it goes fully tits up. Objectively from FVs perspective: - Employers have hired a man for a job. - So far, man has met each target set out for him by his employers. And currently on course for meeting the next target. - Performances last 6 or 7 games have been poor, and might even continue for a few more, who knows? So... If poor results/performances continue, FV can then either stick with the man that has achieved the targets and give him time to sort out any negative deviation from them. OR sack him and try someone new. Judging by the patience they showed during the last two seasons, I doubt the latter will be exercised unless it goes totally and utterly to shit.
  17. Another game, another conceding first. We simply have to start better in games. 4-3-3, 5-3-2 whoever the fuck is playing, we're giving away soft goals and not taking good chances at the other end.
  18. Mantra

    Oxford H

    https://www.skysports.com/football/bolton-wanderers-vs-oxford-united/report/469122 Goals are on Sky if you wish to depress yourself further like me. First goal, shit from Jones to let the cross in but fair play to their 22's persistence. Slightly unfortunate Santos's block goes straight to their man to poke in Sheehan's miss looks less bad. Not much more he could've done with it, just had to guide it in, good save from the goalie. 9 times out of 10 that probably goes in. Second goal, you could throw a bedsheet over Lee, MJ and Sheehan. All sucked in on the left leaving Bradley to make a poor challenge in midfield. Defence backs off and he powers it in. Not sure if it took a nick off Santos' boot to take it away from Trafford's reach. Our goal - well worked from our perspective, but precious little of that in the game. Then Dion is about an inch off getting an equalising touch at the back post. Third goal - shit defending from the corner but they were looking dangerous from set pieces regardless
  19. Mantra

    Oxford H

    The ball needed to go over the CBs for Kachunga and Charles to run onto, that's where they have the advantage. Not grappling with the CBs and trying to link up play.
  20. Mantra

    Oxford H

    Think a lot of this 'stubbornness' from Evatt to depart from the 3-5-2 is the fact that we spent that pre-season training camp in Portugal where he kept saying about having the players 24/7 to drill the tactical detail into them. They've invested a lot of time and money into this system and so to change back to 4-3-3 or something else while we're still in the top 6 and only 16 games in probably isn't appetising for Evatt.
  21. Mantra

    Oxford H

    Didn't think Oxford played as shithouse as Accy and Burton, nowhere near it. Very effective from corners and on the counter but didn't timewaste anywhere near the degree of the other two. Ref was a fucking wanker and seemed to give very soft fouls and didn't have a clue first half especially. However, can't blame him as we performed collectively and individually very shit. Too many loose passes, totally trigger-shy in front of goal. And we have conceded first again! Thats now Cheltenham, FGR, Accy, Burton and Oxford that we've let the opponents have a headstart. It was a problem last season with 4-2-3-1 and it's still a problem now with 5-3-2.
  22. "People in the press box are standing up and clapping, that's not very professional." at 8:00 mins of added time Like a David Brent line that 😂
  23. Had a gander ont' Wiggin forum https://forums.vitalfootball.co.uk/threads/somethings-not-right.125254/page-9 ^^^I had a look last time they were in shit and pretty sure the guy who posted this was the same guy who was way ahead of the (doom-mongering) curve when Stanley Choi was in charge. So seems like Wigan have put out a statement dispelling concerns and most on the forum happy to take that at face value but a couple of others not so much... We shall see
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