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  1. Sheffield’s to lose now 👀
  2. Tense second half set up now in the first Sheffield match
  3. Think Michael Hefele was one but not sure
  4. I sorted the threads the other day by oldest first and there was one linking him with a move to Liverpool and all the posts saying hope he doesn’t go. Things changed fast lol
  5. Arse have been battered tonight Not shown up for a big game. Lot of young players mind
  6. I think Dapo's happy at Bolton. Obviously Celtic and Rangers have a big pull and I think for 95% of League 1 players it's a no-brainer but it's not the only factor involved. Whatever happens it'll be reet anyway
  7. Mantra

    Jake Daniels

    Good lad, hopefully paves the way for more to be open about it. Must be loads of gay/bisexual footballers that have to hide their life.
  8. Let's hope no one gets their leg broken
  9. Few weeks or months ago 2 million seemed low, but more I think about it, the more it seems about right unfortunately because he's a talented lad and I think we could all see a possibility that in 3 years he goes for 10-15 million. Exciting summer window to come. As long as we have Evatt I'm pretty happy
  10. Hope we keep him but could be a good deal for all parties depending on the figure. 1.5 is a bit low for me
  11. Y’all getting your knickers in a twist over nothing, who gives a fuck?
  12. Mantra

    FV and IE

    I'm sure you all saw this yesterday but... Evatt: "It is the nature of the beast that when managers are successful, and I have had success while I am young in management terms, or if the way you play is considered attractive that you get linked to other things. But I am not interested in other jobs, this is my job and what I want to do. "I love every minute of this job and my motivation is getting the club back to where it belongs. That is how it will stay." A bit like the Dapo quote, it's great to hear that Evatt's happy and wants to stay. I hope we give him another contract extension before the new season to be honest! Don't know how long the Evatt affair will last, managers rarely have a 'happy' ending at their clubs. Either getting sacked or poached. When the time comes hopefully it's on amicable terms and at a natural crossroads. Until then, I'm sure we will all continue to enjoy the journey.
  13. Yeah he probably sold the stadium to himself, not sure if he renamed it. Maybe sponsors are put off by the fact that stadiums that have been called something for so long won’t ever be called by their sponsor name. Doubt many call the Britannia the Bet 365 stadium. Or many called St James Park the Sports Direct Arena. Or maybe there’s also the fear of fan backlash that deters the club from accepting sponsorship naming rights.
  14. Hadn’t ever thought about it much but now it feels awfully stupid that the stadium doesn’t have a non-sponsor name. Stadium names are such a big part of clubs identities. I’m surprised that some lower div clubs still don’t have stadium sponsors though. Hillsborough, Stadium of Light, Stadium MK, Fratton Park…
  15. I think it looks alright to be honest, not as good as the Lofthouse statue but, it's alright
  16. Yeah probably, wasn't really thinking too much into that one. Sheehan obviously not who I'd put in for Williams as a like-for-like. But even Dempsey isn't really a true DM. He's closer than Sheehan but we haven't really got anyone else like MJ. I think if anyone Morley is closest to MJ defensively, purely on his build. Not seen enough of Dempsey to really judge his defensive capabilities but he is more of a battler than Sheehan.
  17. If it's a 4-5-1 then it would be something like this Problem with 4 at the back is that we never found a solid pairing. Aimson and Santos was the closest we got to one but I wasn't fully convinced by it. Maybe Iredale changes that... Doubt we will ever play 442 under Evatt unless we play a diamond variant like so:
  18. Resigned to not getting Fossey or Santos on a new deal?
  19. He played and scored as a LWB to be fair, can’t remember which game but our “wingbacks” are more like wingers really. Still wouldn’t be my second choice LWB. John first choice, Iredale cover and drop Johnston into LCB to cover Iredale seems the sensible thing to do.
  20. Think this includes every player except Thomason and Darcy (and assumes that Fossey and Trafford sign on again). This would be my order of preference for next season's starting 11. I haven't seen Iredale play yet but I put him over Johnston as he's a more of senior player and supposedly Cambridge's POTY so I think he could be an upgrade. Dapo over Lee, simply because on his day, Dapo is our best player and while he's not a natural 10 I think he will grow into it, while Lee's age and injury record means he may not be a consistent starter. Put Sadlier LWB behind John, simply because the website only let me put one substitute in for each position and had to fit Isgrove in at RWB. Sadlier could play CAM or RWB though but think he's second fiddle to both Fossey and Dapo/Lee.
  21. "we’d like to thank Home Bargains, who have been fantastic partners over the last three years. But we will have a new partner in place soon on significantly enhanced terms" It's probably a drop in the ocean but every little helps. Anyone got any clue when the stadium and shirt sponsors will be officially announced? I'm an impatient bastard, if they already have it sorted, just bloody tell us!
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