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  1. Starmers stance has been to abstain on most of the important issues anyway. He's managing to push lefties away from labour as well as doing nowt to draw folk from the centre back to voting for them.
  2. Pool the Brexit Party and Tory votes last time and labour would have lost healthily
  3. Labour only got my vote for council election as she was the only one who lived in the ward. And I quite like Burnham so he got my vote in GM mayor. Labour seem to be relying on the 'we're not the Tories' tactics for getting votes rather than saying what they are standing for. The Greens currently are who would get my vote based on policy (despite their daft stance on nuclear power)
  4. Saw polling that said Khan could get in without needing 2nd votes. If he's doing such a shit job it shows how bad the Tory candidate is. Much like how labour can't win seats despite the shit show that is the current government.
  5. Evan Seinfeld who himself was in mucky vids. He's now married to another former porn girl Lupe Fuentes.
  6. Fit rock girls were a plenty during my time going to rockworld/Jilly's twice a week. I realized young Frank had the sexual magnetism of a damp cabbage so was more interested in getting smashed and dancing. Knew a few goth guys who liked to talk the talk making on like they were Trent Reznor meets Marilyn Manson and oh so much smarter than most of the world. And yet all the fit goth birds went home with the hardcore blokes. Maybe the dudes floor punching to Biohazard and Madball in basketball vests got them wetter than a bloke in a leather trenchcoat shuffling back and forth to closer
  7. Given they are/were part of the same company it stands to reason, Metal Hammer was the superior mosher mag anyway.
  8. As of next week me and the missus have been together 19 years, we still have some of the mix-CD's we made each other way back when. Never did get her to like Manowar. This was 'our song' in our emo yoof
  9. Rhodes? Where we're going .....
  10. Aye Grease and JD don't deserve to be put alongside the shite that is Iron Maiden. Currently in the midst of a Rammstein sesh in the Spencer house.
  11. One thing i picked up from te video was how angry Shearer was compared to Wrighty. IW just seemed resigned to it especially following the outcome of the court case they mentioned. He was right that the punishment should be community based rather than jail/fines get these knobbers to meet people in the real world not from behind a keyboard.
  12. He'd be a massive upgrade on Teddy B. And next years draft is looking weak in the QBs front
  13. The Rodgers saga started last year when they traded to move up in the draft and pick Jordan Love in the first round last year. Then only offering a restructure of his contract rather than an extension this year. They picked up a cracking CB in Eric Stokes though. Not sold on Mac Jones but the same applies for the other QBs that are not Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields couldn't get a game for Georgia but was brilliant at Ohio State. Zach Wilson and Trey Lance haven't had game time against top opposition etc etc. Same as every years draft every player has flaws you can pick up if you start an
  14. What kind of bellend sends stuff like this?
  15. The big sports leagues drive an immense amount of traffic through social media. This weekend isn't about making the knobhead stop posting racist shite, its about making twitter/facebook realise how it'll hit their bank balance if they dont take steps to prevent it.
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