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  1. In his name, each letter is as important as the one that preceded it. Maybe even more important. No, as important.
  2. Shite from 1-11 today. No fucker came out of that game looking good. Was hopeful a full week of training would iron out the sloppiness of the past few weeks but if anything it was worse.
  3. Play like today and we'll get a proper bumming.
  4. Bought my first pair of Adidas in ages with a pair of Tyshawn's good lord they're comfy, tempted to just buy a pair in every colour.
  5. I was only 6 when the game was played so no memory of it being a thing but I've got one of the club ties from the fixture on my tie hanger, my mate found it in a box of assorted footy memorabilia he picked up at a charity shop. Wore it to Grampa Spencer's funeral, not sure I'll ever wear it again
  6. Wycombe need to win their 2 games in hand by 9 goals to knock us out of the top six. No need to panic.
  7. That song can get in the fucking bin anyway. Calling themselves a massive club when in L1 deservedly got citeh the piss ripped out of them.
  8. You kind of feel short changed when Axl isn't acting like a prick. GnR at Donny in '06 was prime arsehole Axl and was massively entertaining watching him (and othe band members) spitting the dummy out. Seen them a few times since and they've always been a belting watch musically on point and no tantrums. Amazing shows but somehow not Guns N Roses
  9. Just a fraction off across the park. No need to panic we won, regroup for Tuesday and go again.
  10. Just got to lean into this kind of stuff. Much like wanky wanderers and boltons a shit hole etc.
  11. Marcos Alonso playing at centre half for Barca vs the red filth. Defending was never his strong point
  12. Marianne's greatest track
  13. Lass in the checked top clearly enjoying her train ride. 😂
  14. Slam Dunk Festival on playoff final day for me. That said we always lose at Wembley/Cardiff if I go so perhaps that's a good omen if we get there.
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