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  1. Should've pushed the boat out and gone for JCH in the summer. Him and Dion would be unstoppable.
  2. About as clear a red as you'll ever see.
  3. Fucking stupid foul from Jones Gonna be a slog this 2nd half
  4. No idea. But there has been money spent this summer whether that's been paid for from the bond money or the club's regular coffers will be up for debate probably even when the accounts come out.
  5. Big Dan, CMG and Forrester cost a fee those on free will have cost a signed bonus etc.
  6. Was meant to be working tomorrow but now am back in so hopefully we get a win.
  7. Given Dempsey has been playing with a bad back wouldn't surprise me if Dion gets a pain killing jab and plays through the pain.
  8. NIMBY types put a stop to it. I was looking at the access plan back when I was working at the council no issue on that side of things. Locals obviously wanted a derelict chimney to be left rather than turned into a home
  9. Maghoma is on loan from Premier League Brentford. JSL
  10. Why should poor northern towns get the money when it could be invested in the City of London.
  11. Last season when he'd hook Shoretire after 70 minutes of offering sod all.
  12. No wonder he's fucked having to carry the attack. It's been obvious since Dapo left that the attacking options aren't good enough.
  13. Fuck off! What a surprise take off Dion and the group of shite up front that's left offer less than fuck all. It was obvious at the end of last season we needed improvement in the strikers alongside Charles. The club spend money on one of the loanees who wasn't good enough and bring in no cunt else. Evatt is still in credit for the work done else where but the failure to bolster the attack will cost us.
  14. The City of London doesn't get back everything it gives to the UK coffers. The money that was coming from the EU isn't there any more and our government has shown no interest in replacing it.
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