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  1. I'd say that his decision is Justified even if Turf Moor is Ancient.
  2. Hopefully Baka and Ameachi will be back fit soon to give us those options. Decent cover on the bench at the moment but no real ability to change things up.
  3. Give Rotherham their credit they've done a job on us. Perfect away performance 2 early goals and defend solidly to keep a clean sheet.
  4. Could play for another 3 days and we're not going to score at this rate.
  5. A decent few months in L1 isn't going to get any prem teams offering silly money. He's playing fantastically well but he was let go by West ham in the summer for a reason. If come the summer he's still playing this well then perhaps a move will materialise. But he'd need to be 4 years younger or playing this well in at least the championship to get silly money thrown his way.
  6. Kachunga 78 Women Of Worth Radcliffe
  7. Thanks for the response. Never seen it like that myself, because I see the message being sent as a positive one.
  8. New evidence presented, I'm changing my mind in view of this new information. FUCKING BOOOOOOOO! 😉
  9. I liked Danns. Not the most exciting player but a good solid sqaud player. Problem with his time was there was no fucker better to benefit from him. Seems like a nice chap too.
  10. What exactly are you opposing here? I'm confused about what has got you so worked up about a simple anti racism message. If as you say you are anti racist yourself why do you have an issue with players demonstrating their anti racism stance? In defiance of the racism they face and in support of their team mates who face racism
  11. I suppose the issue is those with more hardline views piling on to the Black Lives Matter movement. Meaning the anti-racism message was lumped in with the extreme knobbers. The Black Lives Matter movement and message is much bigger than those trying to make a political career from it and trying to tie american issues to british issues, the 'defund the police' message being a key one.
  12. Rubbish news can only echo Mount's thoughts.
  13. Didn't look right following the clattering that got their lad sent off.
  14. Their goal is coming the longer this goes on
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