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  1. Given we've been on a shit run I'm quite happy with the changes. No point wheeling out the same players who've been losing week after week
  2. I'm hoping the team play better than the team at the time did vs Chelsea in their 'let's do it for Nat' attempts
  3. Couple of time he got in behind in the first half that you'd think when fully sharp he'd score from. was out of the game in the 2nd half but then again all the forward players were.
  4. All too passive in defeat yet again. No one with a bit of fire behind their eyes. I'd take a shithouse if we can't find a strong commanding player.
  5. He was off to the States on a soccer scholarship wasn't he? Then Liverpool called.
  6. That's because only those daft enough to get roped into being BWFC fans are daft enough to go shopping in Bolton.
  7. Didn't Madrid Council buy the RM training ground for a fortune then sell it back for buttons? Was a rumour that RM owed a fortune to Santander bank but the bank was scared of backlash if they called the debt in.
  8. NHS app, recent negative LFT result or fully vaxxed status. Scan the QR code when on the way in the gates jobs a good un. That's the theory, how it works in practice will be the kicker.
  9. Best player on earth? What's MJ Williams doing dressed up as Mo Salah? 😁
  10. Footy Manager 22 has him on £1.2k a week, with Declan John and Kachunga being our highest 2 earners at £3.5k each. Both lot of figure will be guess work, FM probably closer to the mark though
  11. If Kane gets his way he won't be there when the yank fella comes back either.
  12. I've said before his head must weigh about 5 stone.
  13. Matthew Tweedly makes him look massive. At the legends game I was convinced it was one of the players 12yr old kids getting a run out.
  14. For when you have to bring your own drinks.
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