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  1. Dixon Jones, Baptiste, Johnston, John Williams, Sheehan Isgrove, Sarce, Dapo Doyle 2-0 Dapo and Sarce
  2. 34th minute Dapo Women Of Worth, Radcliffe
  3. Yeah I tended to judge Councillors on how they were when I met them and whether they listened to reason and explanations rather than noisy constituents. He was always one who would meet on site to talk through a job. Others on all sides wouldn't make the effort.
  4. Any of them 16 illegals could do a better job than Pritti to be fair.
  5. If you can't medically get the vax then surely this will be accounted for in any vaccine passport type system they want to bring in. If you don't want to be jabbed as you're a contrary fucker then sorry majority of folk are jabbed and it's needed to get back to normality. So tough titties.
  6. I watched one of those UK border force fly on the wall documentaries on Pick or some other shite freeview channel whilst in a hotel. Of the 5 guys working at the car wash they raided 1 was a British national the other 4 were 40+Yr old fellas with big taches and beards here illegally. When immigration interviewed them the British guy offered his services as translator (probably so the could get rid of immigrationand ring up 4 more illegals to come in to work)and even he was baffled when all 4 of them claimed to be 15 hoping they'd get away with being kids. It didn't work once the
  7. I remember him seemed like a decent bloke for a Tory.
  8. Mid table obscurity will do nicely
  9. It started with the movement and idea that Black Lives Matter. Kicked in to an extra gear by the George Flloyd murder at the hands (well knees) of a police officer. Following the rise of the movement across the globe hardline lefties co-opted the BLM movement to push radical political ideas. The anti racism stance of the original Black Lives Matter campaign is separate from any political campaigns that have tagged on to the the BLM movement.
  10. I've been expecting an England defeat in every game so far in the euros so I'm sticking with that if for no other reason than superstition.
  11. He'll be back eventually Priti Patel came back after her sacking/resignation
  12. If Hancock has been shagging about there's nowt there apart from a damage to his rep, but given his boss has a lifetime of similar behaviour it won't do him any real harm. The issue will be how long the affair has been going on and if they were knocking boots before he gave her a job.
  13. If you don't want to go to gp at least get on to the midwife about it especially if you're due to pop with sprog soon. If you're feeling shitty now need to be aware for post natal depression etc.
  14. Be interesting to see what they're like when the morbid curiosity factor wears off.
  15. David Draiman from Dusturbed has a belting voice. https://youtu.be/u9Dg-g7t2l4
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