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  1. The wways court has already decided he's too injury prone and not that good anyways so can't see why folk would be arsed if he rocks up at wiggin.
  2. If the wanderers think like the council did they'll read the comments from the not rights have a good laugh at the real nutters and carry on regardless.
  3. frank_spencer


    Even then like us they'll have to cobble together a squad from who ever is left available at that point.
  4. City should smash it this season the addition of a proper striker puts them as clear favourites for me. Liverpool will keep it close. Chelsea will be much like this season off the pace of the title race but comfortable above 4th place. Arsenal in 4th, spurs 5th, manyoo 6th, toon 7th. Fulham, Bournemouth and Everton to go down.
  5. Jones and Fossey together down that right side were a tremendous pairing. Sadly due to injuries and Gethin's mums medical issues we didn't see them enough. If he's got championship clubs after him then it obvious where he's ending up. It's disappointing but the club has to find option B quickly and move on.
  6. They wouldn't be knackered if it was the World Cup being played now either
  7. I'm out with 3 (well one is Pansexual but will still count) on Saturday shall I get um to send their CV's to the FA? They're artists by trade but I'm sure they'd give it a good go.
  8. I only know 1 person who subscribes to Premier and he's a die hard Swinton fan.
  9. frank_spencer


    He'll do what he always does and come in at the very last minute offering £2.50 and a bag of Donnay socks giving the company no option but to accept or go out of business
  10. The continuing inability for people to separate the original Black Lives Matter message that started all this from any grifters who jumped on board to make financial and political gain on the back of the BLM movement will mean this keeps going round and round.
  11. I've a Nicky Hunt match issue one of the away version. Didn't realise it was a pocket on the players version too.
  12. Bookie sponsors are banned in some places so they went sponsorless for those matches.
  13. Was gonna say if it was the world cup squad I'd want him in it. These couple of games he shouldn't be needed.
  14. Batistuta in the swastika Fiorentina kit is a piece of 90s legend.
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