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  1. Went to Canada with a bunch of Venture Scouts from Wiggin back in the day. One of em was a Royal Marine. Beating the Yanks and Canucks in the wilderness games was lots of fun. Also the fucker started humming damn busters whilst a yank bloke was wittering on about how his next door neighbors dog walkers aunty knew some one who was in new york on 9/11.
  2. I was thinking of flying to the southern tip of Spain to dress as a crusader for some reason.
  3. Not sure I fancy paying £8.95 a pint nor have I ever been at a gig and wanted a burger.
  4. Although if you really want maximum attention seeker points you have to get I 8 Man Utd
  5. thought you issue was they were making jewish people scared of going round london?
  6. The pro-israel march on the other side of the road ok though?
  7. Can't see the playoffs being against a side playing all 11 behind the ball. We absolutely dominated the game bar a short spell after we went infront the issue isn't playing well it's finishing the chances we create. Dion and Randy both should have scored in the 2nd half and a few good saves from their keeper kept us out. We can't have a repeat of the Derby game where we dominate but don't score.
  8. Bring back Smalldinho from his Roman holiday
  9. Left out for who? Toal, Santos and Jones are our best fit back 3 players.
  10. Mum's uni roommate lives in Wrexham might see if she'll put me and my Dad up for the night.
  11. Best get planning Wrexham away.
  12. Didn't notice it had gone. Bring this banger back. The cd single is probably still at my parents.
  13. One scored last game the other granted hasn't scored since January
  14. After him missing from 3 inches out on Saturday gotta say I agree.
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