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  1. College games are on BT Sport. Next weekend is the Army V Navy game, not the best football wise but the sheer over the top yank nonsense that goes on is always fun to watch.
  2. More likely to have something to do with Dan Snyder being a prized bellend than the name. Currently enjoying Georgia thumping LSU on their way to the SEC title.
  3. Texans getting a royal bumming, clearly determined to win the race for the number one pick.
  4. Fu means Blessings no idea why its sometimes used upside down
  5. Its on the Adidas Chinese new year stuff too, spotted it the other week in TK Maxx
  6. Bobby Martinez caught using a radio control on Batshuayi
  7. Not brought any new players through. Barring Onana all the players have been around for years. Bunch of (in football terms) owd buggers passing the ball around with no one pushing forwards. KDB at city has Haaland, Foden etc making the runs for him, at Belgium he has Batshuayi stood there like a stump.
  8. If you ever want to wind up a united fan tell em George Best was a poor man's Frankie Worthington.
  9. My take on this whole competition is its like a pre season friendly. Nice if we win but couldn't give a shit if we lose.
  10. Phil Brown has just said the same thing on GMR
  11. Just looked at the stats. 0 shots on target. It's all well and good dominating possession but if you don't get any shots on target you ain't going to win.
  12. That's a shame could have gone with all 4 forwards at once.
  13. I park on the club car park because my dad pays. I'd be on Middlebrook if it was up to me.
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