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  1. Because like the stadium once they've got a name the desirability for someone spending cash on sponsoring them drops. Even though I think now is the 1st time all 4 have got a sponsor.
  2. Sadlier is the better player ability wise but Isgrove would be my 2nd choice at rwb. Sadlier should be further forward or on the left. Dapo is a better player than Johnston but I wouldn't want him at centre half.
  3. I think when fit Isgrove is infront of sadlier at rwb. Especially with Gethin as the right sided centre back.
  4. Now this In my head thanks @mickbrown
  5. Yeah but he won the world Cup in stupid white boots.
  6. Someone get Shaq on the blower and get Reebok back in Bolton.
  7. Wycombe are the L1 atletico Madrid shithouses who do what it takes to win. It ain't pretty but if it works then they won't give 2 fucks.
  8. Following what's happened at Derby I wouldn't be surprised if a few clubs are offering closer to L1 wages than prem this off season.
  9. Also kachunga is seemingly happy as 4th choice striker at a league 1 club. Unless we have an academy striker coming through I'm happy with Elias. 2 of Bod, Baka and Dion has proven to be fantastic for us.
  10. When they announced the B team Senior was highlighted by IE as one of the players it would benefit.
  11. Gonzo's post is at least believable.
  12. I've found that mancs who go watching united are pretty sound. Scousers who go watching Liverpool are still cunts. Both sets of armchair fans are knobs though.
  13. He's been a cheating cunt all game that 32. Fuck off!
  14. The handball taking the ball away from Dion trying to breakaway should've been a yellow.
  15. We were awful trying to play 532 without fossey and Santos.
  16. It of an over reaction to a fairly even first half and now we're leading.
  17. 🎶Where were you when we were shit?🎶
  18. These 2 back I'd say that it's squad depth we need. That line up last night with Fossey in at RWB will be formidable. Need player of similar quality in defense to challenge and cover injuries to the 3 we've got. There's a marked drop in quality if any of them are missing.
  19. Balls no Santos 2nd half!
  20. Dempsey lucky still to be on the pitch. It's not a game vs Portsmouth without westy and his bell. Need to keep doing what we're doing and avoid any mistakes
  21. Now this is in my head.
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