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  1. To be fair to MJ it came at him at a difficult pace and position. Perhaps a striker might have got their feet sorted.
  2. Shocking first 60 minutes or so. Brilliant feeling coming away with a point after that. I'd have passed out if Dapos last minute shot had gone in. Good to see GMR keeping up the pattern of callers who haven't been to the fucking game.
  3. it'll be something shit like home vs Gillingham
  4. Lost track in the first half of the number of times Brockbank had the ball with the only option open to him was a ball back to Santos. Baka wasn't showing down the line and Sheehan and Sarcevic didn't make any movement.
  5. Id be more inclined to write it off as a bad day if it wasnt Wiggin. No point complaining about who he played at RB when the other 10 were just as shite. The rest of the season shows we'll be top half and hopefully on the edge of play offs, but today was not good enough. Hopefully Evatt has em running up winter hill with backpacks full of rocks tomorrow.
  6. Embarrassing performance from every one of them.
  7. Might go do me big shop in asdas.
  8. Chucking shit on the pitch. Coppers have been and had a word with the ref and both managers
  9. Fucking dicks in the esl making it worse.
  10. Can we still make 5 changes? Even that wouldn't be enough
  11. McLean plays the role of shithouse very well. Came back from a piss and the number of blokes with veins popping out of their heads screaming abuse at him made me chuckle.
  12. I'd be laughing my tits off if Wiggin played something this shite before our game over there.
  13. Amos is their keeper I hope Dapo fancies some long rangers today. Also how do folk who get here early every week do it?
  14. So many yoof milling about the Middlebrook sharing a fag and 3 bottles of Stella between 10 of em.
  15. Plenty of middle aged fellas can't be trusted too usually egged on by 16 Yr old bouncing round like they're on gummy Berry juice.
  16. Dapo and Amaechi were probably pencilled in to be first choice wide players, even if we were interested i'm not sure if his wages would fit as a back up player
  17. Signed a new deal in the summer is apparently happy as 4th choice CB
  18. Baka for Doyle? Need to get the ball to stick up top Doyle for all his plus points is losing out too often when the ball is played to him with his back to goal.
  19. First time hearing this 'We're Bolton Wanderers' song, by christ its cringe worthy.
  20. Dapo 10 Women of Worth Radcliffe
  21. To quote the late Al Davis, 'Just Win Baby'. Hopefully we're comfortable enough that Baka doesn't get off the bench so gets longer to get back to fitness
  22. I'd say that his decision is Justified even if Turf Moor is Ancient.
  23. Hopefully Baka and Ameachi will be back fit soon to give us those options. Decent cover on the bench at the moment but no real ability to change things up.
  24. Give Rotherham their credit they've done a job on us. Perfect away performance 2 early goals and defend solidly to keep a clean sheet.
  25. Could play for another 3 days and we're not going to score at this rate.
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