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  1. The cynic in me thinks that they have a new manager who said last night that he hasn’t had much chance to work with the players on the training ground yet to implement his ideas… moving the game gives him a full week next week to really work with the players early in his tenure…
  2. Warne has been saying Kane Wilson is still miles away from fitness after knee injury last season. He’s been back training for a while but can’t get fully fit. Pearson made a similar comment not that long ago. Maybe that was the due diligence we did. Seen a few derby fans say he was absolutely miles off it in their recent friendly.
  3. I read before that it was the structure of the add ons they weren’t happy with and the player etc still want the deal to happen. Can’t remember if it was Iles or May have been in the Bristol Post
  4. I could only see 4/5 more if we move some out or lose a Johnston or someone to a champ club. A couple more imo. I would like to see Morley a bit further forward this season as well. I think someone mentioned it earlier in this thread… I’ve been wanting to see it for ages… unbelievable technique, good engine and creativity behind the strikers… i think he could do a great job there… but I think Evatt wants to go with a 6 and 2 8s rather than a number 10. Baccus sounds like he is very much in the Dempsey mould.
  5. I see where you are coming from but I’m excited not underwhelmed: The league isn’t as tough this year. Ipswich and Wednesday are gone. Sunderland the year before. We should actually be one of the bigger budgets now except for maybe Derby. Those that have come down all have issues. Reading have no manager and haven’t signed anyone. Wigan look like they’re losing players for free and have a points deduction and Blackpool … well who knows. They may have decent budgets but they’ll be looking to cut costs before the season starts not add to them. January signings haven’t had a pre season with us yet. Look what happened with Dempsey… first few months he was avg… then this season after a proper pre season learning his role tactically etc he’s been arguably our best player. I include Nlundulu in that. I think there’s a proper player in there - first half of the season at Cheltenham he had the best dribbling stats in the league. Plus we hopefully (!) have Bodvarsson back for a full season as we barely had him at all last season… and we are a much better team with him in it. Traff and Bradley are impossible to replace but Baxter is our player… and if he stays fit I think he could be the best gk in the league this season. Great pedigree and his save percentages etc playing for Hull in the league above were fantastic before he got injured. Unsure what’s happening with Wilson - has he failed medical? I’m sure we’ll have other irons in the fire if he has. We haven’t even looked at any loans yet at all. Haven’t really seen much of Baccus but the St Mirren fans are fuming so he must be half decent. I feel like we are taking it on a level this season (Traff and Bradley aside). A couple more and I really fancy us for autos.
  6. Dacres-Cogley from Tranmere too. 2 right wing backs in the same day. Don’t know a lot about him but a few Tranmere fans on socials saying he should be moving to the champ… not league 1. So they rate him highly.
  7. Ahhh. Completely missed that tbh.
  8. Really like the Baxter signing. Could be some legs in the Flick signing too
  9. Williams extension was because he had an appearance clause in contract. We definitely need at least 1 more centre back especially if Jones ends up as one of our wing back options this season. Wouldn’t surprise me if MJ and Sadlier are moved on. Don’t think either will play regularly.
  10. Fair enough. I agree we need 1 of them to be an attacking outlet at least in most games. Wouldn’t mind both at the same time in a massive away game against a Derby or something at least to start with. I think we may end up bringing in 7/8 this summer so the squad could look very different in a month or 2. 2 gks, 2 wing backs, a cb, a holding mid, a no. 10 (or 2) and another striker would be my guess. I think we may end up losing someone like Johnston if we get a decent offer and I’d be surprised if Evatt hasn’t moved John on by the start of the season. Did Sadlier’s loan get made permanent in the end?
  11. Work permit rules have just changed haven’t they so I think we’ll be looking abroad now for some better value in the market. Think it may be 1m euros to the German clubs mentioned if they have similar training compensation rules to us where domestically u23s out of contract can still command a fee? But not 100% sure how it works in Germany. So would be a free to us potentially
  12. The 2 games we played Jones right wing back this season we scored 5… P’boro and Mk dons when Bradley was suspended.
  13. I work in Insolvency and been told in the last hour that administrators have been sounded out for Wigan potentially going into administration (if they haven’t gone into admin already). Think they are in serious trouble
  14. I meant John yeah. I think Williams is an Evatt player… he can run all day. He needs to improve his final ball and decision making but I think Evatt can improve him. Really interested to see what he’s like after a proper pre season. I think Iredale may end up at left centre back if we lose Johnston this summer. There was interest in Jan and I think we may end up cashing in if we get a decent offer. But I have no problem with Iredale in the team at wing back for the games against the better teams in the division especially away from home. Gives us a bit more stability.
  15. Yeah I got that… I didn’t think you meant you actually want Phoenix back haha. I think Randell will be first choice next season. I can see John being moved on. He has his moments especially going forward but he must drive Evatt mad with his tracking back. He’s just not an Evatt player
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