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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

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  1. Just as I thought this forum had ran its race “Johnny” turns up. What the actual fuck this as to be Si.
  2. Woah hang fire with the big talk. I bet you was one of those he’s one our own when he played for us. What a stupid statement. Fuck Vela he is a cocky bellend but not because of where he is from. Great result great performance. 3 out of 3. Bring on Pathetic Oh by the way I’m from Salford I must be a cocky bellend
  3. Prem manager sacked recently?
  4. Well done you big ginger mess. Hopefully see you Saturday. 🍺🍺 on me fella
  5. When will people realise when fit enough to compete Lee will be the first name on the team sheet. That’s all you need to get ya head around. Please don’t ever compare the worth of MJ over Lee.
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