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  1. In Fairness you never realised Kieran Lee was a Rolls Royce until he left. You deffo called it wrong with Paris. It’s no bid issue just to admit “I was wrong”. Just admit it and you will feel better.
  2. We don’t help ourselves. Yes the Ref was an utter wankstain and gave them everything. You could see from early on the way it was going. What do we do “refs a wanker” after 15 minutes. I was a frustrated as anyone but do we think as constantly giving him shit and abuse he is suddenly going to switch. We do it all the time. I know every club is the same and we no different but it just baffles me. oh and the yoof who was leaving with 10 to go and totally abused Collins. “You not fit to wear the shirt” you are utter shit” yada yada yada if you see this have a fucking word with yourself. Shit day bring on Tuesday
  3. Cheers I’m away in Kent. On it now
  4. There is no stream working. That I can find. Can’t even find a radio coms.
  5. How old is littler ??
  6. Had a go at the dopiaza on that Als kitchen today. really easy to follow and the results were just Wow. Dont think I will be ordering in for a while. Good tip cas 👍👍 gonna try another one of you tube next week.
  7. It’s all a bit small time and stolen from Wrexham they sing it to super Paul Mullen. And what an horrible cunt he is.
  8. I am thinking the tank from Atherton ? Was married to my cousin. Was a sound enough bloke. Not up his own arse and shit.
  9. Just as I thought this forum had ran its race “Johnny” turns up. What the actual fuck this as to be Si.
  10. Woah hang fire with the big talk. I bet you was one of those he’s one our own when he played for us. What a stupid statement. Fuck Vela he is a cocky bellend but not because of where he is from. Great result great performance. 3 out of 3. Bring on Pathetic Oh by the way I’m from Salford I must be a cocky bellend
  11. Prem manager sacked recently?
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