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  1. We are now the Leeds United of Lancashire. Massive debts brought about by clueless dicks at boardroom and management level, shite team, vastly overpriced tickets, club legend statue outside the ground, rabid Man Utd haters, great mob in the 80s with a special taste for seaside rioting but now a shadow of itself. and yet We all know Leeds United will be back as a great team and top five mob one day.
  2. Wigan usually beat us though don't they? They knocked us out of the Lancs Cup a couple of times recently
  3. Phil Neville said that to be a top professional it's not good enough to look after your body just 99 % of the time. If ours are using the international breaks to go and have a piss up on Ibiza while the opposition are looking after themselves, they are going to have an advantage over us.
  4. when we had quality like Djorkaeff, Okocha and Anelka they didn't go out getting pissed. Now we have second rate players with a second rate attitude. Most of our opponents won't be out getting pissed.
  5. Davies might have seen him applauding the Leeds fans and told Freedman to get rid.
  6. They gave me 25% and i've done fifteen £100 bets over the weekend and made just over £100. Ladbrokes are sore losers. I got £225 worth of free bets from them Goodwood/Galway week and an email this week barring me from future promotions.
  7. Although Sam got us promoted on a shoestring budget compared to Fulham and Blackburn it hadn't yet registered with me that he was a genius who was going to take us to unimagined heights.Walking out of Cardiff I thought we were nailed on to come straight back down again.It was the following spring and specifically the home matches against Aston Villa and Ipswich before it sunk in how great Sam Allardyce was.
  8. I did the Bet365 offer on the Grand National and hit 5th place with 16/1 Rocky Creek. I had £50 each way making a £250 profit. The reason ive not done it since is that it took a long time to work out the amounts to place and also there were quite big qualifying losses, or there would have been if Bet365 werent paying for them as per the offer.
  9. Next to a computer to take advantage of the £50 risk free in play bet on offer from Genting bet
  10. If its been on the market for years, less money than they are asking
  11. Just a bit of gallows humour.I thought you'd have a pop at Coyle for picking the wrong team not the players bottling it. Anyway c'mon Wigan if Uncle Dave gets his hands on more PL money he might have the showers repaired at his gym on Burnden Park.There's about 12 shower units and 4 were broke at the weekend.
  12. I hope they bottle it and get hammered 5-0
  13. When they've won the FA Cup and played in Europe in the last year Im not sure the 2nd Division play offs are that exciting
  14. Wigan Athletic are the Fa Cup holders and Wigan rugby are the challenge cup holders. I wish Greater Bolton and Horwich could be so insignificant at sport.As for the weekends game Wigan's excellent run of form is now over and I think Bolton will get something from the match.
  15. I think Balls is the most talented of all the Tory, Liberal and Labour Mps in the top positions and would have done a better job than Osborne these last 4 years.I think there would now be money to fill the potholes in the roads if Balls had been Chancellor
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