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  1. We've got to admit, it's been shite and needs improvement. Even when my lad signed, it was a let down, there was no photo op, no player or manager or ex player, just a load of parents in a room filling in forms. Nothing special, no celebration. Of the lads who currently play in my lads year, 1 supports bwfc, most of them have been there since 6yrs old. They get free tickets to every home match. Theres 1 or 2 who go regularly, some never go, others maybe 3 or 4 times a season. The kids don't know who the players or the manager are, or anything of the history. I'm talking 13 and 14 year olds whove been playing in the academy for 8 years. When I told my son that Jimmy Phillips had left, he said "who's he?"
  2. I only know what its been like over the last 8 years - my lad has been at bolton since he was 5 - his older brother played for ladybridge and teams around wigan and west lancs, I saw a few bolton scouts watching his matches and tournaments, but you wouldnt have known if you didn't know their faces - John Haworth was the main one at youngesters age- but they'd also send the coaches out to grass roots games. whilst he's been there, from 5 or 6yrs up to to 8yrs old, bolton only used to select about 20 lads per year, and sign about 10 of them at age 9, whereas many of the other academies are like sausage factories - my lad was at city for a few years when he was young (it was too far to travel - we live in west lancs), must have seen 200 kids come and go in the space of a couple of years, and you see most of them playing for smaller clubs now. from what I can gather, FV want to get more involved with local teams. If they're true to their word they'll probably invite more clubs down to the academy to play and train.
  3. The current issue is - City/United/Liverpool/Everton academy rejects currently don't want to come to BWFC before considering if they can get in at one of those other 3 academies first, and then Leeds, sheff united, Burnley, Stoke, Blackburn, Crewe, Sheff Weds, Preston, Wigan, Barnsley - they all have better facilities and more training hours, and play higher calibre opposition. We get the rejects from these clubs and are now competing for them with the likes of accrington, rochdale, salford, oldham, blackpool, morecambe, fleetwood. I'm fairly sure we will try to get local kids from an early age and keep them loyal, you have a better chance of getting decent quality in that way - once the lads signs at 9 the club can keep hold of decent players until they get an offer they think is worthwhile or put him in the first team. It's not going to change any tme soon I think
  4. The issue is this in my mind - It's the TV deals that generate the most income - $11 billion between 2019 - 2022 for the Prem. Take the Top 6 out of the equation and the TV income will drop like a stone. Everton V Leicester would be your biggest match of the season. The London Derby would be Crystal Palace V West Ham. If the Champions league grows and becomes more attractive to the foreign TV companies than the Prem, all the clubs in the English Pyramid get poorer, apart from those in Europe, and the gap between Top 6 and the rest grows anyway. I think the big picture is shit for mid table Prem teams, but better for everyone else, when compared to the alternative of reducing TV deal money - the Top 6 can't lose either way Liverpool got paid £4m for playing 2 games in the world club championship - you get £100k if you win the League cup.
  5. Yeah they have multiple teams at some age groups. I don't know the set up exactly, my mate is a coach there and my lad played for them before bwfc
  6. ladybridge have stopped all games now - to be reviewed after half term
  7. Bwfc letting 1 parent per player watch this weekend, masked, distanced.
  8. U13, he's big so plays up sometimes, he played v rochdale u14s/15s at the weekend, some were close to 6ft.
  9. My mate says he thinks it's because Burnley coaches are isolating, don't know if that's true. At bwfc they're cracking on as best they can, making teams up from multiple age groups if they need to.
  10. Burnley Academy closed for training and games for a bit. Bolton had to field some mixed aged teams at the weekend because we had so many kids isolating. My lad played at Eddie Davies, we weren't allowed to stay in the academy, had to drop off and pick up. A load of dads tried to watch through the bushes on the path down from Regent park Golf - almost impossible to see, and got lots of funny looks from walkers passing buy, 20 odd middle aged men crouching in shrubberies for 2 hrs, like peeing toms.
  11. Bullfighting on Friday nights at the DW. Paella pies at half time.
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