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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. I've noticed you sussed out Rudy since I was last on. Was he escobarp too?
  2. its just the highlights - you can watch it now on itv x
  3. haha - I'm too young to remember that this one? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/133329810149
  4. Just had a look at their squads from back then Joe Royle and Norman Hunter played for them, apart from that never heard of any of them.
  5. perferctly fine for us, they staggered letting people into the station so platform and train wasn't rammed, no bother at all. nothing like rush hour in central london.
  6. it goes, 1,2,5 fuck knows what goes on in 3 and 4
  7. riff raff - I'll have you know that I was drinking camden town ale, eating a vegan hot dog with spring onions and salsa next to ronan darcy in tier 5 - whilst laughing at the piss heads
  8. nah, they were in first division back in the late 70s, I can remember them in one of my first panini sticker books.
  9. They've got a massive catchment area so not surprising really, top fact for ther day - Plymouth are the biggest city in England never to have a team in the top flight.
  10. we had a couple of almost empty sections, top tier south, theirs looked pretty full up to me
  11. definitley agree, in May I'll be heading inside early, the craft ale was decent, prices were fine and in level 5 the service was fast and good view over London skyline, and plenty of piss heads to laugh at
  12. I was fucking starving after driving down and the tube so unfortunately was suckered in, and had to get the son and his mate one, if we'd had chips too would have been over £50 - The mrs held out and got a meal deal from co-op for 8p, 3 minutes later, and reminded me about it all day.
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