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  1. Read somewhere that Simeone is on £15 mill p.a. Best paid manager on the globe.
  2. He's off to Inter Miami. They have more to offer, apparently.
  3. Politic scores for Port Vale six minutes after coming on as sub for Proctor.
  4. 10 years. Their fans will lose patience with a manager after 10 weeks. It should never be forgotten that they hounded Bobby Robson, of all people, out of his job.
  5. I trust you are being sarcastic. They have never played in the third or fourth tiers. Their fans have it cushy, Ashley kept them from going bust.
  6. You'll all be after a ticket if we get to the final.
  7. That's tough on anyone in WSU. What next? A ban on flasks with Bovril in?
  8. Sunderland threw away a 2 goal lead at Fleetwood last time out; far from unbeatable. Their fans are quick to turn on them if all is not going well. A point, at least.
  9. I doubt if windows are actually legal. Limiting movement of workers to just 3 months of the year seems to be a restrictive practice. It would need a challenge in the courts from a player to see the back of them, per Bosman. Things turned out badly for him, so likely none are too keen.
  10. That's likely a no then. I don't blame you; it is good to seperate work from leisure, though you would be able to walk to work and save a fortune in petrol.
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