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  1. Jamie Vardy went from National League to Championship with zero experience in the EFL or Prem. I think a good coaching team could improve him along with playing with better players at a higher level. Or he could be a flop. No less than £2 mill plus add-ons or £3 mill for no add-ons.
  2. Wandering Star - Lee Marvin. Seasons in the Sun - Terry Jacks. My Ding a Ling - Chuck Berry. Jesus Christ Superstar - cast of the show. Sha Na Na Na Nee - Small Faces.
  3. And Besiktas, though we watched their fans and the riot police face off.
  4. Ipswich; good clues - tractor boys and Pioneer.
  5. Agreed, .... says the bloke who thought Terry Paine was Brian Clough.
  6. You are right, I think. Could be Southend then, who were managed by Bobby Moore.
  7. Cloughie, young man, so Derby. He's on Alf's left.
  8. Maurice Norman, Spurs centre half. He played for England between '62 and '64 if that helps anyone; it hasn't helped me.
  9. Nicky Hunt played for U21s. I remember him playing for them at Hull when he was picked at centre half and Glen Johnson was RB.
  10. .... and Gary O'Neill.
  11. I would've liked to see Max Kilman at Wolves given a chance. Tyrone Minge is almost as poor as Maguire. Kilman's mum is Ukranian and Shevchenko wanted to pick him a while back but; because Kilman played for England at futsal; he can only ever play for England.
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