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  1. Burnden could've been the Normid Stadium. Far better than Toughsheet.
  2. Are they? Nobody in the ground, turnstiles shut, no-one wearing a scarf. Queueing for tickets? Everton away in LC Semi-Final?
  3. Used to be in the Guiness Book of Records as loudest recorded gig.
  4. 🎵 into the valley🎶
  5. Tony Adcock for them? JT for us, 20+ games unbeaten. JT in his last knockings before Bros came along.
  6. It's a snickers, not a marathon. I think some players are at less than 100% fit; Toal and Dempsey, for example. The squad is looking a bit thin just now. A couple or 3 decent loans in Jan should be in order.
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