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  1. It will be Doncaster if global warming isn't sorted out pronto.
  2. That Portugese chap with the big hair.
  3. Darwen End, Blackburn?
  4. I read somewhere (BBC?) it was £11 millilon. At least we have plenty of time to find someone else, if we haven't already got a list of "possibles"
  5. No, 96. I went to Germany v Czech and sat in the new North Stand in a block near the area. All the central blocks were almost empty. Both ends were full with fans from the competing teams. Tickets at Hillsboro couldn't be had for less than £30.
  6. The price of tickets for OT during Euro 96 was about £140 for 2 adults and 2 children, no concessions.
  7. He wrote the foreword for Frank's autobiography "One Hump or Two?" A very entertainig read if you can get a copy.
  8. Selwyn used to be a regular at Burnden.
  9. Mannyroader


    Last good payday for most of them, 2 weeks pre-season training missed, unproven manager. They should stay up after a decent start followed by a gradual slide down the table.
  10. Looks like a copy of the long forgotten Happy Wandererer, though he didn't have a crust.
  11. ... and Politic is playing in Serie A next season. Zouma is a budding film director.
  12. Didn't he rock up at a board meeting? Think I read that somewhere on here. See what I did there?
  13. Pink Floyd's back catalogue is up for sale for an estimated $500 million, with 4 interested parties. Would be nice if some of that trickled down to us via Nick Mason.
  14. Kioso signed for Rotherham from Luton, says BBC.
  15. Edgeley Park, Stockport.
  16. Burnley have released Bolton born Dale Stephens. 33 today he could cover or replace MJ for a couple of years.
  17. The Four Year Plan about QPR under new mega-rich owners between 2007 and 2011. Neil Warnock isn't everyone's cup of tea but he comes accross very well in this. Available to view on YouTube, 90 minutes long.
  18. Negotiations take many forms. Plenty of bluff, double bluff and counter bluffing as well as feeding scraps to journos.
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