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  1. I've just watched one and I'm hooked
  2. To be honest, I didn't even realise it was on
  3. What percentage of the ticket sales money do we keep?
  4. I don't know why everyone's jizzing themselves over Haaland scoring five Tony Caldwell did it years ago
  5. Forbes is the most competent minister, by quite a margin. Yousaf would be the best option for the Labour Party / unionists generally.
  6. That's Mike "Porky" Parry to you
  7. I'm not equating the two, for what it's worth. I just think it was pretty clear he wasn't being got rid of simply because they wanted a refresh. No mainstream broadcaster is going to tolerate his kind of conspiracy theories.
  8. They did. But there was no prospect of him remaining in his position whilst expressing the kind of opinions he was. I believe he was given a couple of warnings prior to his departure.
  9. I think, to be fair, it was pretty obvious his rather controversial opinions hastened his departure, whether that was ever acknowledged officially or not.
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