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  1. Without a doubt. Japan did us no favours qualifying in the way they did. We really could've done with them beating Costa Rica and then losing against Spain. I'm just hoping our experience of getting to the latter stages in the last two tournaments stands us in good stead this time. I've always thoughti the lack of that experience has held us back.
  2. There's probably something in that. And that international football and club football offer different challenges. (And we've also benefitted from, and taken advantage of, some relatively easy draws in recent tournaments)
  3. There'd be plenty who would but not the ones like Howe who are at a big club with a lot of money to spend. He doesn't need the platform.
  4. He's already scored more times than Kachunga.
  5. Better than 1 in 2 across 639 matches. Not at the highest level, but that's still some effort.
  6. Has there ever been a Test match with (at least) seven batsmen scoring a century before?
  7. I know they lost some of their key players last season but MK Dons seem like they've just collapsed.
  8. That's not good. All the best to him. Hopefully he makes a swift recovery but it's a nasty thing and, as you note, he could be out for some time.
  9. Get width high up the pitch in the form of our best attacking wide players - Dapo and Sads. We currently play a formation which relies on the wing-backs to provide the width and our problem currently is that no option we've tried in the left-wing back role has shown they have required ability to do the job (John has previously but seems to have been frozen out). The end result is that Bradley is really our only attacking outlet in wide positions and, although he's a good young player with hopefully a bright future, he's not exceptional enough to do it on his own. It's no wonder we look so slow and predictable until we end up throwing the kitchen sink at it in the last five minutes.
  10. When was the last time we scored in the first half in the league?
  11. I really hope that's the goals that sets him off.
  12. If I remember correctly, Kacha was at No. 10 and Dapo was up front last time round.
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