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  1. Big trees https://twitter.com/rohmerfan1127/status/1418404002992115716?s=19
  2. @Rudy If Amaechi's done his metatarsal what kind of timeframe do you reckon we're looking at?
  3. I'm not sure I understand the logic of opening nightclubs now but introducing the requirement to have a vaccine passport for entry at the end of September. If it's considered unsafe without one then keep them shut until three weeks after every adult has been offered a second vaccination, or if it's safe enough to allow people to attend without a vaccine passport now now then a vaccine passport shouldn't be required at all.
  4. To sort this out, you just need to log into your email account via your email provider's website rather than their app. Do that and then click the link in the email and it will work. 👍
  5. The post I quoted wasn't about penalties
  6. Hopefully it's not forgotten. It has to be learned from.
  7. I'm expecting a very tough match, however the Italians were less than stellar against Spain and Austria. They still got through, mind, but still.
  8. If we can get to 70 minutes with the scores level I'd really fancy us to beat them.
  9. I don't know why people were so aghast at the penalty being given. Jensen has no prospect of winning posession from Sterling, then body checks him. A clear foul.
  10. No, it's only if money is still owed.
  11. They don't have one because all creditors have been paid.
  12. I think he was only the CEO at Burnley for twelve months before leaving. It isn't clear whether his departure was his decision or not, but they had a change of ownership recently so perhaps it's just a cass of them wanting their own people in.
  13. Whoever he is he's a defender.
  14. I think Lee, Sheehan, and Thomason will be competing with each other rather than Thomason competing with Sarce.
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