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  1. The athlete's costs aren't what is being discussed
  2. The clubs can't afford to do that It should really come from the sponsors, that kind of money is chump change for them
  3. Yeah, I agree There's no doubting Putin's the top dog and in absolute control of the country
  4. I can see why people think GSTK is a bit of a dirge but I don't think Jerusalem really cuts it either We're not blessed with options Maybe Land of Hope and Glory? Failing that, I'd go with Three Lions or Vindaloo 😁
  5. I get the impression a majority currently would, including many on the centre-right I suppose the disagreement would lie in how the money is spent
  6. To be fair, the referendum was on AV
  7. I'm very much with the Boomers when it comes to having to view restaurant menus by scanning a QR code
  8. Sadly, it won't be a serious proposal The article from Ivory Bennet in that link has it about right imo
  9. Their social media strategy in particular is insanely effective
  10. Why did their vote share drop so drastically at the end of May/start of June? I think the most interesting thing about that graph is Reform polling a higher percentage of the vote than the Tories
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