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  1. They allowed us to, though They have the lowest pressing statistics in the league; it's their entire gameplan to sit off And too often, when we got in a position to make the hard, low cross in, we instead passed it backwards The only thing we really dominated was possession
  2. I think people's memories go back further than that
  3. I can see the logic in bringing him on if we have a lead to protect Or even bringing him on tonight for a centre-half But not for Sheehan
  4. The substitution will live long in the memory
  5. Dominate possession, work it wide to the advancing wing-back, low cross into a packed penalty area Repeat ad infinitum
  6. Why bring Sheehan off and not a centre half?
  7. I don't believe they don't care They're just doing what Evatt's asked them to do
  8. Pissing about with it thirty yards out while letting them comfortably pack the panelty area and sit in FFS
  9. I think we get the best out of Collins if we have someone running off him if
  10. Get Ogbeta off for Iredale I can't be arsed with watching us go down to ten men
  11. One thing Maghoma has is the ability to draw opposition players to him It hasn't quite worked tonight because he hasn't been looking to play it off to a player in space but he'd still start the second half if it were up to me
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