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  1. I think in terms of pure managerial ability, Coyle is the worst we've had for a long time.
  2. Of the names touted, I'd go for Holden. I'm unconvinced Nolan's much more than a motivator, and I don't think Hill's the right fit for us.
  3. I'm surprised at the suggestions that Zouma is more advanced in his development than Edwards. I admit I haven't watched him play a huge amount of football, but Edwards appears to me to be the better of the two by a fair margin. He and Brockbank are first-team ready in my opinion, with Zouma and Politic worthy of a place in the squad, and Darcy not far behind them if he fills out a bit.
  4. I assume O'Neil and Hobbs are two of them. It's a shame Adam Thompson went elsewhere yesterday as I believe he was quite highly rated.
  5. I'll be breaking my "B" Team boycott for this one.
  6. @Casino - will you let Michael James know I'll be forever grateful for everything he's done to save us?
  7. Brilliamt. Get them season tickets on sale!
  8. The report is from Nixon and was released about fifteen minutes ago. I don't know how it resolves the alleged dispute between KA and EDT, though.
  9. I'm betting on us being given more time.
  10. If what's been reported about the dispute between KA and EDT is correct, would the club being liquidated prevent EDT pursuing a civil action against him?
  11. I agree, even though I don't think things will get done today.
  12. No, we don't. If no takeover is agreed by the EFL's deadline they'll unsuspend the Notice of Withdrawal, which will allow us an extra fortnight. But obviously, the fact the administrator will begin liquidation proceedings tomorrow is of greater concern. I imagine we will have until tomorrow morning to avoid that.
  13. I know it's not me your asking, but plenty on Twitter have. Plenty.
  14. Is it right that FV having preferred bidder status wouldn't prevent other interested parties making an offer?
  15. How long is there between liquidation proceedings beginning and liquidation happening? And can a takeover be completed / liquidation proceedings be halted after the process of the company being wound up has started?
  16. Oh, I know. I just thought it was an odd thing to state in an official statement.
  17. The statement has gone out with EFL approval, is what I think he means. But if the money's not there, then the issue with the Notice of Withdrawal is pretty redundant.
  18. So it's factually incorrect, then?
  19. "In just over 24 hours, the club will have its membership of the EFL revoked." This is factually incorrect, isn't it?
  20. Brockbank: A terrific player with a bright future. He's been the stand out for me. Edwards: Similar to Brockbank. Well capable of being one of our first choice centre-backs. Zouma: I'm not yet as convinced by him as some are, but he certainly appears to have enough about him to be in and around the first team set-up. Politic: His potential is quite exciting and I'm very interested in what he'll be capable of with seniors players around him. Darcy: Clearly has ability and is talented enough to offer something from the bench, but needs to develop physically before he can properly compete for a first team place, in my opinion. Some of the youngest have shown that they might well be talented players in a few years' time (White, King-Harmes, Graham) but aren't at first team level yet. One thing that has impressed me, though, is that none of the youngsters are shy in speaking their mind on the pitch, which should stand them in good stead.
  21. Yes. Well, it's the deadline for the lifting of the suspension of the Notice of Withdrawal, which is presumed to be a fourteen day notice.
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