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  1. I Got in a bit of bother once saying that
  2. Be interesting when Liverpool lose Salah Mane and Keita for 8 weeks
  3. They finished 2nd in The African cup of nations 2017. But either way there’s only one fella in the same league as Ronaldo and it ain’t or will ever be Mo Salah, as much as I rate him.
  4. Santos signed a new deal if he’s not one of the highest paid I’ll show my arse And considering clubs don’t have to say what they’re paying each player I smell me some bullshit
  5. Totally agree Mounts. Which is a shame because I’ve really enjoyed these games. Living so close to the ground I can’t bring myself not to go but I get why people aren’t bothering. See you at Wembley though 😂
  6. But he’s not the first choice in L1, we have better, he’s the back up. But to say he’s a bad footballer I’m not having that
  7. Short memories. I don’t think we would have got promotion without him at the back last season. As soon as him and Santos formed a partnership we became harder to beat. Hes about 46 and up a division from last year. Should he be starting in league? No definitely not but he’s not a bad footballer that’s harsh.
  8. I wasn’t sure who was going who but they both looked decent. Was warmer than I expected tonight I reckon Amaechi is going to rip up this league once he’s fully fit and more comfortable with the pace
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