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  1. That’s why they have bidets isn’t it? Anyways weather. According to the workplace conspiracy crackpot the floods the other day were a result of government controlled weather.
  2. Not letting that deviant near my dogs. He can just have the wife
  3. Wilder wants £20m to step aside. He’s been told no. Fight is getting panned boys
  4. I’ll turn her into a cat shaped fat berg. A catberg if you will
  5. Waiting for a bit of time to pass making sure arse raping didn’t appear in the local news. Don’t want to be a witness to that trial You seem to know a bit about this
  6. Rudy


    Just go in the match thread after we’ve won 1-0
  7. Rudy


    Can we have a new game if this stops?
  8. Of course I’m going straight up the chimney, I’m a gentleman
  9. Tongue in cheek, still think wearing a 40lb suit for the best part of an by hour before fighting the best HW in the world is a stupid fuckin idea
  10. Months back I was walking the dogs through the golf course and near a bench on the floor, was a empty bottle of wine and ky jelly lube. Last week my neighbour said to me he was gutted he can’t walk around the golf course in the day anymore because it was a nice walk, apart from the time he was wrestling a condom out of his dogs mouth This morning I was walking along the path, dogs in front of me and a couple out of nowhere had joined the path and were moving quite sharpish 😁 Two questions who on here was it ? is this club accepting new members?
  11. Definitely. Wilder shouldn’t have worn that stupid fuckin suit at all let alone walking to the ring. Otherwise I think we would have seen a better Wilder. Still don’t think he would have won like.
  12. If he lands that swinging Hail Mary right hand he will take anyone out but the best boxers see it coming a mile off , he has no jab , cant work on the inside, and can’t feint I don’t even think he’d beat Whyte, the big dosser
  13. He’d have to beat Fury, give Whyte the mandatory beat him, then beat AJ. so pick your own odds
  14. Oh I know mate. Think we’ll be trying to make all the money we can, probably be a 3rd kit as well
  15. I nearly stuffed our Maude down the Khazi when I caught her doing this, she said they’re flushable, I said so are cats doesn’t mean we do it. (Unless it’s crawleys cat)
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