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  1. Get our Sharon to do a bit of cheerleading
  2. Sarc to start Sheehan can change a game
  3. They are but I’m not. Was away last week, and our Maude is working so I have to parent occasionally to stop the social coming round
  4. Sunderland will get a backlash against us, big pitch can spread the play really wide. I fear for us being completely overran if Sheehan and Sarcevic play together. Has to be Lee MJ & Sarc for me
  5. Rudy


    Fraud and money laundering?
  6. How would it work you can only sack in the window and sign a new manger in the window?
  7. Has to be 4 hours and a royal pain in the shitter to get to
  8. Rudy


    It needs a panorama
  9. Rudy


    I’d be suing the EFL Bassini is probably their lawyer on retainer
  10. Yeah big following. Best game I’ve seen Elmander have. Not saying much like
  11. Simmer down Silva Rudiger won champions league Stones Dias won PL VVD and fuckin anyone won champions league and the league Madrid never let anyone go who then get better. They’ve only kept one clean sheet together and fuckin Lindleof has been keeping Varane out and he’s Gash
  12. My grandad views and opinion on football to me are the highest they can be. His favourite ever player was Nat but after Nat its Greaves. He puts him in the same category as Pele,Maradona Eusebio and since speaking to him tonight, Zidane and Messi He said Greaves is one of the few players no matter the score, circumstances or odds against you, if he was on the pitch you would ALWAYS have a chance of winning. In his opinion there wasn’t a more natural goal scorer. That’ll do for me
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