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  1. Picked up 4 tonight got a can of crypt as well as a nightcap
  2. “Shazza, listen I’m still in the doghouse here, the Mrs ain’t having it that a 4 day bender after promotion is justified, and she doesn’t even know about the brasses and the Charlie, think you could help us out?” ”Leave it with me”
  3. Not having any Spurs cast offs
  4. Just because they might not be good for a championship starting XI Doesn’t mean they won’t be good enough for us Id trust IE with any signing
  5. All shit cast offs lads
  6. You had a bang on the head? so you don’t think they were good enough for us because they were cast offs?
  7. You mean like MJ Williams and Keiran Lee?
  8. @Escobarp would be FEWUMMMINNGGG
  9. Yeah I didn’t think our Sonyas was fitting with the theme
  10. You could still finish 9th
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