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    Players who are on trial (free agents) turned up at training today for Derby, handed contracts to sign, no clauses, no wages on the contract. Have to sign today in order to be available to play at the weekend. Waiting on the EFL to say how much they are allowed to pay the trialists Derby are a shit show but fuck me the EFL need binning
  2. Not with this Manager. I genuinely think he’ll be targeting the playoffs
  3. Can he not just borrow my dog and a white stick?
  4. Great business by Newcastle that, he played the least amount of games there
  5. Nicky Hunt on Undr The Cosh next week
  6. Joe Rothwell plays for Blackburn
  7. Our Maude is gonna get punched in the tit , little uns swimming lesson at 1pm on Saturday and she’s already going out. The sprog is getting wrapped in a towel and thrown into the boot at her nans
  8. Bromilow arms is now houses Barnstormers hasn’t been taken over yet so no
  9. Rudy

    MK Dons (H)

    Yeah it’s always full of regulars No filthy casuals
  10. Scaffolding still up but the lights inside are on and the boards on the windows have started to come off
  11. Clattenberg reffed the CL final and got a tattoo of it Fuckin twat
  12. Clattenberg was like that. Hair plug cunt. Mike Dean is just incompetent and slaughters chickens. The trampmere cunt
  13. Beehive looked like it was ready To get going again today but still think it’s a way off Harvester is gonna be rammed
  14. Rudy

    MK Dons (H)

    All stadium pies are shite
  15. Rudy

    MK Dons (H)

    Feeling a bit giddy now!
  16. Ronnie Phillips and Undies will be fuming
  17. This will be a mauling no spinner No stokes no chance
  18. Rudy

    MK Dons (H)

    Don’t be sorry only pub talk fella
  19. Rudy

    MK Dons (H)

    Anyone is entitled to their opinion Roll on Saturday
  20. Murica built an entire land on picking cotton can we not do that?
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