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  1. Course my luv. Salty ones for you
  2. Fiona Bruce has nothing on you
  3. I’ll have a read on the throne later cheers mate
  4. Word on the playground is BJS got $8m
  5. I’ll check in with you next time to see if it’s ok to post Mr Gambaccini
  6. Anyone care to give me the cliff note break down of the beef between these two because I literally have no idea about their history or cause they’re fighting for
  7. Had a problem with me posting rage against the machine the other day
  8. Only if he says oasis are better than blur
  9. Modern day Saints the lot of them @kent_white @bolton_blondie pint and a pack of bacon fries on me when we can 😘
  10. Just seen a YouTuber Logan Paul is gonna be fighting Mayweather Arguably the greatest boxer of all time with a perfect 50-0 record against a lad with one boxing match under his belt that he lost to another YouTuber
  11. It’s not a game boxing, someone is going to get hurt the way these boxing licenses are being handed out to youtubers
  12. Only happens to blur fans and homosexuals
  13. What are you military lot like eh
  14. Look at Tysons, from his pro debut in March 1985 to to winning the HW title against Berbick in November 1986, he had 28 fights. About 16 didn’t go beyond the 1st round but still
  15. They won’t price themselves out of it, people will just go to the pub
  16. Rudy

    Matt Gilks

    Gilks has been brilliant and will be unlucky if he doesn’t win POTY but bet your bollocks to a barn dance a GK will be the top priority. Perhaps Jensen
  17. Who said he was? Im just not having a band being called shit by someone who defines cannibal cunting corpse as music
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