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  1. Pre season works out a few things embeds new players into our style shows the board where we need to strengthen Id imagine there would be new arrivals before MK Dons
  2. I like when an artist has the bollocks to switch it up, I think Kasabian are great for that , first one is an indie classic, second one has some experimental sounds, 3rd is just an overall stellar album, from then on they’ve mixed with techno, trip hop, electronic and they have nailed it, I don’t have a bad album from them but all different
  3. Congrats our luv! Hope your kipper is still intact, if the Owd nipples get a bit sore Me and spider will pop round with some Vaseline Hope the little man is doing well
  4. He wants to look like Morrissey so badly
  5. Nice guy Barton in assault shocker
  6. Libs are touring end of the year get it booked
  7. My boss told me how he got a ticket for Nina Simone at the Apollo his Mrs wasn’t best pleased as she was 8 months pregnant so he gave it up. His Mrs said she was going into splitting her kipper and it was time to go Turned out to be a false call, he missed out on Nina, year later she never toured again then died Selfish bitch
  8. Saw arctic monkeys on when they released the ‘who the fuck are the arctic monkeys’ ep £3 in the thirsty scholar, saw Kasabian at academy 2 proper gig that Only got Stevie Wonder on my to do list, and he won’t see me so fuck him
  9. His points have bent my head
  10. Who scored 30? who dropped down two leagues to play non league football?
  11. I still have a couple of burden ST books
  12. Hope he likes heading a ball and drinking red bull If you get the chance to play in a higher league after scoring 30 goals in a lower one, you take it You don’t drop down 2 for non league football. Fuckin bottler. 3 year deal fuckin hell
  13. My favourite line in The Sopranos is “he’s in the back getting his weasel greased”
  14. That is absolutely ridiculous Bottle job
  15. Can we have a recap of the review
  16. Are they the same people who made two birds one goat? Not been able to find the directors cut where one lass is covered in that much goats milk she went blind, well I think it was milk
  17. Pretty much our country’s politics summed up
  18. Ooh can we make this a thread “Sweeps film reviews”
  19. It’s almost like he talks utter bollocks
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