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    My mate said it’s like inception but more complicated fuck that. Christopher Nolan is hit n miss for me
  2. I’ll check the larder, some are close to their best before date
  3. Index had a topless woman on a sunbed. Never ripped a page out of a book as fast as that
  4. If Rangers go unbeaten then that is an incredible achievement in any league
  5. Looser clothing ginger apple cider vinegar hot water Chewing gum, cools the acid
  6. Is there a link for a donation page or something mate?
  7. Realistically when though? Next summer?
  8. Nah you tell others when they’re apparently wrong
  9. Goes off betting traffic. If a load of us where swept up in promotion and thought yeah we’ll go again and lump a load of money on, the bookies are going to reduce the odds to avoid losing loads
  10. A taxi driver in Vegas told me that big casinos had $200m on the floor on fight nights and then not getting a box office fight a month would be a bug problem for them Can’t fault them mate
  11. Crawley has never been wrong about music. Fact
  12. But if people relate to things because they resonate with the people they are listening to and watching and like them because they’re not pretentious do you mean that they can’t be groundbreaking because they don’t have an ounce of pretentiousness? The Specials were groundbreaking and not at all pretentious. Don’t know if I’m missing your point here
  13. Word around the campfire is untied fans have parked cars in front of the Liverpool team bus and punctured tyres Might be a decoy
  14. I remember reading something that sponsorship was one of the reasons for getting rid of two year kits. Makes sense for them to roll one out every year. Plus the club want shirt sales income
  15. I cum blood Hammer smashed face Addicted to cannibal skin Entrails ripped from a virgins cunt Rotting Head These are all songs by cannibal corpse. The nerve to be a fan of this shit and criticise another band or someone else taste in music. I’ve said it before Get to fuck
  16. They’ll recognise the cockney accents
  17. I’d imagine the OB won’t let them get close to the hotel or stadium this time
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