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  1. This has come from the top brass of a few places, FA , UEFA, GMP, the lot. 

    Not us specifically but England have just been slapped with a ban for the euros trouble and there’s a whole review going into it

    United fans stopped a game going ahead by invading their stadium

    Arsenal and Burnley were fighting a few weeks backs 

    The FA want this World Cup in 2030 and I guarantee incidents up and down the country are under a microscope and clubs causing aggro and getting a talking to. 

    When dickheads are throwing things at players it doesn’t look good to FV when they want a community club and then they’ve had to give out 9 banning orders

  2. Atletico are the reigning champions and 3 points off the top with a game in hand. 

    Simeone has been there 10 years, the man is an absolute god there. They worship him. No way is he leaving for that shower especially not in the middle of a season. 

    Uniteds arrogance is the reason why they haven’t won the league in 10 years, they think they have this god given right to be at the top of the tree. Come in flash their money pay over inflated prices for “superstars” rather than grafters. Pick a manager based on his history of what he did at the club as a player.

    Fuck em. Hope they get relegated

  3. 4 minutes ago, Mr Grey said:

    Is it reasonable to ask the club their reasons for implementing it ?

    It's a change in policy, when you change policy a rationale is needed.

    I personally don't have a problem with it, amongst fans on here it seems a 50/50 split.

    So far Sharon has been honest  and up front, perhaps a follow on statement from the club I needed to put fans minds at rest.

    Yeah of course.  Like I said they aren’t perfect but so far they’ve been brilliant. They will make mistakes and learn from them, probably made as a business decision. Might be part of their long plan and don’t feel like they need to reveal every detail. 

  4. 2 minutes ago, Traf said:

    Then that's all Sharon & co needed to communicate.

    Still fairly new to running a club, a business is different you don’t have such an invested group of people that you’re making decisions for. 
    This is probably standard in their business eyes and thought yeah this is what we need to do going forward.

  5. You try and buy a ticket in the home end of premier league clubs with modern stadiums and you need a membership no. It’s a safety aspect and it’s also a requirement to meet certain criteria to host certain games nowadays. 

    So if FV are thinking long term and want to get into the PL then this will happen anyways.

    If you try and buy an England ticket you need to register your details you even need to be part of the supporters club.

    You buy gig tickets you have to register. 

    You buy items from a website you need to register your details

    It’s not an extreme practice. Not sure what the issue is but hey ho

  6. 1 hour ago, Mr Grey said:

    This fucker has now lost it 🤷


    He sacked a manager after 6 games

    He hasn’t won 6 games as a manager

    He needs to remember that his opinion on what happens on a pitch may carry some weight but from the board he’s out of his depth, and should button it or expect people to call him out on his bollocks.

    The pube tache shitweasel

  7. 21 minutes ago, Mantra said:

    Funny how everyone says stuff like

    ”this is Manchester Utd it’s the biggest club in the world, they shouldn’t be doing X, Y, Z”

    Fuckin gets my goat that

  8. 35 minutes ago, bolty58 said:

    It makes me feel slightly dirty but I've grown to like him as a pundit. Straight talker, pulls no punches and keeps his bias in check for most of the time.

    In this case though I believe that he is misguided. That club needs a top level manager to compete with the other top level managers. All this shite about 'we tried that with Van Gaal and Mourinho and it blew up in our faces so we will stick with Ole' is a load of bollocks but, I sincerely hope that is what they do. More days like today watching them squirm would be most welcome.

    I hope City give them a repeat dose in a fortneet.

    When he’s not talking about that lot his analysis is usually decent but when they are on fuck me it’s appalling. Him and Martin Tyler yesterday were an embarrassment.

    Before the game he was saying that they need a focal point to get Ronaldo firing. Not only is scoring goals not really an issue it’s at the back were they are poor, but if you can’t get one of the greatest players of all time into a game then something is wrong, and he couldn’t handle being told he was wrong. 

    Utter cock

  9. Barnstormers needs to reopen, there’s a new estate being built opposite. Could be their new local if someone wants to get it open

    We should open it 

    surrounded by industrial companies, early darter special on a Friday £5 burger and a pint

    Craft Connoisseur Club on a Sunday  ran by @Casino 

    @Mr Grey get the Sunday league team sorted again 

    Ailments corner ran by @bolton_blondie and @kent_white to look at lumps bumps and mumps

    This time next year rodders 

  10. 4 minutes ago, MickyD said:

    Thing is, Southgate was there but I bet Maguire, as shit as he has been recently, keeps his place.

    Maguire is great when he’s got a ball playing defender next to him. Not fuckin Lindleof

  11. Just now, jules_darby said:

    Those stats look decent going forwards in the end but with about 15 mins left we’d had 2/3 on target IIRC. When you’re 2 down that’s not gonna help.

    the step up in pace/urgency certainly changed that.


    I have more stats about their running but can’t be arsed to break them down but it looks like in the last 16 minutes Gillingham were knackered and we overran them. 

    I think teams know that they need to get ahead early with us because our fitness levels are very high

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