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  1. 3 hours ago, radcliffewhite1 said:

    My lads team could go unbeaten in that league 

    I’m the first one to say it’s a shite league but it’s a great achievement to go unbeaten in any league.such a strong mentality. 

    Still a pub league like

  2. Needs to be last game of the season. Saturday 3pm. 

    Build up from the morning. Watch the coaches arriving, old fa cup moments, the road to Wembley etc

    Cmon Leicester 

  3. Just now, Casino said:

    Prob common knowledge but i was told theres a new series of dexter on the way?

    Yeah in the autumn. Needs to be better than the ending of last time 

  4. 30 minutes ago, Zico said:

    I'll give him Batman Begins and Momento but after that not really been blown away, style over substance generally

    Yeah I agree. Someone told me to watch interstellar it’s better than the Martian. It’s not.

  5. 2 hours ago, Spider said:

    You need a fluid that is slightly viscose and will line your oesophageal tract.

    @Rudy may have something

    I’ll check the larder, some are close to their best before date 

  6. On 12/05/2021 at 09:00, gonzo said:

    I’ve been told it was a one-to-one coaching session for extra practice. 

    Hope there’s no blame tried to be thrown anywhere, couldn’t be a more freak occurrence. 

    My kids had been on a playing field a couple of miles away playing footy on a dog walk with our peg at exactly the same time and bailed when the rain came. Nobody could foresee something like that :(

    I’ve not seen lightening like that here for ages, zig zags across the sky and could see it in the distance touching ground. Mad to think of those killed the poor boy.

    My lads team are sorting a tribute/donation for him as all other kids teams. Lad played for Spirit of youth at under 10’s. Same league as my lad. 

    Gave my boys an extra hug or two last night and this morning. 

    Is there a link for a donation page or something mate?

  7. 28 minutes ago, Not in Crawley said:

    I have many times. Music is an opinion and I'm just giving you mine on this topic.

    Doesn't make Rage against the Machine great political lyricists however.

    Nah you tell others when they’re apparently  wrong 

  8. 22 minutes ago, little whitt said:

    fuck me is that all 

    we where 6-1 this season

    Goes off betting traffic. If a load of us where swept up in promotion and thought yeah we’ll go again and lump a load of money on, the bookies are going to reduce the odds to avoid losing loads

  9. 18 minutes ago, Biggish Dave said:

    Vegas has got greedy with everything, it’s a rip off now

    A taxi driver in Vegas told me that big casinos had $200m on the floor on fight nights and then not getting a box office fight a month would be a bug problem for them 

    2 minutes ago, L/H White said:

    yep crazy

    and suckers will pay for it

    why woudlnt they do it

    Can’t fault them mate 

  10. 13 minutes ago, Not in Crawley said:

    Thats the appeal as you say - a band people could relate to, came from the same place, had a wit, weren't pretentious.

    Its just you need a bit more - and yes a bit of pretentiousness - to really create something groundbreaking and new.

    But if people relate to things because they resonate with the people they are listening to and watching and like them because they’re not  pretentious do you mean that they can’t be groundbreaking because they don’t have an ounce of pretentiousness?

    The Specials were groundbreaking and not at all pretentious. 

    Don’t know if I’m missing your point here 

  11. 12 minutes ago, gonzo said:

    The completely changed the face of British music and propelled the indie rock scene in to the main stream. 

    A whole generation of people wanted to dress like them and walk like them. 

    Their songs are absolutely legendary, ask any grown adult in the country if they can name and Oasis song and theyll not only tell you one but recite a whole verse. 

    Dont look back in anger being helped out at the Manchester bombing memorials tells you all you need to know. 

    Ask a man in the street to name a famous British band, if they don’t say The Beatles or Rolling Stones, they’ll say Oasis. 

    They created anthems. Big fuck off massive anthems. That in itself is a genre. 

    They were pioneers of their own particular brand of music, yes their were influences from other bands, same as any other, but the scene and sound they created was groundbreaking. 

    The late 80’s indie scene just warmed things up for them. They created a whole different ball game.


    You’re alright by me suntan 

  12. 1 hour ago, Zico said:

    also thought I'd check out the brit winners this year to see what's cool and all that

    the fact Biffy Clyro are being nominated for best group and getting beat by Little Mix says it all for me about the state of the music scene right now

    I like the Foo Fighters but if they're still being nominiated in the best international group category then fuck that also

    also seems Bruce Springsteen is having some sort of comeback

    think I'll stick with anything before 2005 from here on in

    Who won it? Cannibal corpse?

  13. 46 minutes ago, Escobarp said:

    If it is true it removes any rumours around a possible new sponsor I guess. 

    I remember reading something that sponsorship was one of the reasons for getting rid of two year kits. Makes sense for them to roll one out every year. 
    Plus the club want shirt sales income

  14. I cum blood

    Hammer smashed face

    Addicted to cannibal skin

    Entrails ripped from a virgins cunt

    Rotting Head


    These are all songs by cannibal corpse. The nerve to be a fan of this shit and criticise another band or someone else taste in music.

    I’ve said it before





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