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  1. 3 hours ago, Nic1 said:

    CD is decent - Better is a top song, right up with their best, sounds great live. Give it another whirl.

    Dylan's religion period is a tough listen with only Slow Train Coming worth repeated listens. Couple of the mid 80s albums were wayward. But then, with such a catalogue, I'd rather the greatest artists did different things, you might not like everything but it's better to strive and change rather than release the same album over and over. Not everyone wants to be AC/DC.



    I like when an artist has the bollocks to switch it up, I think Kasabian are great for that , first one is an indie classic, second one has some experimental sounds, 3rd is just an overall stellar album, from then on they’ve mixed with techno, trip hop, electronic and they have nailed it, I don’t have a bad album from them but all different 

  2. 20 minutes ago, Zico said:

    I just need to see Nine Inch Nails live and then I'll have seen everyone I want to see 

    Supported by Rage Against The Machine would be a bonus

    Years later I found out i could've seen the libertines supporting supergrass but I've never done a support band 

    Bit like Bolton, turn up right on kick off

    Libs are touring end of the year get it booked 

  3. 2 minutes ago, stevieb said:


    I've just remembered one I missed. Martha reeves and the vandellas... Literally 500m from my door would have loved to have gone but I think my lad was a couple of months old so swerved it. 

    My boss told me how he got a ticket for Nina Simone at the Apollo his Mrs wasn’t best pleased as she was 8 months pregnant so he gave it up. 
    His Mrs said she was going into splitting her kipper and it was time to go

    Turned out to be a false call, he missed out on Nina, year later she never toured again then died

    Selfish bitch

  4. 18 minutes ago, stevieb said:

    Think I've seen mine without realising at the time... 

    Paul McCartney at Anfield in 2008. Fucking amazing 

    Amy Winehouse supporting the Arctics at lancs

    Also saw Arctics, kasabian and courteeneers at the apollo. Courteeneers at academy 2 as well. 

    Craig Charles funk and soul Is our current go to and I saw him in Blackpool and it was mint. 


    Barring going back in time I don't think I've missed owt. Except maybe the white stripes. They were due to play manc and I've have bought tickets but they binned the band off before the gig! 

    Saw arctic monkeys on when they released the ‘who the fuck are the arctic monkeys’ ep £3 in the thirsty scholar, saw Kasabian at academy 2 proper gig that 

    Only got Stevie Wonder on my to do list, and he won’t see me so fuck him

  5. Just now, Zico said:

    Got mine 

    Think it's my 21st in a row

    Will use it to get in instead of a mobile QR code

    Dunno why 

    Maybe I'm regressing

    I would love a book of 23 tickets to rip out and handover

    I still have a couple of burden ST books 

  6. 2 minutes ago, Johnnyrotten said:

    Strange one Mullin.  As recently as early 2020 he was at Tranmere and spent the preceding season in the conference.  He only scored 8 goals for them in 42 games after 6 in 40 for Swindon.  It would be a big gamble to give him a 3 year deal like Wrexham have after just 1 good season.  I'm sure he'll enjoy playing left wing for Parky.

    Hope he likes heading a ball and drinking red bull 

    If you get the chance to play in a higher league after scoring 30 goals in a lower one, you take it

    You don’t drop down 2 for non league football. 
    Fuckin bottler.

    3 year deal fuckin hell

  7. 2 hours ago, kent_white said:

    I know a bloke called Bernard Lerring who used to fight with weasels for a living.....

    My favourite line in The Sopranos is “he’s in the back getting his weasel greased”

  8. 6 minutes ago, Sweep said:


    Isn't that 2 birds 1 stoat, where a couple of rough looking druggies from some back street in Blackpool use a ferret, weasel or stoat like a double ended dildo. And indulge in a bit of "stoating", whilst the local window cleaner watches on?!?

    Are they the same people who made two birds one goat? Not been able to find the directors cut where one lass is covered in that much goats milk she went blind, well I think it was milk

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