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  1. Ahh I see thought he meant fans
  2. You’ll have to explain that to me mate
  3. Haha it’s fur they collect from the ground rather than skinning the poor things
  4. Whenever I go away my mam always wants an unusual gift that has a bit of culture to it, rather than the standard duty free alcohol, first two times I went to Russia I got her a Russian doll, a ethically made bear skin hat (she wasn’t best pleased about that) then the last time I went I got her this fridge magnet
  5. always called me Mam mad, I do sound a bit Manc though
  6. Should have been a long time ago, I saw a woman say they can’t be called Muslim grooming gangs, because it’s offensive to Muslims You know what else is offensive, fuckin Muslims grooming girls People are more outraged at the headline than the content
  7. Me Dad still says that to me Mam
  8. He talks a lot of sense John, I agree that he’s probably surrounded by a lot of yes men especially in America, blowing smoke up his arse, waving money and contracts in front of him. Wilder isn’t saying a word to the press, he’s staying out of it and working hard, Fury will have to have his wits about him. He’s beat Wilder, but he’s still a dangerous fighter, no room for complacency. It’s like Clubber Lang staying quiet and just going about his work 😂
  9. 😂 something wrong with you lot
  10. Pretty sure they were kneeling for the tipping point of racial injustice triggered by that event.
  11. Stop it, that’s given me a wiggle. I’ll start harvesting the mushrooms now
  12. Did they have an open top bus for it?
  13. Not had to pay for tickets or flights, they got told this morning that drinks are free on the flight as well
  14. Turned down £35m for it as well
  15. Owns one of the rarest and nicest Ferraris ever made as well, the 250 GTO only 39 ever made
  16. Naked wrestling rolling about in the barracks doesn’t count
  17. Sure I’ve read that he has a £80m release clause next summer, otherwise it’s double that and no one is paying that this summer. Sancho I think they’re resigned to losing, and if it’s true that United are close to buying him then Haaland is going nowhere now and Kane is City bound
  18. Pray for @hughmungus
  19. Most they have spent on one player is £65m Doubt they’re gonna drop £200m on two players, it’s not their style. Kane will move this summer Haaland will move next season IMO
  20. Formerly owned by a Russian, with American mustang engines powering them. To the gallows with you, you commie scum
  21. You drive a German car
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