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  1. Oh god could you imagine the noise of them
  2. Been a few times to Dubai and that’s about right, the full covering is seen as a thing if she’s for my eyes and my eyes only However I was over there when there was a national celebration day I think it was the Emir’s birthday or something, anyways I was invited to a a gala party at our hotel, we could choose to wear our own formal clothes but that meant it would be a sit down meal with other westerners and no women, or we could wear traditional dress and the women were allowed for that day to not wear any head coverings.
  3. Correct blondie. I’d do my big shop in abduls multi mart in Damascus after Friday prayers before I’d choose to go there
  4. @Sweep does this in the shower just for kicks Schitts creek. Eugene Levy & Catherine O’Hara One of the best comedies I’ve seen in years
  5. Better than Manny Road Asda AKA Chernobyl
  6. He does what he wants
  7. Hire some Vietcong they know how to set up a trap
  8. I don’t think such a thing exists
  9. He’ll flourish next season
  10. Rudy


    I think he was probably ended up with a criminal record as well. Stupid really.
  11. 21° in Porto Superbock will be about 3°
  12. Rudy


    Tarring these people racist can have a really damaging effect. These footballers need to remember that
  13. Falkirk was a belter.
  14. Rudy


    May I suggest a man pretending to carry two rolls of carpet?
  15. Mick, why do you need a vaccine if you have God?
  16. Rudy


    If the darkies are abusing him then it’s fine to be racist. Keep up Daz
  17. He got £6m for Madine. S I X £6,000,000. For Gary Madine. Wowzers
  18. 31 apps in 3 years
  19. Poch in talks to return to Spurs In the summer when Zidane, Conte, Allegri are all down the job centre, Spurs go for a manager who won them the square root of fuck all and he has to do it without Kane. ELITE CLUB
  20. Is there a treatment to prevent moss?
  21. Bring him in on trial and nothing else to start
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