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    @radcliffewhite1 will be gutted
  2. Wood. On the floor, in this country? Crikey
  3. Maybe that’s what caused the kickoff
  4. @gonzo already been cast for it
  5. If it’s a biopic the actor needs to at least look like the person they’re playing Going to look a bit weird if Keith Chegwin is playing Sidney Poitier
  6. My mob is BWFC I’d prefer the plague over that shower winning anything
  7. I don’t know much about Bond but I always thought it was just a codename And number and not actually the characters real name
  8. You actually want them to win? Jesus
  9. @radcliffewhite1 you need to redeem yourself pronto
  10. But one cunt has slightly more talent than the other cunt
  11. Stop it. Just stop it.
  12. Being attractive enough to tempt them to come. Sharon might have to show a bit of leg @jmjhb your time to shine luv
  13. Ched, waghorn, Ayew, deeney, sanogo yes Doubt we could get any of them though
  14. In league 2 yeah definitely because if we drop out of the football league you don’t want to have a load of pro contracts on the books. But league one we drop down we sell them on, stay up and have a load of players on 1 year deals it’s a lot of graft and dollar to resign them again
  15. I will say this in defence of Dapo, when he doesn’t have time to think and is closed down quick he’s excellent, when he’s given space he can be a bit sloppy, I think he’ll flourish in being in a quicker league next season
  16. One year isn’t really stability for them, seem to be in a position to offer shorter sensible deals in the interest of both parties
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