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  1. Aye, Alan Sugar has probably had a go as well
  2. Kazza Brady saying the season should be null and void. I’ve always liked her.
  3. Rudy

    Prem off

    Spider has been saying this for ages
  4. I’ll add that to the list of reasons
  5. Heysel Always the victims They supported Luis Suarez with supportive messages on T-shirt’s when he was accused of using racist language John Aldridge They’re are insufferable when it comes to their history Scouse accent Personal history. FUCK EM
  6. Shot looked a bit weak as well
  7. Good. How much did they spend?
  8. Rudy


    😁 The way he’s managed and coached is exactly how they do it in Spain and Germany. How many current 19 year olds have got more minutes in the PL and CL than Phil Foden?
  9. Rudy


    He’ll drop into middle. He’s stronger and tougher than he looks, his range of passing and vision is second to none. When i first started out I worked with a coach who trained Gerrard as a youth and he said the reason Gerrard was so good is he knew what he was going to do 3 passes before he got it, and before he got the ball he would have looked over both his shoulders at least twice and knew where his teammates will be, you can’t teach that. That’s Foden.
  10. Port Vale will be tasty Oldham will be cold. Dover can fuck off
  11. Rudy


    He’ll go into the centre next year and will thrive. Also get the feeling he’ll be called up to the Euros
  12. Mrs got her makeup confiscated because they didn’t trust it. Fuck knows how much she spent on it but 4 years later and she’s still not happy
  13. Rudy


    Most naturally talented youngster I’ve come across in 10 years as a coach
  14. It’s great, id go back tomorrow
  15. Oh it’s properly nuts. The Mrs said it’s the scariest time of her life. I loved every minute of it, barely saw any of the game as I was as just mesmerised by the support. Best part of South America is customs at the airport. You walk through and you get randomly selected to either walk and get your luggage green light or be strip searched red light. It’s great. Our Maude got a red light 😂
  16. Been to South America twice. It’s brilliant, it almost feels lawless over there though. I watched Nueva Chicago in Buenos Aires, that was a life experience
  17. He still knocking around with Bassini?
  18. Just round the corner from it
  19. I’ve no idea what this means. Anyways, speaking of Burnden, my old man dug out some old pics of when I was a mascot/ball boy at burden, I remember seeing my grandads face when he saw us walking out onto the pitch, him more than anyone thought I would play for Wanderers. I didn’t but I won the Greater Manchester cup with School and Nat handed over our medals and my grandad said it was one of the best moments of his life watching that. (Nan was pleased with that) I wouldn’t be a Wanderer if it wasn’t for my granddad because he is a dirty Everton fan Bit off topic but hey ho
  20. Ederson had a Weston today but I could probably count the amount of mistakes he’s made for city on one hand.
  21. Which ones do you fancy? Which ones have you not been to? Which ones will you be giving a miss?
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