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  1. Ive been in some Shithole away ends but that one was up there. Great day out feeling a bit worse for wear now though, work should be fun.
  2. Rudy


    Bumped into a few times at away games. Top fella. Love the story that he liked a drink but couldn’t shake the weight,when playing so switched to drinking Champagne after he heard that’s what jockeys drink
  3. Ask him about crying at the Reebok
  4. Maybe it was the circle of Wanderers I knew at the time. I heard that about training about Mick, I dunno how common that was then but it certainly is now
  5. On paper at the time they all looked decent, Deep circumstances in the club will always have effects on the outcomes. I don’t think it has made much difference with the manager recently. The problems have been there for a while and started from the top and the manager has taken the flak, some more deserved than most.
  6. I seem to remember the consensus of not wanting Mick. DF was the popular option and so was Lennon. Hindsight is 20/20
  7. Chinos fair enough but FV, cmon now
  8. Top day out. May as well have 700 of us in a shed. gotta be at work at 11 tomorrow, not looking forward to it
  9. If we haven’t got money for top quality coaches and fitness coaches don’t be surprised when the basics and fitness isn’t there
  10. Almost forgot the bottle opener
  11. Wink or blowing a kiss will also suffice
  12. Tomorrow I shall mostly be drinking maple gold on the train, If you spot me I shan’t be shaking hands, gloves or not.
  13. I don’t know, I know they’ll always have contingencies but how could they have ones for this. It’s a lot of money and planning to cancel , but what’s more important?
  14. I’ll be gutted but I’ll be gutted as a fan. There’s just a buzz in this country when a football tournament is on, even more so in this country.
  15. All 6 of us remain in, I’m astounded but if I get a drop out I’ll post it on here
  16. Yeah but this is something important
  17. I don’t like this thread
  18. Dier could have been laid spark out, different story then
  19. I might see you at Wimbledon and I’ll be at Old Trafford for work on Sunday, so might see you there as well. Twice in one weekend, folk will start talking.
  20. You pair of fuckin deviants 😂
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