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  1. Ezekiel? he pissed me off, acting Like he was preaching the good word, it’s the zombie apocalypse you tit. Then used his tiger as a weapon. I was out from then.
  2. That big god botherer still treating a fully grown tiger as a pet ?
  3. Rudy

    Keith Hill

    I call bollocks that he’s been told that.
  4. Love players like that, proper team players. In other news this M’Bappe fella is alright
  5. Zico had it made when he was was the supporters liaison officer. Basically went to away games got pissed and stood on the concourse
  6. Yeah Kante being the best in the world at it, and the reason they were so strong in the WC.
  7. In the regards to Dier, in the last two England tournaments, for a centre midfielder he has exceptional fitness stats going into the tournament Distance covered, sprints, acceleration. Then his ball winning back, interceptions, tackles won, were all high. He fit the gameplan of England having an extremely fit engine room and overrunning opposition so when it came to 70+ minutes England’s fitness levels didn’t drop but the oppositions did. Thats why he gets the nod. Plus he can play centre back.
  8. I’d assume he might be in a wee bit of bother this morning
  9. Are ladyboy brass houses popular in Oldham?
  10. Wouldn’t be their fault though
  11. They’re gonna win it but wouldn’t it be amazing if their title winning game was behind closed doors with no cunt there to celebrate it. Liverpool hater no. 00017889
  12. 3 years 2 months since Liverpool let three on the bounce
  13. We won’t be in many for a while so fuck em
  14. Any Stattos on here can tell me when was the last time Liverpool lost 3 on the spin?
  15. Money, legalities, opposition, funding.
  16. DAZN are looking to buy PL rights £5 a month on one device like Netflix. Streaming servicing is coming to the PL, the sooner the better, Sky can fuck off.
  17. Had a simple role to do and does it very well, surrounded by very good players
  18. Yeah I get what you mean, they kind of become one of the back 5, rather than a midfield 3/5 and leave a big gap in the centre of the park. That’s why Kante, Fernandinho and Fabinho are such good players. England haven’t got anyone who’s really cemented that role.
  19. He does like Dier, but he’s gone off the boil
  20. Henderson needs to go into that role for me.
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