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    Dirty Leeds

    Had a Premier league years on earlier Over a couple of years the list of players they had was utterly ridiculous Nigel Martyn Paul Robinson Ian Harte Woodgate Ferdinand Radebe Bridges Kelly Matteo Kewell Smith Batty Bowyer Keane Viduka Hasselbaink Milner. And they won the square root of fuck all. How shit was O’Leary!
  2. They’d be saying they should be awarded the trophy
  3. They still frigging went though didn’t they.
  4. Gary Neville has said take all the games abroad to a virus free environment. Tit.
  5. Certainly training in them
  6. The fact that they would even entertain this as an idea is enough to shut the whole thing down
  7. Word is if any player tests positive it scuppers the entire plan
  8. Nah not having Van Bastens is better, Zidane did that from 20 yards with his weaker foot.
  9. Aye, with the greatest volley of all time
  10. Project restart All footballs, global positioning system [GPS] units, cones, corner flags, goalposts and other equipment to be disinfected before and after use by staff wearing personal protective equipment [PPE] Players to wear snood/masks at all times Cars to be parked three spaces apart No massages unless approved by club doctor Fluids to be left at designated pick-up points Only visit training block to use toilet Initially only five players per training group Players to be given designated time slots and 15 minutes to prepare 75 minutes of small group training 15 minutes recovery Players and staff will be banned from spitting at the training ground
  11. Lee Nobes used to be the head and he left to go to Liverpool
  12. Slightly taller and with hair 😁
  13. Sponsorships might throw a spanner in that
  14. I’m employed by the City football group not Manchester City. LB
  15. Nope, I’m a very small cog
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